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Southampton Publicans, Beer Retailers and Hotels in 1898 M - Y

Southampton pub history index

Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Southampton, Hampshire . The Southampton, Hampshire listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

Thomas McDonnell, Oxford, 97 St Marys road
Richard Stone Major, Eagle, 132 Millbrook road, Freemantle
Mrs Maria Manley, Morning star, 30 Marsh lane
David John Mardell, Portswood Hotel, 134 Bevois Valley road
Charles Marte, Empire Palace, French street
Mrs Charlotte Martin, Beer Retailer, 182 Northam road
George Walter Mason, grocer & Beer Retailer, 89 Lodge road, Bevois mount
John Mason, Beer Retailer, 6 Chandos street
Thomas Mason, London Spirit Stores, 2 Terminus terrace
Mrs Georgina Masson, Brewers Arms, 32 & 33 Lower Bannister street
Walter James Meacher, Beer Retailer, 9 South front
Edward Meave, Beer Retailer, 69 Princes street
Mrs sarah Messenger, Beer Retailer, 28 South street
William Mew, Beer Retailer, Bevois Hill, Portswood road
George Millard, Beer Retailer, 145 Northam road
James Mills, Beer Retailer, 2 St Georges place
Richard William Mills, Beer Retailer, 31 French street
Joseph Mintern, Beer Retailer, 81 Dukes road, Portswood
William Mitchell, Beer Retailer, 71 East street
Wm Frederick Moger, Beer Retailer, 3 Orchard lane
Frank Ernest Moodie, Beer Retailer, 46 East street
Frederick Moody, Beer Retailer, 50 Orchard lane
George Frederick Moore, Beer Retailer, 21 Orchard lane
Thomas Moore, Globe Hotel, 1 Bridge road
Henry Morley, Bevois Town Hotel, 6 Middle street
Edward Morris, Beer Retailer, 14 Bernard street
Sydney Morris, Greyhound, 3 Bridge street
Frederick William Moyle, Beer Retailer, 44 Bevois Valley road
John Mullins, Beer Retailer, 83 Church street, Shirley
Joseph Mullis, Prince of Wales, 198 Northam road
Daniel Mundy, Beer Retailer, 67 St Marys road
Mrs Lydia Neale, Crown & Anchor, 21 Commercial road
Thomas Nicol, Kingsland Hotel, 75 St Marys street
William Nightingale, Royal Arms, 14 Padwell road
Henry Norris, Beer Retailer, 8 Three Field Lane
Robert Noyes, Pensioners Arms, 29 Carlton place
James Olding, Beer Retailer, 35 Alma road
James Orchard, Beer Retailer, 76 Mount Pleasant road
George Orman, Beer Retailer, 53 Valley road
William Peter Page, Beer Retailer, 46 Bellevue street
Mrs Emily Painter, Beer Retailer, 59 St Marys road
Andrew Nelson Parker, St Marys Hotel, 35 East street
William Parker, Alliance Inn, 48 Albert road
John Parsons, Beer Retailer, 26 Orchard lane
George Passmore, Beer Retailer, 16 Clifton Terrace
Alexander Patterson, Beer Retailer, 7 Union street
Mrs Fanny Payne, Beer Retailer & pork butcher, 100 & 101 East street
George Payne, Beer Retailer, 35 Anglesea road, Shirley
George Payne, Black Horse, 65 Church street, Shirley
James Payne, Beer Retailer, 34 North front
Henry Pearce, Freemans Arms, 1 Chantry road
James Edward Pearce, Beer Retailer, 20 Chandos street
Charles Pebworth, Beer Retailer, 2 Canton street
Harry Peckham, Beer Retailer, 12 Cossack street
George Pegram, Beer Retailer, 5 Godfrey street
Sir Frederick Perkins, brewer, wine & spirit merchant, 21 Above Bar street; 54 London road; The Southampton brewery, 40 Orchard lane; vaults, 2 High street; & at 9 Old Jewry, London EC; & Palmerston road, Southsea
Fredk John Perkins, Bee Hive Hotel, 6 Royal crescent
Charles Henry Perress, Chamberlayne Arms, 1 Alfred street
Mrs Eliza Perry, Bay Tree, 10 New road
Mrs Martha Perry, Beer Retailer, , 68 & 69 Winchester street
Walt Thos Petty, Windsor Hotel & fly proprietor, 23 Windsor terrace
William Morris Phillips, Odd Fellows Arms, 95 Princes street
George Pincome, Beer Retailer, 40 Chantry road
John Pinnick, Beer Retailer, 43 St Marys street
William Collin Pitt, Beer Retailer, 39 East Park terrace
Abraham Plant, Beer Retailer, 40 Cross street
