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Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname

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Haday, Henry, smith, Priory terrace, Folkestone road
Hadlow, Charles, coal delaer, Strond street, h Snargate street
Hadlow, Charles, painter, Snargate street
Halke, William, boot and shoe maker, Cannon street
Hall, Kennett, watch and clock maker, Snargate street
Hail, Stephen, apartments, Hawksbury street
Halliday, John, shopkeeper, Bridge street, Charlton
Hainbrook and Son, pharmaceutical chemists, Strond street, agent for the Norwich Union Fire and Life Office
Hambrook, Joseph, pilot, Castle street
Hammond, Stephen, Garrick's Head beer house, Market place
Hammond, John, Mogul Tavern, Adrian street
Hammond, William, Londonderry Arms, Commercial quay
Hammond, John, mail packet , captain, Council House street
Hammond, William, coal dealer, Oxenden street; h Nagg's Head, Punt side
Harbert, William, Barley Mow, Strond st.
Harding, Richard, dyer and scourer, Market place and St. James's street
Harding, William, brewer, Wellington Brewery, Buckland, h 4, Swiss cottages, Buckland street
Hare, Edward, apartments Custom House quay
Harmer, William, coal dealer, High street, Charlton
Harmer, William, Mason's Arms, High street, Charlton
Harmer, Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Shakspeare place, Castle street
Harrington, Timothy, engineer, Snargate street
Harrison, George, china and earthenware dealer, Biggin street
Harris, Henry George, apartments, Marine parade
Harris, Thomas, coach builder, Bulwark street
Harris, Henry, Albion circulating library, bookseller and stationer, 2, New Bridge
Harris, Henry George, coach builder, Hawksbury, street, h Marine parade
Harris, James, boot and shoe maker, King street, Market place
Hart, Henry, apartments, Waterloo crescent
Hart, William, hairdresser, Biggin street
Hart, George F., Prince of Orange, New street
Hart, George Frederick, haircutter and stationer, Town Wall street
Hart, William, beer house, Market place
Hartley, J., academy, Dolphin lane
Haseldine, John, silk mercer, &c., Snargate street
Hatch, John, Golden Cross, St. James's street
Hatton, Miss Mary Ann, milliner, Queen street
Hatton, Robert, blacksmith, Biggin street
Hawerkamp, Herr, commercial schools, Marine House
Hawley, Samuel, railway contractor, St. Martin's terrace
Hayler, William, photographic artist, Snargate street,
Haywood, William, pilot, Limekiln street
Healey, Mrs. Susannah, lodging house, Marine parade
Hearn,, John, Thompson, fruiterer, Snargate street
Hearn, James, tailor, Snargate street
Hearn, David, fruiterer and tobacconist, Snargate street
Hedgecock, John, Sir Colin Campbell, Round Tower street
Hemmings, Henry, shopkeeper, Hawksbury street
Herd, James, copper-plate and lithographic printer, Adrian street
Heritage, Octavius, surgeon, Strond street
Hewitt,William, greengrocer, Biggin street
Hewland, Mrs. Mary, apartments, Waterloo crescent
Hicks, Absalom, beer house and greengrocer, Middle row
Hicks, Absalom, greengrocer, Hawksbury street
Hider, George, apartments, Marine parade
Hiller, John Frederick, auctioneer, appraiser, surveyor, undertaker, and general agent, Commercial quay
Hill, Andrew, pilot, High street, Charlton
Hills, Edward, coach builder, Castle street
Hills, Thomas, baker, Seven Star street
Hills, Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker, Trevanion street
Hinkley, Stephen, greengrocer, Council House street
Hipgrave, Henry George, assessor and collector of taxes, High street, Charlton
Hipgrave, George, Gun Hotel, family and commercial, Custom House quay
Hipgrave, George B., custom house officer, Oxenden street
Hitchcock, Miss Ann, seminary, York street
Hodges and Co., shipping and general agents, and agents of different clubs, Cross wall
Hogben, Stephen, corn dealer, Snargate street
Hogben, James B, baker, Finnis hill, Limekiln street
Hogben, Stephen, baker, Commercial quay
Hogg, Robert, fruiterer, Middle row
Hoil, Miss Margaret, dressmaker, Chapel Cottage, Adrian street
Holloway, George, grocer and confectioner, Buckland
Holmans, Benjamin, smith, Trevanion street
Holmes, Burvill, plumber, glazier, and painter, St. James's street
Holmes, Henry, apartments, Marine parade
Hook, John, confectioner, Snargate street
Hook, Henry, tailor, Town Wall street
Hopley, George, watchmaker and jeweller,
Snargate street
Hopper, John, Bowling Green Tavern, Hartley street
Horn, Thomas, Red Lion, Charlton green
Horsnaill, Mrs. Mary, cabinet, upholstery, and paper hanging warehouse, Snargate street
Horton, Edmund, apartments, Clarence place
Horton, John, carriage and fly proprietor, Woolcomber street
Houghton, Mrs. Elizabeth, apartments, Snargate street
Houghton, Miss E., dressmaker, Snargate street
Howard, James F., grocer, Buckland
