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London Pigots 1833-34 Public Houses - H

A listing of the Pigots1833 - 34  Public Houses

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Haberdashers Arms, Richard Clements, 1 Haberdashers place East, Hoxton
Haberdashers Arms, John Frost, 2 Milton street, Fore street, Cripplegate
Half Moon, Robert Beamish, Eldon place, Lower street, Islington
Half Moon, Robert Brown, 62 Lower Shadwell
Half Moon, Richard Harland, Upper Holloway
Half Moon, John Hellyer, Halfmoon street, Bishopsgate
Half Moon, William Holder, 20 Portpool lane, Leather lane
Half Moon, James Homan, 62 Strutton ground, Westminster
Half Moon, Joseph Pilgrim, 77 West Smithfield
Half Moon, John Wells, Clipstone street
Half Moon & Bulls Head, James Johnson, 267 Rotherhithe street
Half Moon & Crown, William Yardley, 37 Bacon street, Bethnal green
Half Moon & Punch Bowl, Lewis Ansell, Buckle street, Whitechapel
Half Moon & Seven Stars, James Bentley, 49 Stanhope street, Clare market
Half Moon & Seven Stars, Moses Crafter, 119 Ratcliff highway
Half Moon Tap, Joshua Hodson, Halfmoon passage, Leadenhall market
Halford Arms, Mary Rock, 41 Park street, Grosvenor square
Halfway House, William Foster, Barrons buildings, Waterloo road
Halfway House, William Shenton, Old Kent road
Halfway House, Charles Tanswell, Knightsbridge
Halifax Arms, Thomas Pluckrose, Halifax street, Mile End New town
Halifax Head, Elizabeth Steneck, 1 Dunk street, Mile End New town
Ham & Windmill, Henry McDermott, 37 Great Windmill street
Hampshire Hog, William Castell, 37 Charles street, Westminster
Hampshire Hog, John Hall, 10 Peartree street, Goswell street
Hampshire Hog, Thomas Salter, 410 Strand
Hampshire Hog, William Wait, 90 Berwick street
Hampton Court Palace, James Nicholls, Francis street, Newington
Hand & Crown, Ann Davis, 9 Church street, St Giles's
Hand & Flower, John Rickets, Kensington gore
Hand & Flowers, Jos Stratford Clark, 1 Gravel lane, Borough
Hand & Marigolds, Jno Smith, 14 Grange road, Bermondsey
Hand & Raquet, Thomas Oldbury, 21 Whitcomb street
Hand & Shears, James Udall, 1 Middle street, Cloth fair
Hand in Hand, William Allen, 57 High Holborn
Hanley Arms, William Hembrow, Hornsey road, Holloway
Hanover Square, Thomas Marshall, 1 St Georges terrace, Uxbridge road
Harcourt Arms, Henry Toombs, 32 Harcourt street, New road, Marylebone
Hare, Martha Bacon, 16 Heath place, Cambridge heath
Hare, Maria Brown, 109 Brick lane, Spitalfields
Hare, Robert Leman, 72 Hoxton Old town
Hare & Hounds, Jno Brown, 143 St John street, Clerkenwell
Hare & Hounds, William Hyde, 14 Barnsbury place, Islington
Hare & Hounds, McGovern, 23 Buckeridge street, St Giles
Harlequin, Anbrose Cary, 69 Drury lane
Harp, John Hickey, George street, St Giles
Harp, Henry Hodson, 26 New George street East, Portman market
Harp, John Terry, 13 Harp lane, Lower Thames street
Harp & Crown, Daniel Toohley, 1 Glasshouse street, Regent street
Harrow, Mary Elliott, 64 Compton street, St John street
Harrow, Roger McDonald, 77 High Street, Poplar
Harrow, William Reynolds, 21 Primrose Hill, Fleet street
Hat &Feathers, Thomas Moore, 164 Goswell Street
Hat & Feathers, Richard Pay, Gravel Lane, Southwark
Hat & Feathers, John Sadler, 31 Great Surrey street
Hat & Mitre, William Whitehead, 150 St John street, Smithfield
Hat & Plough, Robert Goldacre, 44 High street, Whitechapel
Hat & Shears, Jos Burrell, 2 Weston street, Snows fields
Hat & Tun, Joseph Hicks, 14 Hatton wall
Hatchet, Nathaniel Lawrence jun, 20 Little Trinity Lane
Haunch of Venison, George Hawkins, 1 Bell Yard, Temple bar
Haunch of Venison, Mary Ann Stewart, 4 Lower Brook Street
Hawarden Castle, William Martin, 3 Gower Place, Bedford square
Hay Field, James Lynn, Mile End Road
Heath Cock, James Fussell, 2 Heathcock court, Strand
Hen & Chickens, George Brooke, Hen & Chickens lane, Walworth
Hen & Chickens, James Gillman, 19 College street, Strand
Hen & Chickens, Thomas Macquillin, 17 Bath street, Tabernacle square
Henry VIII, Susan Barrell, 46 Great St Andrew Street
Hercules, Henry Bailey, Hercules Buildings, Westminster
Hercules, James Jackson, 119 Leadenhall Street
Hercules Pillars, Richard Green, 7 Greek Street, Soho
Hercules Pillars, George Hibbard, 18 Great Queen Street
Hermit, John Hathaway, Bedford Square, Commercial Road east
Hero of Maida, Charles Smith, 190 Edgware road
Hero of Waterloo, George Moore, Waterloo Road, Lambeth
Highlander, Thomas Dawson, 89 Dean Street, Soho
Hinds Head, Thomas Winterbottom, 38 Chiswell Street, Finsbury
Hog in Armour, Ralph Hargreave, 41 Great Saffron Hill
Hog in the Pound, Newman Robinson, 294 Oxford Street
Hogs, Francis Martin, Broadwall, Stamford Street
Hole in the Wall, Jos Freemantle, 23 Baldwins Gardens
Hole in the Wall, Thomas Gibson, 8 Gate Street, Lincolns Inn Fields
Hole in the Wall, Ts Hebard, St Dunstans Court, Fleet Street
Hole in the Wall, William Hidden, 9 John Street, Davies street
Hole in the Wall, William Preece, 45 Chancery Lane
Holland Arms, Edward Dalton, Holland Place, Kensington road
Holland Arms, Jno Nicolles, Brighton place, Brixton road
Hollands Coffee House, Charles Coe, 54 Lower Thames street
Holywell, Thomas Hardy Hutchins, 165 Shoreditch
Hoop & Adze, William Staines, 37 St John Street, Clerkenwell
Hoop & Grapes, George Gurney, 80 Farringdon Street
Hoop and Grapes, George Kinnear, 28 Cable Street, New road, St Georges East
Hoop and Grapes, Susannah Lawson, 112 Ratcliff Highway
Hoop and Grapes, Jane Predde, 19 Queen square, Westminster
Hoop and Grapes, JohnTomkins, 14 Widgate alley, Bishopsgate Street
Hoop and Grapes, Frederick Urwick, Cross Street, Hatton Garden
Hoop and Horse Shoe Tavern, Thomas Cansdell, 10 Queen Street, Tower Hill
Hoop & Toy, John Carnelly, Old Brompton

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