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The London 1842 Robsons Public House & Publican Directory - K.

A listing of the Public Houses, Publicans and Public House address in 1842

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Katherine Wheel, Cox Jos, Union Street, Borough
Kentish Arms, Nicholls E, Mabledon Place, Burton Crescent
Kentish Drovers, Plant J, Walters Buildings, Old Kent Road
Kentish Waggoner, Mansfiled Chas, 213 Kent Street, Borough
Kettle Drum, Brown Jno, 153 Ratcliffe Highway
Kinders Arms, Nichols Thomas, Little Turner Street, Commercial Road
King Alfred, Emms John, 11 Lisson Grove north
King and Queen, Baverstock George, 30 Norton Folgate
King and Queen, Bourey J, Chapel Street, St Georges East
King and Queen, Bragger W H, Rotherhithe Street
King and Queen, Chaney C W, Paradise Street, Rotherhithe
King and Queen, Morton D, Foley Street, Portland Place
King and Queen, Lea W H R, Paddington Green
King & Queen, Redulius J, 75 Three Colt Street, Limehouse
King & Queen, Sheppard J, 9 High Street, Newington Butts
King & Queen, Snowley William, Hare Street, Hackney
King and Queen, Trevarthen P, 227 Rotherhithe Street
King and Queen, Winnington Mary, 3 Great Distaff Lane, Old Change
King George, Soesman A, Burr Street & Nightingale Lane, Lower East Smithfield
King Harry, Braham Sam, 34 Red Lion Street, Whitechapel
King Harrys Head, Abraham Hen, Mile End road
King Henry VIII, Hiscock John, High Street, Lambeth
King Henry VIII, Perkins S, 50 Union Street, Borough
King Johns Head, Wilcox Hy, Abbey Street, Bermondsey
King of Denmark, Laws Rt, High Street, Wapping
King of Denmark, (and original Booking Office for Errand Carts) 18 Old Bailey
King of Prussia, Barber S, 7 Lower John Street, Golden Square
King of Prussia, Blake G, Cartwright Street, Rosemary Lane
King of Prussia, Bose G, Lambeth Street, Goodmans Fields
King of Prussia, Clows W, Leather Lane, Holborn
King of Prussia, Leitch John, Dean Street, Shadwell
King of Prussia, Lipman L, Middlesex Street, Whitechapel
King of Prussia, O'Leary M, Fair Street, Horselydown
King of Prussia, Smith T, 29 Somerset Place, Hoxton
King of Prussia, Stevens John, 30 Little Charlotte Street, Blackfriars Road
King on Horseback, Bale Rd, 118 High Street, Borough
King William, Hancock J, 45 Exeter Street, Lisson Grove
King William IV, Taverner Stephen, New Gravel Lane
Kings Arms, Allan James, Neptune Street, Ratcliffe
Kings Arms, Applegate Stephen, 25 Roupell Street
Kings Arms, Arnett Thomas, 8 Little James Street
Kings Arms, Barlow M A, College Street, Westminster
Kings Arms, Barry William, 22 Great Titchfield Street
Kings Arms, Beckett Alf, Rolls Buildings, Fetter Lane
Kings Arms, Betts James, 51 Sloane Square, Chelsea
Kings Arms, Bingley Ben, 123 High Street, Shoreditch
Kings Arms, Brand Thomas, 22 Bennett Street, Blackfriars Road
Kings Arms, Bovery J S, 7 Old Compton Street, Soho
Kings Arms, Broderick Thomas, 12 Newgate market
Kings Arms, Brooks Ben, 27 Exmouth Street, Spafields
Kings Arms, Brown Stephen, Brook Street, Ratcliffe
Kings Arms, Cann Thomas, 44 Blackman Street, Borough
Kings Arms, Carman E, 38 Freeschool Street, Horselydown
Kings Arms, Challis J, 5 Little St James Street, Bedford Row
Kings Arms, Chapman Rt, Blackwall
Kings Arms, Childs M, Dean Place, Westminster Road, Lambeth
Kings Arms, Clark Anthony, Queenhithe
Kings Arms, Coneybeare John, Orchard Street
Kings Arms, Cook C, Shorts Gardens, Drury Lane
Kings Arms, Cook J, Wilkes Street, Spitalfields
Kings Arms, Davies Judith, Charles Street, Goswell Street
Kings Arms, Day Hy, 37 Arundel Street, Strand
Kings Arms, Dickson J, 115 Great Suffolk Street, Borough
Kings Arms, Dwyer Michael 23 Little Moorfields
Kings Arms, Etherington James, 52 Tothill Street, Westminster
Kings Arms, Fletcher J, Kings Arms Place, Commercial Road
Kings Arms, Furzman Jas, Coal Yard, Drury Lane
Kings Arms, Gardner Thomas, 264 Oxford Street
Kings Arms, Haywood C, St Georges Street, Albany Road
Kings Arms, Harris Dan, Bridge Court, Westminster
Kings Arms, Hart William, 128 Bishopsgate Street without
Kings Arms, Hattersley George, Claremont Row, White Conduit Fields
Kings Arms, Hayward J, Canal Wharf, Camberwell
Kings Arms, Heath Arnold, 115 Suffolk Street, Borough
Kings Arms, Hemmingway Thomas, Mile End Road
Kings Arms, Hendley W, 53 Rawstorne Street, Goswell Road
Kings Arms, Herbert J, Palace Yard new, Westminster
Kings Arms, Hobbs Jas, 124 Hoxton Old Town
Kings Arms, Hodges William, 18 Moor Street, Seven Dials
Kings Arms, Hollingdale George, Mint Street, Borough
Kings Arms, Hooper J, 1 Shepherds Market, Mayfair
Kings Arms, Jarvis William, 16 Hanway Street
Kings Arms, King J, Bishopsgate Churchyard
Kings Arms, Kingham H J, Copenhagen Street, Pentonville
Kings Arms, Kobelt Jno, Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel
Kings Arms, Lake William, 20 Crown Row, Walworth
Kings Arms, Littlewood E, Chapel Street, Bedford Row
Kings Arms, Maber T & J, 1 Stockbridge Terrace, Pimlico
Kings Arms, McIntosh A, Surrey Row, Blackfriars
Kings Arms, Marson Hy, Upper Ebury Street, Pimlico
Kings Arms, Maryon Hy, Folly, Dockhead
Kings Arms, Matthews J, John Street, Limehouse Fields
Kings Arms, Maxwell Dav, 140 Houndsditch
Kings Arms, May J C, 2 Houghton Street, Clare Market
Kings Arms, Meade Josh, Pitts Place, Old Kent Road
Kings Arms, Moran William, Market Hill, Shadwell
Kings Arms, Morgan Thomas, Rotherhithe Street, Rotherhithe
Kings Arms, Oliver H W, Princes Street, Lambeth
Kings Arms, Pither William, Thames Bank, Pimlico
Kings Arms, Pope J, Park Place, Liverpool Road, Islington
Kings Arms, Prall T W, 108 Edgware Road, Marylebone

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