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London Robsons 1829 Licensed Victuallers - M

A listing of the Robsons 1829 Licensed Victuallers in London

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Macclesfield Arms, T Spring, City road
Mackworth Arms, J Mayou, Princes place, Commercial road
Magpie, T Binns, 12 New street, Bishopsgate
Magpie, C Horne, Cheyne walk, Chelsea
Magpie & Pewter Platter, J Greeves, 107 Wood street
Magpie & Punch Bowl, W A Clark, Bishopsgate street
Magpie & Stump, M Cooper, New road, St Georges East
Magpie & Stump, Edward Mallett, 56 Fetter lane, Holborn
Magpie & Stump, R Stephens, 118 Newgate street
Maid & Magpie, W Laws, Wellington place, Stepney fields
Maidenhead, J Kingston, 20 Windmill street, Finsbury
Maidenhead, John Wilcox, 25 Goswell street
Mail Coach, J Budd, 155 Kingsland road
Mail Coach, Rd Thomas Dale, Sherbourn lane
Mail Coach, Thomas Michael Erwin, 60 Fleet market
Mail Coach, C Wright, Camomile street, Bishopsgate
Mallards Arms, J Reeves, Grove street, Commercial road
Malpas Arms, Mary Payn, Charles street, Grosvenor square
Manchester Arms, S Hinder, Baker street, Portman square
Market House, J Alabaster, Finsbury market
Market House, Alex Wood, 8 Fleet market
Marlborough Arms, W Webb, Lower Thornhaugh street
Marlborough Head, R Britton, Bishopsgate street within
Marlborough Head, T Cable, Pelham street, Spitalfields
Marlborough Head, J Chapman, Foxs lane, Shadwell
Marlborough Head, G Gunn, Great Marlborough street
Marlborough Head, P Marley, Green walk, Blackfriars
Marlborough Head, C Price, High street, Shoreditch
Marlborough Head, J Rolls, North Audley street
Marlborough Head, R Wilson, 36 Drury lane
Mansion House, Margaret Deeme, Mansion House street
Mansion House, W Gerrish, York place, Kennington
Man in the Moon, T Jarvis, Noble street, Goswell street
Man in the Moon, R Mays, Colchester street, Whitechapel
Man in the Moon, S Sherwood, Little Vine street, Piccadilly
Man in the Moon, T Steed, Park terrace, Chelsea
Man loaded with Mischief, A Cullen, 414 Oxford streer
Marquis of Anglesey, 39 Bow street, Covent garden
Marquis Cornwallis, Eve Barfott, 21 Curtain road
Marquis Cornwallis, R Chappell, Collier street, Pentonville
Marquis Cornwallis, John Dale, 1 Marchmont street
Marquis Cornwallis, F Farey, 28 Warren street, Fitzroy square
Marquis Cornwallis, Henry Phillips. Bethnal green road
Marquis of Eldon, James Mars, New street, Dockhead
Marquis of Granby, William Banting, Castle street East
Marquis of Granby, J A Breuls, Queen street, Ratcliff cross
Marquis of Granby, R Burrell, 10 & 11 Drury lane
Marquis of Granby, H Eleanor, 33 Bermondsey street
Marquis of Granby, William Fountain, 38 Percy street
Marquis of Granby, William Hooks, 28 South Audley street
Marquis of Granby, J Howell, 19 West street, Seven Dials
Marquis of Granby, James Jarrett, 67 Union street, Borough
Marquis of Granby, Francis Loder, 51 Chandos street
Marquis of Granby, Mary Partington, 33 Little Chesterfield street
Marquis of Granby, J Pearce, Middle row, Knightsbridge
Marquis of Granby, J Satchell, Kemps row, Chelsea
Marquis of Granby, William Simmons, Vine street, Westminster
Marquis of Granby, J Ward, 38 Grays Inn lane
Marquis of Granby,  A Williams, Villiers street, Strand
Marquis of Granby, James Wyatt, Brick street, Park lane
Marquis Wellesley, Robert Draper, 89 Cromer street
Marquis of Wellington, Edw Cannon, South street, Lambeth
Marquis of Wellington, James Harwood, Upper Cornwall street, St Georges east
Masons Arms, J Budd, East street, Walworth
Masons Arms, Samuel Cordeux, 58 Devonshire street, Portland place
Masons Arms, Frederick Gurney, 51 Upper Berkeley street
Masons Arms, J Hemery, 18 Maddox street, Regent street
Masons Arms, Thomas Long, 21 Tottenham street
Masons Arms, S D Norton, Watney street, commercial road
Masons Arms, T Thomas, 120 Great Titchfield street
Masons Arms, G Woods, China walk, Lambeth
Mercers Arms, William Cable, Green street, Stepney
Mercers Arms, Henry Johnson, Totten street, Stepney
Masons Arms, Edw Tye, 13 Castle street
Mercers Arms, E Tye, Mercer street, Long acre
Merlins Cave, Richard Edwards, 64 South Audley street
Merlins Cave, S Mitchem, Margaret street, Cavendish square
Merry Carpenters, John Lawrance, 42 Old street
Miller of Mansfield, John Stimson, Snows fields
Mitre, Richard Archer, 3 Mitre street, Aldgate
Mitre, Edward Bent, Stangate
Mitre, William Bligh, 68 St Martins lane
Mitre, J Chapman, 242 Tooley street
Mitre, John Crosswell, 125 Chancery lane
Mitre, Eliz Eldrod, Mitre court, Hatton garden
Mitre, William Rees, Broadwall
Mitre, William Lindrey, 38 Fish street hill
Mitre, F Ward, 7 Edgware road
Mitre, J White, Upper street, Islington
Mitre & Dove, John Gilpin, 1 King streeet, Westminster
Moneyers Arms, E W Archer, Provost street, Hoxton
Montague Arms, T Lupton, Montague mews, Montague street, Russell square
Monument, J Marchant, 1 Little Eastcheap
Monument, Josiah Mares, 137 Union street, Borough
Moonrakers, C Robertson, 91 Great Suffolk street
Mortimers Arms, M Sellers, 174 Tottenham Court road
Mulberry Tree, T C Johnson, Mulberry court, Horseshoe alley, Wilson street, Finsbury
Mulberry Tree, James King, Mulberry street, Whitechapel
Mulberry Tree, T Mitchell, Stepney green

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