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London Robsons 1829 Licensed Victuallers - B

A listing of the Robsons 1829 Licensed Victuallers in London

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Bachus, A Barker, 161 Hoxton Old Town
Bacchus & Tun, T Brewer, Perceval street, Clerkenwell
Bag of Nails, J Wood, Arabella Row, Pimlico
Baker & Basket, Eliz Choyce, Middle street, Clothfair
Baker & Basket, W Cottage, Worship street, Finsbury
Baker & Basket, J Hubbard, 12 Redlion Street, Whitechapel
Baldfaced Stag, T White, Worship square, Finsbury
Baptist Head, T U Scruton, 50 Bermondsey street
Barking Dogs, John Mills, 1 Tabernacle Walk
Barley Mow, Thomas Armstead, Paradise street
Barley Mow, W Farguson, 78 Fore Street, Limehouse
Barley Mow, J Gardner, 50 Long Lane, West Smithfield
Barley Mow, W Greayer, 28 Mount Street, Berkeley Square
Barley Mow, J Lane, 10 Salisbury court, Fleet street
Barley Mow, Thomas Moon, 210 Upper Thames street
Barley Mow, Ann Pitman, New Gravel Lane, Shadwell
Barley Mow, James Poore, 111 Drury Lane
Barley Mow, D Prentice, 8 Dorset Street, Manchester Square
Barley Mow, J Sheerman, 20 Cannon street, St Georges East
Barley Mow, R Simmonds, 89 Park street, Grosvenor square
Barley Mow, H Thompson, 40 Duke street, Grosvenor square
Barn, H S Watts, 14 St Martins lane
Bartholomew Hospital, P Glass, 42 West Smithfield
Basing House, W Palmer, 172 Kingsland Road
Bay Malton, J Bennett, 48 Clipstone street, Fitzroy square
Bear & Ragged Staff, J Deards, Upper Ground street, Blackfriars road
Bear & Rummer, Abraham Bell, 67 Mortimer Street
Bear & Staff, G Pettinger, 71 West Smithfield
Bear & Staff, W Carter, 11 Bear street, Leicester square
Bear & Wheatsheaf, William Coleman, 71 Lower Thames street
Beckfords Head, J Clarke, 38 Old Street
Beckfords Head, D & A Fotheringham, 161 Kent street, Borough
Beckfords Head, J Griffiths, 179 Long lane, Bermondsey
Bedford Arms, William Blay, 21 Charlotte street, Bedford square
Bedford Arms, Elizabeth Caswell, 79 Wapping Wall
Bedford Arms, W Gray, Bedford street, Commercial road
Bedford Arms, C Hearder, East street, Walworth
Bedford Arms, James Kerridge, 13 South Street, Manchester square
Bedford Head, A Durston, 5 Upper King street, Holborn
Bedford Head, Thomas Wake, 236 Tottenham Court road
Beggars Opera, J Hall, Church lane, Whitechapel
Bee Hive, John Brockman, Leadenhall Market
Bee Hive, John Dunnell, 126 Crawford street
Bee Hive, J Fearon, King street, Commercial road
Bee Hive, G Shepherd, Warner Street, New Kent road
Bell, Burrows Becket, 3 Church Row, Houndsditch
Bell, J B Bettridge, 116 Ratcliff Highway
Bell, S Boulter, 5 Leicester street, Leicester square
Bell, John Cannon, 29 Great Bush lane
Bell, Mary Downes, 61 Old Bailey
Bell, Thomas Hazelden, Deptford road, Rotherhithe
Bell, William Hersey, East street, Walworth
Bell, William Holton, 9 Great Carter lane
Bell, S Johnson, Addle hill, Doctors commons
Bell, Lewis Lange, 134 High street, Shoreditch
Bell, Charles Lennox, 5 Bell yard, Gracechurch street
Bell, F Madgwick, 18 Cecil street, St Martins lane
Bell, J Neate, 11 Noble street, Falcon square
Bell, Elizabeth Nunn, 3 Lower Thames street
Bell, J Orchard, Church street, Lambeth
Bell, William Passmore, 40 Great Tower street
Bell, T Richardson, Dean street, Commercial road
Bell, William Shepherd, York street, Westminster
Bell, George Spencer, 95 Fleet Street
Bell, Thomas Sprules, 12 Exeter street, Strand
Bell, T Tester, 77 St John Street, West Smithfield
Bell, James Tidy, Redlion market, Whitecross street
Bell, T Toy, 59 Mount street, Berkeley square
Bell, George Walter, Poppins court, Fleet street
Bell, R Whayman, Pig market, West Smithfield
Bell, George Wix, Holborn
Bell, S Woodgate, Friar street, Blackfriars road
Bell, John Worton, 12 Basinghall street
Bell & Crown, M Moore, 180 Kingsland road
Bell & Dragon, Jno Mark Lallem, 28 Chandos street
Bell & Dragon, W West, 32 Worship street, Finsbury
Bell & Mackerel, W Snowley, Mile end road
Ben Jonson, A Adkin, 3 Shoe Lane
Ben Jonson, J Howard, 21 Pelham street, Spitalfields
Ben Jonson, Rees Price, Old road, Stepney
Ben Jonson, William Weller, 95 Houndsditch
Ben Jonsons Head, W H Bromley, Goodmans yard, Minories
Ben Jonsons Head, W Worton, 2 Westmoreland Buildings
Berkeley Arms, Hatton & Hooper, 28 Greek street
Berkeley Arms, James Mantle, 6 John street, Hill street, Berkeley square
Berwick Arms, W Wall, 69 Castle street East, Oxford market
Bird cage, G Gissing, Birdcage walk, Bethnal green
Bird Cage, S Harris, 81 Wood Street, Cheapside
Bird in Hand, R Fairlam, 396 Oxford Street
Bird in Hand, A Johnson, Garden Row, London road
Bird in Hand, R Marshall, Stratford
Bird in Hand, R Mills, 17 Long Acre
Bird in Hand, W Thomson, Bow, Middlesex
Bird in Hand, J Wilson, 2 Northampton Street, Clerkenwell
Bishop Blaize, T Croft, New Inn yard, Shoreditch
Black Bear, Edward Dyson, 52 Piccadilly
Black Boy, James Byway, 60 Long  Acre
Black Boy, H Clark, 124 High Street, Wapping
Black Boy, John Corsan, Lower East Smithfield
Black Boy, F Goode, 10 Mile End Road
Black Boy, Thomas Harding, 162 Whitecross Street
Black Boars Head, J Cox, 4 Whitcomb street, Haymarket
Black Boy & Apple Tree, D Baines, 49 St Martins lane
Black Boy & Camel, J Allison, 9 Leadenhall street
Black Boy & Horse Shoe, J Fuller, 1 Nicholas Lane
Black Boy & Still, T Harding, 162 Whitecross Street

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