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London Robsons 1829 Licensed Victuallers - T

A listing of the Robsons 1829 Licensed Victuallers in London

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Tackle sorters, Sophia Nellis, 11 Coopers Row
Tailors Arms, John Batt, Shad Thames
Talbot, William Coates, High street, Whitechapel
Talbot, Elizabeth Green, 68 Grays Inn lane
Talbot, John Sowerby, 1 Goodge street
Tallow Chandlers Arms, James Smith, King street, Golden square
Tavistock Arms, John Dingle, Tavistock Place, Russell  square
Tavistock Arms, S Holder, 22 Great Russell street
Teignmouth Castlem J Nelson, High street, Wapping
Ten Bells, W Morgan, Church street, Spitalfields
Thatched House, John Fretwell, Lower road, Islington
Thatched House, E Morgan, Redlion street, Holborn
Thatched House, J Whitaker, New Change court, Strand
Thistle and Crown, William Thomas Bone, 39 St Martins lane
Thistle and Crown, J Chipp, High street, Wapping
Thistle and Crown, Daniel Charters, King street, Old Gravel lane
Thistle and Crown, John Chipp, 105 High street, Wapping
Thistle and Crown, J Cockrem, Thomas street, Oxford street
Three Brewers inn, Charles Hayward, Lower road, Islington
Three Bucks, Thomas Barton, 22 Old Jewry, Cheapside
Three Castles, W J Gilbert, 7 St Andrews hill
Three Colts, George Bird, 45 London Wall
Three Colts, John Tapscott, Cambridge road, Whitechapel
Three Compasses, William Brown, 6 Whitehart yard, Drury lane
Three Compasses, T Burberry, Little Guildford street, Borough
Three Compasses, Edw Cox, Mount street, Berkeley square
Three Compasses, Thomas Deen, Shadwell market
Three Compasses, A Edwards, Brick lane, Spitalfields
Three Compasses, John Field, Bankside
Three Compasses, E Fletcher, Glasshouse street, London dock
Three Compasses, Thomas Franklin, 1 King street, Golden square
Three Compasses, J Hay, Wandsworth road
Three Compasses, Allen Hunt, Cowcross street, West Smithfield
Three Compasses, John King, Bermondsey new road
Three Compasses, Ann Rigg,  Rotherhithe
Three Compasses, James Smith, Mile end road
Three Compasses, Joseph Tomsey, Little Marylebone street
Three Compasses, Ben Walker, 184 Drury lane
Three Compasses, C Walker, Silver street, Golden square
Three Cranes, John Morgan, 194 Brick lane, Whitechapel
Three Cranes, William Stoffell, Watling street
Three Crowns, J Davies, Old Jewry
Three Crowns, Joseph Dredge, Dowgate Hill
Three Crowns, John Goodwin, 97 Upper East Smithfield
Three Crowns, W Hewitt, Winkworth place, City road
Three Crowns, C Martin, 9 Richmond street, Soho
Three Crowns, Thomas Neale, 4 Hospital row, Chelsea
Three Crowns, John Smith, Mile end road
Three Crowns, J Wright, High street, Borough
Three Cups, William Blades, 21 Lower Shadwell
Three Cups, Henry Capewell, Bedford street, Bedford Row
Three Cups, T Davies, Bow, Middlesex
Three Doves, G Paice, 24 Berwick street, Soho
Three Foxes, James Dowling, 6 Narrow street, Ratcliff
Three Goats Heads, Sam Palmer, Whitechapel road
Three Goats Heads, Robert Read, Wandsworth road
Three Golden Cans, T Harris, laystall street, Liquorpond
Three Hats, J J Collins, 16 High street, Islington
Three Herrings, George Harris, Creechurch lane, Leadenhall street
Three Herrings, William McKenzie, 15 Bell yard, Fleet street
Three Horse Shoes, F Taylor, Gilbert street, Oxford street
Three Jolly Butchers, W Bass, Warwick lane, Newgate street
Three Jolly Butchers, J Burns, Hungerford market
Three Jolly Butchers, J Compton, Brooks market
Three Jolly Butchers, W Elton, Princes row, Soho
Three Jolly Butchers, J Higdon, Gilbert street, Clare market
Three Jolly Gardeners, R Clarke, Union street, Borough
Three Jolly Gardeners, S French, Lambeth butts
Three Jolly Gardeners, W Hollebone, Rochester row
Three Jolly Hatters, R Mickleburgh, Bermondsey street
Three Johns, G Sivewright, Cartwright street, Westminster
Three Jolly Welchmen, W Riley, Shakspeares walk
Three Kingdoms, J Anderson, Cross lane, St Dunstans hill
Three Kings, Samuel Clerc, 9 Orange street, Bloomsbury square
Three Kings, W Cole, 4 Clerkenwell Close
Three Kings, William Cripps, 75 Piccadilly
Three Kings, John Hustead, Davies street, Berkeley square
Three Lords, J Gibbard, 27 Minories
Three Mariners, Allchin, Fore street, Cripplegate
Three Mariners, James George, Bermondsey Wall
Three Mariners, J Hett, Ropemakers Fields, Limehouse
Three Mariners, J Reed, 30 Wapping wall
Three Merry Boys, John Higgins, Upper Fore street, Lambeth
Three Nuns, C Harber, Aldgate High street
Three Pigeons, Isaac Gillatt, 205 Piccadilly
Three Pigeons, E Jackson, Butcherhall lane, Newgate street
Three Spies, J Campkin, Great Windmill street, Haymarket
Three Stags, Jane Sheen, Walsingham place, Lambeth
