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London Robsons 1829 Licensed Victuallers - H

A listing of the Robsons 1829 Licensed Victuallers in London

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Haberdashers Arms, R Clements, Haberdashers place
Half Moon, R Beamish, Lower street, Islington
Half Moon, Robert Brown, 62 Lower Shadwell
Half Moon, P Hacket, Portpool lane, Leather lane
Half Moon, J Hellyer, Halfmoon street, Bishopsgate
Half Moon, J Homan, 62 Strutton ground, Westminster
Half Moon, William Morrish, 77 West Smithfield
Half Moon, J Smith, 23 Duke street, West Smithfield
Half Moon, J Wells, 44 Clipstone street, Fitzroy square
Half Moon & Crown, John Davis, 37 Bacon street, Bethnal green
Half Moon & Punch Bowl, L Anwell, Buckley street, Whitechapel
Half Moon & Seven Stars, J Bentley, 49 Stanhope street
Half Moon & Seven Stars, J Daly, 119 Ratcliff highway
Half Moon & Seven Stars, John Jones, 10 Park street, Grosvenor square
Halfway House, W Foster, Webber street, New cut
Ham & Windmill, H McDermott, 37 Great Windmill street
Hampshire Hog, W Castell, 37 Charles street, Westminster
Hampshire Hog, J B Hall, Peartree street, Goswell road
Hampshire Hog, P Haskell, 78 Rosemary lane
Hampshire Hog, John Salter, 410 Strand
Hampshire Hog, W Wait, 90 Berwick street
Hand & Flower, J Clark, Gravel lane, Southwark
Hand & Flower, J S Clarke, Union street, Borough
Hand & Marygold, J Smith, Grange road, Bermondsey
Hand & Raquet, Thomas Oldbury, 20 Whitcomb street
Hand & Shears, J Burley, King street, Clothfair
Hand in Hand, Allen, 57 High Holborn
Hare, J Fox, 109 Brick lane, Spitalfields
Hare, T Hogg, 64 Compton street, Clerkenwell
Hare, Martha Bacon, 16 Heath place, Cambridge heath
Hare, R Lemon, Hoxton Old town
Hare & Hounds, G Hawkens, Upper street, Islington
Hare & Hounds, William Hyde, Islington
Hare & Hounds, McGovarn, Buckeridge street, St Giles
Hare & Hounds, T Oliphant, 142 & 143 St John street
Harlequin, Ambrose Cary, 69 Drury lane
Harp, J Morgan, 14 Little Russell street, Covent garden
Harp, J Newcomb, 25 Chandos street, Covent garden
Harp, W J Rumsey, 12 Harp lane, Tower street
Harp & Crown, J Gibson, 1 Glasshouse street, Regent street
Harrow, J Astle, Water lane, Whitefriars
Harrow, J Lloyd, Park street, Borough
Harrow, Robert Martin, Stratford
Hat & Feathers, W Cleveland, Gravel Lane, Southwark
Hat & Feathers, T Moore, 134 Goswell Street
Hat & Feathers, J Sadler, 31 Great Surrey street, Blackfriars
Hat & Mitre, H Jolly, 150 St John street, West Smithfield
Hat & Plough, R Goldacre, 44 High street, Whitechapel
Hat & Shears, P Breach, Weston street, Tooley street
Hat & Tun, William Scragg, 14 Hatton wall
Hatchet, Nathaniel Lawrence, 20 Little Trinity Lane
Haunch of Venison, G Hawkins, 1 Bell yard, Fleet street
Haunch of Venison, J Pearson, 4 Lower Brook street
Hawarden Castle, W Martin, 3 Gower Place, New road
Hay Field, J Lynn, Assembly row, Mile end road
Heath Cock, Thomas Bateman, 414 Strand
Help the lame dog over the style, W Milner, Earl street, Borough road
Hercules, H Baily, Hercules Buildings, Lambeth
Hercules, J Jackson, 119 Leadenhall street
Hercules Pillars, G Hibberd, 18 Great Queen street
Hercules Pillars, W Treadway, 7 Greek street, Soho
Hermit, William May, Bedford Square, Commercial road
Hereford City, R Palmer, 5 Litchfield street, Soho
Hertford Arms, M Rock, Park street, Grosvenor square
Hertford Arms, J Saunders, Little Grosvenor street, Bd street
Hero of Waterloo, George Moore, Waterloo Road, Lambeth
Highlander, W Goldsworthy, 89 Dean street, Soho
Hinds Head, T Winterbotham, Chiswell street, Finsbury square
Hog in Armour, R Hargreave, 41 Great Saffron Hill
Hog in the Pound, John Rickett, 294 Oxford Street
Hoggs, George Martin, Broadwall
Hole in the Wall, J Brentnall, Gloucester street, Redlion square
Hole in the Wall, J Freemantle, 23 Baldwins gardens
Hole in the Wall, T Gibson, Gate street, Lincolns Inn fields
Hole in the Wall, T Hebard, St Dunstans court, Fleet street
Hole in the Wall, W Hidden, John Street, Grosvenor mews
Hole in the Wall, J Holdup, Kirby Street, Hatton garden
Hole in the Wall, Eliz Randall, 45 Chancery Lane
Holywell, T Kitchens, 165 High street, Shoreditch
Hoop, M Lemm, 64 Mount street, Berkeley square
Hoop & Grapes, W Davis, Broadway, Westminster
Hoop & Grapes, J B H Kirk, Cable street, Wellclose square
Hoop & Grapes, Susan Lawson, 112 Ratcliff highway
Hoop & Grapes, A F Semon, Cross street, Hatton garden
Hoop & Grapes, J Tomkins, Widegate street, Bishopsgate
Hoop & Horseshoe, H Squire, Queen street, Tower hill

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