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Southampton Publicans, Beer Retailers and Hotels in 1875 L - Y

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Southampton pub history index

Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Southampton, Hampshire . The Southampton, Hampshire listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

Thomas Lacey, Yacht, French Street
Robert Lambert, beer retailer, Cossack street
Henry Lampard, beer retailer, 16 Stanford street
Charles Lane, beer retailer, 34 North street, Kingsland
Mrs Sarah Lane, beer retailer, 8 West street
John Langfield, beer retailer, 6 Pembroke square
Robert Lanham, Edinburgh Castle, 1 Bernard street
George Lapier, Glasgow, 43 Bernard street
Frank Laving, beer retailer, 54 Orchard Lane
Mrs Mary Ann Lee, beer retailer, 37 Chandos street
William Lewis, Lord Nelson, 5 Royal crescent
James Light, beer retailer, 17 Northam street
Benjamin Living, Platform Tavern, Town Quay
James Lloyd, Royal Exchange, 47 James street
Mrs Sarah Lock, Calshot Castle, Albion road
Peter Lott, beer retailer, 37 King street
Llewellyn Lovett, beer retailer, Bevois hill
Henry Lovibond & Sons, Victoria pale ale brewers; branch stores, Above Bar
George Lowe, beer retailer, 35 Melbourne street
Mrs Elizabeth Mary Lucas, Kingsland tavern, 75 St Mary street
Mrs Jane Lucas, United Britons, 57 Grove street
Leonard Thomas Lush, Prince of Wales, Northam road
Silas Lush, New Farm House, Mount Pleasant
Thomas McCann, beer retailer, 46 East street
Daniel McCarthy, grocer & beer retailer, 108 East street
James McCarthy, grocer & beer retailer, 25 melbourne street
Patrick McGovern, beer retailer, 2 West street
William McGrory, beer retailer, 6 Lower Canal walk
George Maidment, beer retailer, 86 High street
William Maidment, Albion, 150 St Mary street
Arthur Maling, Kings Arms, 91 1/2 High street
George Marshfield, beer retailer, 2 Pound Tree lane, Above Bar
William Marston, beer retailer, 6 Chandos street
Mrs Eliza Emma Martin, beer retailer, French street
John Arthur Martin, brewer & beer retailer, 15 Orchard lane
William Martin, Adelaide, 10 South front
Job Masters, beer retailer, Belvidere road
Miss Eliza Matcham, Dolphin Hotel, 35 High street
William Mattingley, beer retailer, Simnel street
Thomas Mead, Castle Hotel, 85 High street
William Miles, Miles Inn, Blechynden street
Mrs Grace Miller, beer retailer, 19 Winchester terrace
James Mills, beer retailer, 2 St Georges place
John Moore, beer retailer, 27 Canal Walk
William Moore, beer retailer, 10 Chapel Street, St Marys
Mrs Mary Eliza Morgan, Dolphin, Portswood
John Mullett, beer retailer, 59 French street
James Munday, beer retailer, 97 Bevois street
Daniel Mundy, beer retailer, St Marys road
Henry James Murray, beer retailer, Godfrey street
William Nagel, beer retailer, 21 Orchard lane
Thomas James Naylor, beer retailer, 5 King street
Henry Neale, Bellevue Inn, Southampton street
Mrs Harriet Newman, beer retailer, 19 York street, Northam
Henry Nutley, brewer & beer retailer, 19 Orchard lane
James Olding, beer retailer, Alma road, Bevois Mount
George Orman, beer retailer, Valley road, Bevois valley
William Osman, beer retailer, Millbank street, Northam
Henry Page, Coopers Arms, Millbank street, Northam
John Richard Palmer, Dock family Hotel, Oriental place
