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East London Beer Guide & Pub directory in 1983 - E3 Bow

A listing of historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in London.

1983 Beer index

The 1983 edition of the East London Beer Guide - East London & City CAMRA.

E3 Bow
E3 Albion: 25 St. Pauls Way. Watneys.
E3 ANCIENT BRITON: 44 Glaucus Street. Bass Charrington.
E3 Aunt Sally: 2 Midlothian Road . Watneys.
E3 BEEHIVE: 104 Empson Street . Allied Breweries. Two bar red decor 1950's built house.
E3 Bird in Hand: 126 Bow Road . Trumans.
E3 Blue Anchor: 67 Bromley High Street . Watneys.
E3 Bombay Grab : 246 Bow Road. Allied Breweries.
E3 Bow Bells: 116 Bow Road . Allied Breweries.
E3 BRICKLAYERS ARMS: 171 Devons Road. