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East London Beer Guide & Pub directory in 1991 - EC3 City Fenchurch Street

A listing of historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in London.

1991 Beer index

The 1991 edition of the East London Beer Guide - East London & City CAMRA

EC3 City Fenchurch Street.
Stations - Monument and Tower Hill (Circle/District), Aldgate (Circle/Metropolitan), Fenchurch Street (BR), Tower Gateway (DLR).
The south east part of the City, centred on the new Lloyds building and appropriately the home to many shipping and insurance businesses. This is the least residential part of the City and largely deserted at the weekend, away from the main tourist attractions such as the Tower and Monument. However, the visitor is as unlikely to find open pubs around there as anywhere else. In the evening the pubs begin shutting at 8pm, but at least most stay open during the afternoon.
The construction of large new office blocks in recent years has led to the demolition of many pubs, and their replacements are likely to be basement establishments. However, there are some good areas for finding more traditional drinking places and the visitor could do better than have a look around the Leadenhall Market area, the Fenchurch Street Station area, or the alleyways leading off Cornhill.
EC3 ANGEL: 14 Crosswall. (A1/1) Bass Charrington.  It was called Mr Micawber until reverting to its former name.
EC3 Bulls Head: 80 Leadenhall Street. Pub demolished.
EC3 BULLA: Crutched Friars. (B1/2) ,This year masquerades as Monastery. Formerly the Savage Grill.
EC3 BUNCH OF GRAPES: 14 Lime Street. (A2/3) Bass Charrington.
EC3 CANTERBURY ARMS: 20 Fish Street Hill. (B2/4) Whitbreads.
EC3 CHAPMANS WINE LODGE: 145 Fenchurch Street. (B2/5) Young & Co.
EC3 CHESHIRE CHEESE: 48/50 Crutched Friars. (B1/6) Bass Charrington.
EC3 CITY ALE & WINE HOUSE: Seething Lane. (B1/7) .
EC3 CITY F.O.B.: Lower Thames Street - under London Bridge. (B2/8) .
EC3 CITY OF LONDON YEOMAN: 2 New London Street. (B1/9) Ind Coope Taylor Walker.
EC3 CLANGER: 104 Hounsditch. (A2/10) Bass Charrington. , BASS.
EC3 COCK & WOOLPACK: 6 Finch Lane. (A2/11) Bass Charrington.
Ye Olde Crutched Friars: 15A Crosswall. Grand Met-Watneys.  
EC3 EAST INDIA ARMS: 67 Fenchurch Street. (A2/12) Young & Co.
EC3 ELEPHANT: 119 Fenchurch Street. (B2/13) BASS. Hogarth used to live on the site.
EC3 HOOP & GRAPES: 47 Aldgate High Street. (A1/14) Bass Charrington. Listed Building dating from the 11th century although it has been a pub for only the last 100 years. It missed the Great Fire of London by a few yards and is one of only a handful of timbered buildings still left in London.
EC3 JAMAICA WINE HOUSE: St Michaels Alley - Cornhill. (B2/15) . The present building dates from 1674.
EC3 LAMB TAVERN: 10 / 12 Leadenhall Market. (A2/16) Young & Co.
EC3 MAILCOACH: 1 Camomile Street. (A2/17) Scottish & Newcastle.
EC3 MINORIES: 64/73 Minories. (B1/18) . New large pub in railway arches near Tower Gateway DLR station.
EC3 NEW MOON: 88 Gracechurch Street. (A2/19) Whitbreads.
EC3 PEACOCK: 41 Minories. (A1/20) Grand Met - Chef & Brewer.
EC3 PUMPHOUSE: 82 Fenchurch Street. (A1/21) Bass Charrington.
EC3 RAVEN: Fenchchurch Street Station Concourse. (B1/22) BASS.
EC3 RED LION: 31 Houndsditch. (A2/23) Bass Charrington. , BASS.
EC3 RED LION: 8 Lombard Court. (B2/24) Ind Coope Nicholsons
EC3 SHIP: 3 Hart Street. (B2/25) Scottish & Newcastle.
EC3 SHIP & COMPASS: 18 London Street. (B2/26) Ind Coope Nicholsons Free House.
EC3 SHIP & TURTLE: 122 Leadenhall Street - P&O Building. (A2/27) Courage.
EC3 SHIP TAVERN: 11 Talbot Court (B2/28) Ind Coope Nicholsons Free Hse.
EC3 SHIP TAVERN: 27 Lime Street. (B2/29) Grand Met-Trumans. This was the cellar bar of the Ship and Shovel, so called because coal used to be carried by the shovel load as it was unloaded from Newcastle.
EC3 SIMPSONS TAVERN: 38 Cornhill. (B2/30) BASS. The pub was founded by Thomas Simpson in 1757 and is currently owned by E.J. Rose but is for sale as is the Jamaica Wine House.
EC3 SIR JOHN FALSTAFF: 17 Eastcheap. (B2/31)
EC3 SWAN: Ship Tavern Passage. (B2/32) Whitbreads.
EC3 TANNERS HALL: Philpot Lane. (B2/33) Whitbreads.
EC3 THREE LORDS: 47 Minories. (A1/34) Young & Co.  Built on the site of the old Franciscan nunnery - hence Minories. On dissolution the parish was granted the full privileges of the nunnery, including marriage without banns or licence and licensing their own publicans. The name Three Lords comes from three Jacobite Lords executed after the '45 rebellion.
EC3 THREE TUNS: 36 Jewry Street. (A1/35) Bass Charrington.
EC3 TIGER TAVERN: Bowring Building - Tower Place. (B1/36) Bass Charrington.
EC3 UNDERWRITER: 15 St. Mary Axe. (A2/37) Scottish & Newcastle.
EC3 WALRUS & CARPENTER: 45 Monument Street. (B2/38) Bass Charrington.

London pub history directory.

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