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The London 1842 Robsons Public House & Publican Directory - W.

A listing of the Public Houses, Publicans and Public House address in 1842

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Wades arms, Holt Henry, East India road, Poplar
Waggon & horses, Beckett B. 6 Newington causeway
Waggon & horses, Jones J. Cumberland place, Newington butts
Waggon & horses, Shaw T. Hertford road, Kingsland basin
Wallaces head, Hart G. 4 Blandford street, Manchester square
Walnut tree, Griffiths George, Ocean row, Stepney
Walnut tree, Hardstaff William, St Albans street, Lambeth
Warwick arms, Ion Edgar M. 15 Gillingham street, Pimlico
Waterford arms, Smith Mary Ann, 50 Haymarket
Waterloo, Stone Edw. Samuel street, St Georges east
Waterloo arms, Snellgar Jos. 50 High street, Marylebone
Waterloo arms, Widdrington R. George street, Camberwell
Watermans arms, Crawford Christ. Wapping wall
Watermans arms, Edwards John, Dockhead
Watermans arms, Everett C. Belvedere road, Lambeth
Watermans arms, Finney J. Castle street, Bethnal green
Watermans Arms, Glanville T. Pickleherring, Tooly street
Watermans arms, Hepburn Mary, Bermondsey wall
Watermans arms, Martin W. Smith, 28 Fore street, Limehouse
Watermans arms, Morton R. T. 36 Paris street, Stangate
Watermans arms, Penny Jane, Rotherhithe street
Watermans arms, Wasmith G. C. 261 High street, Wapping
Watermans arms, Winterflood William, 2 Lower Shadwell
Watermans arms, Wiseman Robert, 61 Bankside
Weavers arms, Bulfoy A. Browns lane, Spitalfields
Weavers arms, Cathie J. Warne, 13 Crown street, Fusbry
Weavers arms, Crowder C. Edward street, Kingsland road
Weavers arms, Hill Solomon, 17 London wall
Weavers arms, Wilson Agnes, Bakers row, Whitechapel road
Weavers arms, Preston A. 111 Green street, Bethnal Green Road
Weavers arms, Thorpe T. Back church lane, Whitechapel
Welsh harp, Cutmore, Rich. Gardiner jun. 23 Aylesbury street, Clerkenwell
Welsh harp, Small John, 47 Chandos street, Covent garden
Welsh trooper, Vincer Edw. Bankside
Well & bucket, Noquet I. 62 Church street, Bethnal green
Wellington, Orange H. Three colt lane, Bethnal green
Wellington, Trimby John, 92 Drury lane
Wenlock arms, Bowden George, Wenlock road, City road
Westmoreland arms, Walton John, 15 Westmoreland place, City road
Westmoreland arms, Wood T. 7 George street, Portman square
Weymouth arms, Bouts J. Weymouth terrace, Hackney road
Weymouth arms, Hill Thomas, 7 Weymouth street, New Kent road
Weymouth arms, George Henry, Weymouth terrace, Kingsland road
Weymouth arms, Hobbs Jas. jun. 34 Weymouth street, Portland place
Wheatsheaf, Bliss James, 138 St Albans place, Edgeware road
Wheatsheaf, Brigham Thomas, 219 High street, Wapping
Wheatsheaf, Bye T. W. 25 Rathbone place, Oxford street
Wheatsheaf, Channing W. G. 13 Vere street, Clare market
Wheatsheaf, Cranmer Thomas. 46 Holywell street, Strand
Wheatsheaf, Garrett William, 13 Castle street, Borough
Wheatsheaf, Hodges T. 17 Dorset street, Manchester square
Wheatsheaf, Madew J. 51 Red Lion street, Holborn
Wheatsheaf, Neilen William, 46 Haymarket
Wheatsheaf, Parker R. 37 Kenton street, Brunswick square
Wheatsheaf, Payne William, 2 Hand court, Holborn
Wheatsheaf, Peacock R. W. Star street, Shadwell
Wheatsheaf, Reeng Jer. Wapping wall
Wheatsheaf, Roles Josh. South Lambeth
Wheatsheaf, Roper Benj. Church row, St Pancras
Wheatsheaf, Shuttock F. G. 359 Rotherhithe street
Wheatsheaf, Smith Hen. 18 Borough market
Wheatsheaf, Terrell Jos. Rotherhithe street
Wheatsheaf, Watkins J, 4 Upper Marylebone street, Marylebone
Wheatsheaf, Wilson Josh. Upper Chapman street, St Georges east
Wheatsheaf, Wright Thomas. 219 High street, Wapping
Whitby town, McCarthy Chas. 57 Wapping wall
White bear, Ashmore E. Lambeth street, Goodmans fields
White bear, Ashton Thomas. Bride lane, Fleet street
White bear, Austin William, 28 Little Newport street, Soho
White bear, Bain William, 66 King William street, City
White bear, Bloye William, M, Kingsland road
White bear, Bradley J. Princes street, Red Lion square
White bear, Castle Jas. 2 Upper Thames street
White bear, Day G. Bartholomew square, St Lukes
White bear, Fairhead Thomas. Ratcliff cross
White bear, Frost John, 31 Basinghall street
White bear, Gardiner Jos. Abbey street, Bermondsey
White bear, Goodge Thomas. Queen place, Kennington road
White bear, Hawkins Jonathan. Bear garden, Southwark

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