John William Palmer, Alexandra Hotel, Bellevue road
William Palmer, Oddfellows Arms, Princes street, Northam
Chas Pargent, grocer & beer retailer, 16 York street, Bevois town
Reuben Parker, Bristol Hotel, Terminus terrace
William Parkes, beer retailer, 50 Orchard lane
Richard Parr, beer retailer, John street, Kingsland
James Parsons, beer retailer, Southampton street
Chas Rt Payne, beer retailer & pork butcher, 100 & 101 East street
Henry Penfold, beer retailer, 46 Bellevue street
Edmund Penney, Unicorn, 132 St Mary street
Thomas Penny, Wheatsheaf, Back of the Wall
William Walter Perkins, beer retailer, 45 St Mary street
Charles Perress, St Marys Hotel, 65 East street
Walter Thomas Petty, beer retailer, 2 Bedford place
Joseph Piddington, beer retailer, Trinity road
John Player, Rose, Shamrock & Thistle, Royal Crescent road
John Podesta, Pine Apple, St Michaels square
Alfred Pope, Netherbury Arms, 27 St Mary street
Thomas Pope, beer retailer, Clifton terrace
Henry Powell, Salisbury Arms, 4 French street
William Henry Price, Britannia, 20 Marine parade
Thomas Primmer, beer retailer, 17 James street
George Prince, beer retailer, Craven street
Alfred Pritchard, Onslow Hotel, 29 Onslow road
Mrs Eliza Quilter, Royal George Hotel, 88 High street
Geo Read, Wheatsheaf, & wine & spirit merchant, 15 Bridge street
Israel Reeves, beer retailer, 51 Bevois street
Francis Rich, beer retailer, Dukes road, Bevois hill
Mrs Georgiana Richardson, beer retailer, Broad street
William Richardson, beer retailer, Hanover buildings
James Rickaby, Bacons family & commercial Hotel, Terminus terrace
Robert Rickman, beer retailer, 9 Orchard lane
Thomas Riley, beer retailer, Princes street, Northam
William Henry Robertson, beer retailer, 19 Chapel road
Mrs Ann Roberts, Grapes, 41 Oxford street
William Roberts, beer retailer, Lower Canal walk
Edward Rogers, beer retailer, 26 South front
Henry Rogers, White Hart, 56 Above Bar
James Roomes, beer retailer, 52 grove street
Samuel Ruffell, beer retailer, 74 St Mary street
Richard Rushton, Anchor Inn, 83 Millbank street, Northam
Robert Thomas Russell, beer retailer, 28 South front
Henry Sait, beer retailer & shopkeeper, 33 Coleman street
John Sansom, Morning Star, 37 Terminus terrace
William Scammell, beer retailer, Bevois valley
James Scores, Queens Head, 85 Bevois street
Tom Seeviour, beer retailer, 115 St Mary street
William Serle, beer retailer, Mount place
John Sharp, beer retailer, Bannister street
Charles Sheath, beer retailer, Chantry road
Robert Sheil, Waggoners inn, Portswood hill
Albert Shotter, beer retailer, 51 Melbourne street
Mrs Elizabeth Sibley, beer retailer, St Marys road
George Simmonds, beer retailer, Portswood road
Thomas Sisman, Pensioners Arms, 29 Carlton place
Mrs Harriet Slade, beer retailer & grocer, 5 & 6 Chichester terrace, Northam road
Mrs Elizabeth Sly, Anchor, 76 East street
James Sly, beer retailer, Broad street
Mrs Charlotte Smart, beer retailer, Northam road
John Smart, beer retailer, Priory road, Portswood
Charles Owen Smith, beer retailer, 6 St Mary street
Frederick Smith, beer retailer, 3 Compton walk, St Marys road
James Smith, Dock tavern, Dock terrace
James Smith, shopkeeper & beer retailer, , 137 Bevois street
William Smith, Turks Head, 1 West street
Mrs Mary Sparks, beer retailer, 7 Vincent walk
George Stainer, Bricklayers Arms, 1 East street
