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East London Beer Guide & Pub directory in 1983 - EC3 City - Fenchurch Street

A listing of historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in London.

1983 Beer index

The 1983 edition of the East London Beer Guide - East London & City CAMRA.

EC3 City - Fenchurch Street.
EC3 BRITANNIA: 37 Fish Street Hill. Bass Charrington.
EC3 Bulls Head: 80 Leadenhall Street . Free House.
EC3 BUNCH OF GRAPES: 14 Lime Street. Bass Charrington.
EC3 CANTERBURY ARMS : 20 Fish Street Hill. Whitbread. Although the building is modern, there has been a pub on this site for centuries.The name is associated with pilgrimages to the shrine of Thomas a Becket: pilgrims used to start from a nearby church and the saint was born in Cheapside. EC3 CHESHIRE CHEESE : 48 / 50 Crutched Friars. Bass Charrington.
EC3 CITY BAR: Fenchchurch Street Station Concourse. Free House.
EC3 CITY FOB OLD ENGLISH ALE & PORT HOUSE.: Lower Thames Street - under London Bridge. Free House.
EC3 CITY OF LONDON YEOMAN: 2 New Street. Allied Breweries.
EC3 CLANGER: 104 Houndsditch. Bass Charrington.
EC3 COCK & WOOLPACK: 6 Finch Lane. Bass Charrington.
EC3 EAST INDIA ARMS : 67 Fenchurch Street. Young & Co.
EC3 Elephant: 119 Fenchurch Street . Allied Breweries.
EC3 HOOP & GRAPES: 47 Aldgate High Street. c/o Mansell St . Bass Charrington.
EC3 LAMB TAVERN: 10 / 12 Leadenhall Market. Young & Co. Large and lively basic Victorian pub built into the structure of Leadenhall Market. Notable also for engraved glass, and interesting wall mirror downstairs and splendid tile work including a scene of Sir Christopher Wren presenting his plans for The Monument.
EC3 MAILCOACH: 1 Camomile Street . Scottish & Newcastle.
EC3 Mandys: Seething Lane. Free House.
EC3 MITRE TAVERN: 38 Fish Sreett Hill. Scottish & Newcastle. It is reputed that a pub has been on the site since 1638; and it is thought that the building that was there in 1668 was the second to be destroyed in the Fire of London.
EC3 Mr Micawber: 14 Crosswall. Charrington.
EC3 NEW MOON: 88 Gracechurch Street . Whitbreads.
EC3 PEACOCK: 41 Minories. Trumans.
EC3 RED LION: 31 Houndsditch. Bass Charrington.
EC3 PUMPHOUSE: 8 Fenchurch Street . Bass Charrington.
EC3 SAVAGE GRILL: Crutched Friars. Free House.
EC3 SHIP: 3 Hart Street . Scottish & Newcastle.
EC3 SHIP TAVERN: 11 Talbot Court Allied Breweries.
EC3 SHIP & COMPASS: 18 London Street. Allied Breweries.
EC3 SHIP & TURTLE: 122 Leadenhall Street - P&O Building. Courage.
EC3 Simpsons Tavern: 38 Cornhill. Free House.
EC3 SIR JOHN FALSTAFF: 17 Eastcheap. Free House.
EC3 SWAN: Ship Tavern Passage. Whitbreads.
EC3 TANNERS HALL REAL ALE HOUSE: Philpot Lane. Free House.
EC3 Three Lords: 47 Minories Free House.
EC3 THREE TUNS: 36 Jewry Street . Bass Charrington.
EC3 Tiger Tavern: Bowring Building - Tower Place. Bass Charrington.
EC3 Underwriter: 15 St. Mary Axe. Scottish & Newcastle.
EC3 WALRUS & CARPENTER: 45 Monument Street. Bass Charrington.
EC3 WINE LODGE: 145 Fenchurch Street . Free House.
EC3 YE OLDE CRUTCHED FRIARS: 15 Crosswall. Grand-Met-Watney.