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London Robsons 1829 Licensed Victuallers - K

A listing of the Robsons 1829 Licensed Victuallers in London

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Keans Head, T Hudson, Russell court, Drury lane
Kentish Arms, J Taylor, Mabledon Place, Burton crescent
Kentish Waggoners, J E Mansfield, Kent street, Borough
Kettledrum, John Lough, 153 Ratcliff highway
Key, T Scruton, 47 Fleet market
King George, G Cox, Burr street, East Smithfield
King George Fourth, R Jones, Broad street, Bloomsbury
King George Fourth, R Peake, Leicester street, Regent street
King George IV, C Vidler, Swinton street, Grays Inn road
King Harry, J Lake, Redlion Street, Whitechapel
King Harry the Eighth, C Samuel, Mile end road
King Henry the Eighth, S Jones, Great St Andrew street
King Henry the Eighth, S Perkins, Union street, Borough
King on Horseback, Stewart & Russell, High street, Borough
King of Denmark, William Allcroft, 18 Old Bailey
King of Denmark, R Laws, High Street, Wapping
King Johns Head, L Cordeux, Abbey Street, Bermondsey
King of Prussia, W Barnes, Dean Street, Shadwell
King of Prussia, J Ede, Charlotte Street, Great Surrey street
King of Prussia, J Gronet, Lambeth Street, Whitechapel
King of Prussia, J Hamer, 1 Fair street, Horselydown
King of Prussia, J Hamilton, John Street, Golden Square
King of Prussia, J Lewis, 4 Wych Street, Strand
King of Prussia, W Smith, Somerset place, Hoxton
King of Prussia, C Stewardson, Leather lane, Holborn
King & Queen, W Cooke, 3 Great Distaff lane
King & Queen, M Cufflin 30 Norton falgate
King & Queen, J Fair, 227 Rotherhithe Street
King & Queen, G Fordyce, King & Queen stairs, Rotherhithe
King & Queen, L George, Threecolt street, Limehouse
King & Queen, J F Hawes, Mary street, St Georges East
King & Queen, B Homer, Hare street, Bethnal green
King & Queen, A McAllen, High Street, Newington
King & Queen, J Martin, Cleveland street, Marylebone
King & Queen, J Martin, Foley street, Portland place
King & Key, J Payne, 142 Fleet street
Kinders Arms, W Evans, Little Turner Street, Commercial Road

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