Mrs Chatlotte Plumley, Duke of Wellington, 2 Wellington road, Freemantle
Henry Plummer, Beer Retailer, 188 Above Bar street
Mrs Henrietta Pomeroy, Bevois Castle, 3 Bevois street
Frederick Pope. Bell & Crown, 40 Melbourne street
Henry Poulton, Beer Retailer, 16 Melbourne street
George Powell, Swan Inn, 56 Park road, Freemantle
Mrs Virtue Jane Powell, Beer Retailer, 8 West street
Nugent Oliver Pratt, Beer Retailer, 1 Bedford place & fly proprietor, Waterloo Mews, Waterloo terrace
Thomas Price, Kemps Hotel, 13 Three Field lane
Mrs Mary Ann Purkiss, Beer Retailer, 6 Lower Canal walk
Charles Wm Rabbets, Beer Retailer, 74 St Marys street
Edward Radley, Radleys Hotel, Terminus terrace
Edward Howard Rand, South western Hotel, Canute road & refreshment rooms, Railway station
Walter Ravenhill, Glasgow, 43 Bernard street
William Richards, Beer Retailer, Coxford, Shirley
Wm Richards, Beer Retailer, 10 Princes street, Northam
Isaac Richardson, Beer Retailer, 32 French street
John Riglar, Beer Retailer, 11 Palmerston road
Fred Roberts, Beer Retailer, 6 Four Posts Hill
Henry Roberts, Beer Retailer, 137 Bevois street
Stephen roberts, Beer Retailer, 108 East street
Aaron Rogers, Electric Arms, Upper Back of the walls
Alexander S Rogers, Foresters Arms, 1 French street
Henry Rogers, Beer Retailer, 17 & 18 York street
John Thos Rogers, Osborn Hotel, 28 Shirley road, Freemantle
William James Rogers, Beer Retailer, 13 Orchard lane
Jesse Rose, Beer Retailer, 23 Oxford road, Shirley
Arthur Rowe, Bellevue Inn, Southampton street
Arthur Russell, Beer Retailer, 5 Cross street
Geo Henry Sait, grocer & Beer Retailer, 51 Coleman street
Francis Salter, London & South Western Railway Hotel, Blechynden
Frederick William Sanders, Beer Retailer, 15 Orchard lane
Thomas Scadden, Beer Retailer, Millbrook
Mrs Elizabeth Scammell, Beer Retailer, 10 Mount street
Albert Alfred Schooling, Loosemores Hotel, 43 Chapel road
George Scorey, Horse & Groom, 103 East street
Mrs Christina Scott, Crown Hotel, 49 High street, Shirley
John Scraggs, Park House PH, 44 Shirley road, Freemantle
Scrases Brewery Lim brewers, Upper Back of the Walls & wine & spirit merchants, 27 High street; office (Alfd A Burnett, sec), 2 High street
Charles Scullard, The Crown family & commercial Hotel, 14 High street
Robert Scutt, Gardeners Arms, 130 Pound street, Shirley
Henry A Seeley, Bank Inn, 48 Liverpool street
Charles Sheath, Beer Retailer, 27 Chantry road
George Shelley, Dock Tavern, 2 Dock terrace, Deal street
Charles Sherwood, Beer Retailer, 20 Chapel road
Shirley Hotel, (Chas Ingram, proprietor), High street, Shirley
Mrs Ann Short, Beer Retailer, Back of the Walls
Albert Shotter, Beer Retailer, 40 Lower Canal walk
Charles Shotter, Beer Retailer, 38 Chapel road
Henry Simper, Royal Exchange, 47 James street
Robert Small, Beer Retailer, 22 Palmerston road
Mrs Emily Smith, Beer Retailer, 5 New road
John Smith, Beer Retailer, 1 Albert road
Thomas Smith, Beer Retailer, 55 Clifford street
William Smith, Black Swan, 93 St Marys street
Edward Snelling, Waggoners Arms, Portswood road
South Western Hotel (Edward Howard Rand, proprietor), Canute road
Southampton Hotels Co Limited, Royal Hotel, 64 & 66 Above Bar street; restaurant, 144 High street
George Southgate, Eagle Hotel, 1 & picture frame maker, 1a Palmerston road
Jas Henry southwell, Beer Retailer, 40 York street, Northam
Chas Edward Spencer, Chichester Arms, 26 Northam road
Charles Spiers, Royal Pier Hotel, Town Quay
George Slight Stansfield, Beer Retailer, 39 Southampton street
Benj Hy Stent, Town Quay Tavern, Porters lane, High street
Charles Stephens, Horse Shoe, 13 Canal walk
Henry Stone, Beer Retailer, 38 Belvidere street
Norman St Clair Strange, Wareham Arms, 7 Park view
Percy Arthur Street, manager of the Dolphin Hotel, 35 High street
Geo Fredk Strubell, Beer Retailer, 3 Compton Walk