Howland, Mrs. Mary Ann, apartments, Marine parade
Hoyle, Mrs. Harriet, apartments, East Cliff
Hudson, George, Five Alls, Market street
Humfreys, George, apartments, Marine parade
Humphrey, Mr., apartments East Cliff
Humphreys, William, shopkeeper, Fishmonger lane
Hunt, Edward, shopkeeper, Hawksbury street
Hunt, Mrs. Maria, apartments, Hubert terrace, Castle hill
Hunter and Son, linen drapers, Biggin street
Hunter, Frederick, butcher, St. James street
Huntly, Mrs. Susannah, Antwerp Family and Commercial Hotel, Market place
Huntly, Thomas, maltster and brewer, Castle street, h Hubert terrace
Huntly William, land agent, architect, and surveyor, Norman street
Huxtep, Stephen, Carpenters' Arms, St Peter's street, Charlton
Igglesden, Benjamin, baker, Market place
Iggulden, Henry, pawnbroker, Walton lane
Illenden, George, baker, Buckland
Ingram, William, fishmonger, Snargate street
Ingram, Edward, tailor, Snargate street
Iron, Richard, pilot, Bulwark street
Iron, John, harbour master, Council House street
Iron, William Johnson, assistant harbour master, Bulwark street
Ismay, Thomas, ironmonger, King street and Cross wall
Jacobs, William, auctioneer and estate agent, Town Wall street
Jacobs, Henry, tailor and woollen draper, Last lane and Queen street
Jacobs, Henry, tailor, Castle street
James, John, apartments, Laburnum Cottage, Folkstone road
James, John, tailor, Victoria crescent, Charlton
Jarvest, Austin, stone mason, St. James's street
Jeffreys, James, County Court officer, High street, Charlton
Jeffery, Thomas, pilot, Bulwark street
Jeffery, Mrs. Elizabeth, dress maker, St James's street
Jell, Mrs. Mary Ann, dressmaker, St. James's street
Jenkins, Henry, fruiterer, Last lane
Jenkins, Miss Ellen, apartments, Athol terrace, East Cliff
Jennings, Charles, Priory Tavern, Folkstone road
Jennings, George, toll gate keeper, Buckland
Johnson, George, bricklayer, High street, Charlton
Johnson, John James, baker, Round Tower street
Johnson, Mrs. Frances, Folkstone cutter and shopkeeper, Great street
Johnson, William, Sailors' Arms, New street
Johnson, Stephen, florist and seedsman, Maison Dieu Nursery
Johnson, Mrs. Elizabeth, Crown Inn, Military road
Johnson, John, tailor and habit maker, Snargate street
Johnson, John, printer, stationer, and bookseller, Market place
Jones, William, carpenter, etc., Folkstone road,.h Military road
Jones, Luke, apartments, Castle street
Jones, James, apartments, Strond street
Jones, Thomas William, pilot, Bartholomew terrace, Buckland
Joyce, John and Joseph, wholesale and furnishing ironmongers, King street, Market place
Judge, Bennett, tailor and draper, Cannon street, agent to the Monarch Fire and Life Assurance Company
Judge, Miss Henrietta, day school, Cannon street
Jupp, William, boot and shoemaker, Woolcomber street
Keen, Mrs. Lydia, haberdasher, High street, Charlton
Keen, William, paper hanger and upholsterer, High street, Charlton
Keeton, George, R.N., St. Martin's terrace
Keigwin, Captain Thomas, Oxenden street
Kelsey, Mrs, Ann, greengrocer, Woolcomber lane
Kemp, John, baker and shopkeeper, Trevanion street
Kemp James, shipwright, St. James's street
Kemp, William, hovelling boat, Seven Star street
Kent, Miss Elizabeth, apartments, Waterloo crescent
Kennett, Matthew, solicitor, clerk to the Justices of the Peace, agent. to the Sun Fire Office, St. James's street
Kennett, Richard W., baker, and branch post-office, Priory street
Kersteman, Charles, surgeon, Charlton place, London road, Charlton
Kenyon, James, Victoria Hotel, and booking office for the Deal coaches, Castle street
Killick and Back, linen and woollen drapers, tailors, and baby linen warehouse, Market place
King and Co., ship chandlers, Commercial quay
King, Edward, ship chandler, Pent Side, h Limekiln street
King, William, fruiterer and news agent, Snargate street
Kingsford, Alfred, brewer, Windmill Brewery, Buckland
Kingsford, Edward, Ivy House, Buekland
Kingham, Henry, cook, confectioner, etc., Snargate street
Kingsland, James, corn dealer, Biggin street
Kite, Robert, cabinet maker, Saxon street
Kite, William, bookseller, Market lane
Knight, Richard, apartments, Commercial quay
Knight, Mrs: Sarah, apartments, Castle street
Knight, Mrs. Maria, apartments, Castle street
Knock, Henry, hosier, glover, and shirt maker, Snargate street
Knocker, Edward, Castle street, clerk to the County Magistrates, proctor to Cinque Ports Administrators, clerk to the Commissioners of assessed taxes, clerk to the St. James's. Burial Board, clerk to the Waldershare turnpike road, Commissioner of administering oaths in Chancery, in Ireland
Knocker, Edward, and Knocker, Edward Newman, solicitors, Castle hill
Knocker, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging house, Clarence lawn
Knowles, David E., apartments, East Cliff
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