Three Sugar Loaves, James Brown, St John street, Bethnal green
Three Suns, Ann Ryalls, New Gravel lane, Shadwell
Three Swedish Crowns, E Skipper, Old Gravel lane, Wapping
Three Tuns, A W Allen, Three tun alley, Upper Thames street
Three Tuns, W Bancomb, 83 Chancery lane
Three Tuns, George Bowbrick, Turnmill street, Clerkenwell
Three Tuns, J Butler, 84 West Smithfield
Three Tuns, John Chidzey, 1 High street, Whitechapel
Three Tuns, James Clark, 429 Oxford street
Three Tuns, G Crowhurst, 38 Brook street, Holborn
Three Tuns, Richard Gardner, 37 Coleman street
Three Tuns, Eleanor Jones, 63 Broad street, Ratcliff
Three Tuns, George Malkin, Brackley street, Golden lane
Three Tuns, William May, 1 Back street, Horselydown
Three Tuns, William Packman, 36 Jewry street, Aldgate
Three Tuns, Thomas Page, 2 Moor street, Soho
Three Tuns, W Partoon, 22 Great New street, Fetter lane
Three Tuns, C Sharpe, Portman mews, Portman square
Three Tuns, John Simpson, Billingsgate
Three Tuns, W Smith, 41 Northampton street, Clerkenwell
Three Tuns, Mary Stephens, Cross street, Hatton Garden
Three Tuns, J Vasey, 20 Rupert street, Haymarket
Three Tuns, James Webster, 35 Belton street
Three Tuns, E Whelpdale, Houghton street, Clare market
Three Tuns, S Worster, Redcross street, Cripplegate
Three Wheat Sheaves, S Friend, Islington green
Throwsters Arms, Edward Dyke, Essex street, Whitechapel
Ticket Porter, Thomas Wright, 17 Martins lane
Tiger, William Chapling, Wells street, Oxford street
Tiger, John Phillips, 8 Tower hill
Tilt Boat, H Worrall, Darkhouse lane, Billingsgate
Tippling Philosopher, James Smith, Liquorpond street
Tobits Dog, J Askins, 1 St Pauls Churchyard
Tower, Jos Brock, Artillery street, Bishopsgate without
Tower, R Shaw, Gilberts buildings, Westminster road
Tower, William Spicer, Tower street, Seven  dials
Town of Leith, E Smith, Lower East Smithfield
Town of Ramsgate, George Hall, 288 High street, Wapping
Trinity Arms, W Martindale, Swan street, Great Dover street
Trinity Arms, T Nicholson, Narrow street, Ratcliff
Trinity coffee house, W H Brooke, Trinity street, Southwark
Trumpet, Thomas Everall, 23 King street, Holborn
Tuns, J Bird, Bow, Middlesex
Turk & Slave, James Brown, 141 Brick lane, Spitalfields
Turks Head, T Buckley, Turnmill street, Clerkenwell
Turks Head, Thomas Gladwell, Butcher Row, Ratcliff cross
Turks Head, James Glaze, 64 Harley street
Turks Head, William Godfrey, 72 Aldgate High street
Turks Head, James Powles, 8 East street, Redlion square
Turks Head, T Randall, New Gravel lane, Shadwell
Turks Head, C Share, Bird street, Wapping
Turks Head, Thomas Hudson Treadway, King street, Holborn
Turks Head, Benjamin Webster, 8 Charlotte street
Twelve Bells, Sam Hawkes, Chain gate, Borough
Twelve Bells, C Lambert, Bride lane, Fleet street
Two Angels and Crown, J Hughes, Upper St Martins lane
Two Bells, William Broadbelt, 7 Whitechapel road
Two Brewers, George Allum, Bankside
Two Brewers, Sam Barker, Stratford
Two Brewers, George Bridger, Church passage, Piccadilly
Two Brewers, James Caffrey, Brick street, Park lane
Two Brewers, William Craft, Brick lane, Spitalfields
Two Brewers, Jubal Henry Edmonds, Strutton Ground, Westminster
Two Brewers, B Fowler, Little Tufton street, Westminster
Two Brewers, John Glanvill, Stoney lane,  Tooley street
Two Brewers, John Goodman, 58 Goswell street
Two Brewers, John Graham, Vine street, Hatton Wall
Two Brewers, George Greenland, Whitecross street, Cripplegate
Two Brewers, D Hamilton, Glasshouse street, London docks
Two Brewers, John Harriott, Redcross street, Borough
Two Brewers, P Husted, Queens Buildings, Brompton
Two Brewers, J Johnston, Brick lane, Spitalfields
Two Brewers, J King, Parson street, Ratcliff
Two Brewers, William Mallard, 27 London Wall
Two Brewers, T Newman, 74 Shoe lane
Two Brewers, J North, Fore street, Limehouse
Two Brewers, Robert Shannon, 164 High Holborn
Two Brewers, M P Smith, 129 Bunhill Row
Two Brewers, W Smith, Aylesbury street, Clerkenwell
Two Brewers, James Torkington, Little St Andrew street, Seven dials
Two Brewers, G Windsor, New Park street, Southwark
Two Brewers, James Ariel, 27 George street, St Giles
Two Brewers, James Bryson, 13 Buckingham Row, Westminster
Two Brewers & Magpie, W Prince, High street, Shoreditch
Two Chairmen, J Chandler, 81 Wardour street, Soho
Two Chairmen, Benjamin Clathrow, Pedlars Acre, Lambeth
Two Chairmen, W Edwards, Davies street, Berkeley square
Two Chairmen, William Field, Dartmouth street, Westminster
Two Chairmen, M Malcolm, 20 Cockspur street
Two Sawyers, R Cullingford, Marylebone street, Oxford street
Two Spies, Ann Allchin, King street, Seven dials

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