Slafford Stevens, beer retailer, Joghfield
Charles Stockley, Train, Cedar road, Bevois Mount
Frederick Stockley, beer retailer, Bevois road, Bevois Mount
James Stratton, Railway Inn, 12 Blechynden terrace
Thomas Stratton, beer retailer, 40 Grove street
John Street, Shakespeares Head, French street
Mrs lemira Stride, beer retailer, 34 St Mary street
Giles Strugnell, Ship Inn, Northam road
Thomas Sturl, beer retailer, Millbank street
Mrs Caroline Sugar, Horse Shoe, 13 Canal walk
Charles Wm Swanson, Royal Arms, Padwell road, Avenue
Mrs Harriet Emma Swyer, Star Hotel, 26 High street
William Tabber, beer retailer, 62 North front, Kingsland
Geo Taplin, Chichester Arms, 12 Chichester terrace, Northam road
James Taylor, beer retailer, York street
Robert Taylor, White Swan, Cross house
Henry Teague, beer retailer, 32 French street
Mrs Jane Terrill, beer retailer, Northam road
Jas Thompson, Glebe Hotel, Gladstone terrace, Northam road
William Thompson, beer retailer, 1 Glebe road
George Thorn, beer retailer, Portswood road
George Throne, beer retailer, 5 Peel street, Northam
Ambrose Tiller, Washington Inn, Lower Canal walk
Harry Tilley, Crown & Sceptre, Bevois valley
William Titcomb, Fountain Tap, Broad lane
Henry Tonge, Vine, Portswood road
Mrs Sarah Toogood, Alliance Inn, Albert road
Henry Trapp, Bell, 71 Orchard lane
Mrs Fanny Trim, beer retailer, Northam road
James Trim, beer retailer, 1 Blechynden street
William Tugby, beer retailer, 16 Melbourne street
Frederick Updall, beer retailer, Albert road
Frederick Urry, Clarence Hotel, 131 High street
William Vardy, General Dixon, 29 Chapel road
John Walker, beer retailer, 38 East street
George Charles Wallbridge, beer retailer, 13 East street
Joseph Octavius Walton, Royal Albert, Albert road
Philip Warren, Dorchester Arms, Onslow road
Luke Webb, beer retailer, 8 Canal walk
George Weeks, beer retailer, 96 St Marys road
William Welch, Belvidere Inn, Belvidere terrace, Northam
Albert Wells, beer retailer, 11 Lower Canal walk
George Wells, beer retailer, 83 Canal walk
Henry Welstead, beer retailer, Bevois hill, Portswood road
Mrs Emma White, beer retailer, 26 Orchard lane
George White, beer retailer, Winchester street
George Henry White, Three Swans, 55 Anderson terrace
Joseph White, beer retailer, 33 St Mary street
Richard White, beer retailer, 38 Chapel road
Thomas White, beer retailer, 14 Blechynden street
Charles Whitlock, beer retailer, 72 Orchard lane
John William Whitworth, Joiners Arms, & brewer, St Marys Brewery, 141 St Mary street
Luke Whyman, St Marys Hotel tap, Cross street
Mrs Luana Willis, beer retailer, 20 St Marys road
Earle Willis, beer retailer, 7 union street, Orchard lane
George Frederick Wilson, beer retailer, Northam road
John Wilton, beer retailer, Albion place
Richard Wing, beer retailer, Amoy street, Bedford place
Frederick Withers, beer retailer, 3 Above Bar
James Witt, Royal Pier Hotel, Town Quay
John Witt, beer retailer, 14 St Andrews road
William Witt, Ship & Anchor, 11 Bevois street
Tom Woolfry, beer retailer, North front
George Wright, beer retailer, 40 James street
Henry Wright, beer retailer, 28 james street
James Wyatt, Antelope Hotel, St Marys road
Charles Yaldren, beer retailer, 29 King street
William Young, brewer & innkeeper, 69 St Marys road

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