Pub history

London Pub directory in 1971 - W1

A listing of historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in London.

These all correspond to those public houses found in the London BT  1971 Telephone directories, although the telephone number is not registered as it would be wildly out of date. A few are from the 1970 directory. Links are back to the deadpubs site which shows a considerable amount of past history of the pubs and their past residents.

1971 Pub index


Admiral Duncan,54 Old Compton Street,,W1
Albany Tavern, 240 Great Portland Street,,W1
Allens Off Licence,11 Crawford Street, Allens (Caterers) Ltd,W1
Antigua Star,122 Shaftesbury Avenue,,W1
Apollo,28 Paddington street,,W1
Argyll Arms,18 Argyll street,,W1
Avenue Bar, 134 Shaftesbury Avenue,,W1
Barley Mow,8 Dorset street,,W1
Barley Mow,82 Duke street,,W1
Bath House, 96 Dean Street,,W1
Beehive, 126 Crawford Street, Allens (Caterers) Ltd,W1
Beehive, 7 Homer Street, G J Weller,W1
Black Horse,109 Marylebone High street,,W1
Black Lion & French Horn,Pollen street,,W1
Blue Posts,Berwick street,W W Atkinson,W1
Blue Posts,81 Newman street,,W1
Blue Posts,Rupert street,,W1
Blue Posts Tavern,18 Kingly street,,W1
Bricklayers Arms, 31 Gresse Street,,W1
Bricklayers Arms, 6 New Quebec Street,,W1
Bricklayers Arms, 33 Aybrook Street, H J Davis,W1
Britannia Hotel, Grosvenor Square,,W1
British Racehorse,19 Clarges Street,,W1
Bromley Arms, 84 Cleveland Street,,W1
Bunch of Grapes, 11 Dering Street, S G R Bridger,W1
Burlington Arms, 21 Old Burlington Street,,W1 (aka Burlington Bertie)
Carlisle Arms, 2 Bateman Street,,W1
Carpenters Arms,12 Seymour Place, Allens (Caterers) Ltd,W1
Champagne Inn, 7 Gerrard Street,,W1
Champion,13 Wells street,,W1
City of Hereford,1 Blandford place,,W1
City of Quebec,Old Quebec street,,W1
Clachan, 34 Kingly Street,,W1
Coach & Horses,2 Old Compton street,,W1
Coachmakers Arms,88 Marylebone lane,,W1
Cock Tavern, 27 Great Portland Street,,W1
Coronet, 9 Soho Street,,W1
Cricketer, 178 Great Portland Street,,W1
Cricketer, 5 Argyll Street,,W1
Crown,64 Brewer street,,W1
Crown,86 Wardour street,,W1
Crown & Two Chairmen,31 Dean street,,W1
Devonshire Arms, 17 Denman Street,,W1
Devonshire Arms, 21a Devonshire Street,,W1
Dickens Inn,25 London Street,,W1
Dive, Marlborough Head Hotel , North Audley Street,,W1
Dog & Duck, 18 Bateman Street,,W1
Dover Castle, 43 Weymouth Mews,,W1
Duchess of Argyll,48 Upper Grosvenor street,,W1
Duke of Albemarle,6 Stafford street,Knowland Bros Ltd,W1
Duke of Argyll,37 Brewer street,,W1
Duke of Wellington,94a Crawford street,,W1
Duke of Wellington,77 Wardour street,,W1
Duke of York,8 Dering street,,W1
Duke of York,47 Rathbone street,,W1
Duke of York,45 Harrowby street,J F Rawlins,W1
Earl Russell,24 Mortimer street,,W1
Eastern World,58 Paddington street,,W1
Fitzroy Tavern,43 Windmill street,,W1
Golden Cross,74 Lancaster road,,W1
Golden Lion, 51 Dean street,,W1
Green Man,57 Berwick street,,W1
Guinea,30 Bruton Place,,W1
Highlander,89 Dean Street ,,W1
Hole in the Wall,79 Oxford Street, Berni Inns Ltd,W1
Holsten Bier Keller, 34 Brook Street, Chef & Brewer Steak Houses,W1
Horse & Groom,128 Great Portland Street,,W1
Horseshoe Hotel,Tottenham Court Road,,W1
Kings Arms,2 Shepherd market,,W1
Kings Head,48 Gerrard street,,W1
Kings Head,Westmoreland street,,W1
King & Queen,1 Foley street,,W1
King of Corsica,90 Berwick street,,W1
Laurie Arms, 32 Crawford Place,Allens (Caterers) Ltd,W1
Leicester Lounge,44 Glasshouse Street,,W1
New Inn,183 Tottenham Court Road,,W1
Nightingale,21 Lansdowne Row,,W1
Old Coffee House,49 Beak street,A W Davies,W1
Old Rising Sun,79 Marylebone High street,,W1
Prince of Wales Feathers,8 Warren street,,W1
Prince Regent,71 Marylebone High street,,W1
Queens Head,15 Denman street,,W1
Queens Head,52 Piccadilly,,W1
Red Lion,Waverton street,,W1
Rising Sun,46 Tottenham Court road,,W1
Rose & Crown,2 Old Park Lane,D K Cairns,W1
Royal Angus Hotel,39 Coventry Street,,W1
Samuel Pepys,50 Curzon street,,W1
Scots Hoose,38 Romilly street,,W1
Shelleys,10 Stafford Street,Chef & Brewer Steak Houses,W1
Ship Tavern,31 Hanson Street,,W1
Snows, 227 Piccadilly, Chef & Brewer Steak Houses,W1
South Molton Lounge,46 South Molton street,Henekey Inns,W1
Spread Eagle,8 Woodstock street,,W1
St James Tavern, Great Windmill street,,W1
Star & Garter,62 Poland street,,W1
Thistle,11 Vigo street,,W1
Three Greyhounds,25 Greek street,,W1
Three Tuns,1 Portman Mews south,C C Allan,W1
White Hart,17 Windmill street,,W1
White Horse,16 Newburgh street,,W1
White Horse,45 Rupert street,,W1
Yorker,189 Picaddilly,,W1
Yorkshire Grey,46 Langham Street,,W1
Yorkshire Grey,28 Maple Street,,W1
Ye Grapes, 16 Shepherd Market, Allens (Caterers) Ltd,W1

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