William Summers, Belvidere Inn, 43 Belvidere terrace, Northam
William Summerton, Beer Retailer, 17 Millbank street
Mrs Julia Sutton, Mariners Arms, Town Quay
John Symons, Beer Retailer, 21 John street
Arthur Syms, Beer Retailer, 51 Chapel road
Charles William Taylor, Sidford Inn, 58 Shirley road, Freemantle
James Charles Taylor, Beer Retailer, 54 Canal Walk
Frederick Thomas, Beer Retailer, 1 Godfrey street
Joseph Thomas, Beer Retailer, Union Road, Shirley
Mrs Clara Thornton, Beer Retailer, 1 Royal crescent
Frederick Tiller, Beer Retailer, Belvidere road
Henry Tipton, Beer Retailer, 16 Standford street
William Tizard, Beer Retailer, 30 Orchard lane
Walter Toone, Fountain Hotel PH, 100 High street
Henry Trapp, Bell, 71 Orchard lane
George Travers, Northumberland Hotel, 55 Northumberland road
James Travers, Hampton Court Brewery PH, 24 French street
Joseph Travers, Royal Albert PH, 2 Albert road
William Jacob Travers, Wheatsheaf, 15 Bridge street
William Trim, Beer Retailer, 1 Blechynden street
William Trotman, Caledonian PH, 13 Bridge street
Jesse Truckle, shopkeeper & Beer Retailer, 51 Waterloo road, Freemantle
James Tucker, Beer Retailer, 68 St Marys street
Arthur C Veck, Beer Retailer, 26 New road
Arthur Wakeford, Beer Retailer, 16 Castle square
William John Wallbridge, Beer Retailer, 2 Paget street
George Walters, Braziers Arms, Albion place
Mrs Matilda Walton, Globe Inn, 55 Stratton road, Shirley
James Ward, Beer Retailer, 17 James street
Tom Ward, Beer Retailer, 82 Northam road
William Warne, Ship Inn, 240 Northam road
William Warner, Beer Retailer, 100 Millbank street
Henry Warwick, Beer Retailer, 63 pound street, shirley
George Way, Blue Anchor, 32 Chapel road
William Conway Webber, Beer Retailer, 25 Melbourne street
Albert Wells, Washington, 31 Lower Canal walk
Frederick Welsh Ltd, brewery stores, St Marys road & 58 London road
Mrs Ellen West, Beer Retailer, 32 St Marys street
Felix West, Blacksmiths Arms Hotel, 21 Romsey road, Shirley
James West, Beer Retailer, Belvidere road
Richard West, Beer Retailer, 100 Princes street
Tom west, Beer Retailer, 69 Above Bar street
Thomas William Westhorpe, Beer Retailer, 52 Four Posts hill
Thomas Whalebone, Clarence PH, 130 High street
Alfred Wheeler, Victoria Hotel, Town Quay
George Thomas Wheeler, Compton Arms, 20 Compton Walk
Mrs Mary Wheeler, Beer Retailer, 19 Winchester terrace
Albert John White, Beer Retailer, 45 Bedford place
Edwin White, Beer Retailer, 110 Bevois street
Frederick White, Beer Retailer, 19 Chapel road
Tom White, Beer Retailer, 4 Princes street, Northam
William White, Beer Retailer, 36 Four Posts hill
William Whitehead, Beer Retailer, 39 Melbourne street
Wm Robert Whitehead, Beer Retailer, St Marys street
Samuel Whitemore, Beer Retailer, Church lane, Highfield
Mrs Margaret Whitlock, Beer Retailer, 16 Bevois Valley road
Frank Whitmarsh, Beer Retailer, 17 Northam street
John Wickersham, Red Lion, 55 High street
Josiah Wilkins, Beer Retailer, 1 St Georges street
Winchester Brewery Co Lim, brewery stores (A J Palmer, manager), Upper Liverpool street, Bevois town
Owen Wing, Beer Retailer, 35 Orchard lane
Jn Edward Winter, Haymarket Tavern, 12 & 13 Hanover buildings
John Taylor Winter, White Hart, 61 Above Bar street
Samuel Wiseman, Three Swans, Albert street
Mrs Elizabeth Witt, Beer Retailer, 35 Romsey road, Shirley
Frederick William Witt, Ship & Anchor, 11 Longcroft street
Samuel Witt, Rising Sun, 244 Shirley road, Freemantle
Ernest M Wood, Antelope Hotel, 66 St Marys road
Edwd Robt Woolford, Railway Hotel, St Denys road, Portswood
Thomas Woolford, Highfield Hotel, Highfield lane, Highfield
Henry Wright, Beer Retailer, 28 James street
Charles Yaldren, Beer Retailer, 6 Russell street
Henry Yearsley, Beer Retailer, 7 Pound Tree lane
Henry Yeoman, Calshot Castle, 58 Albert road

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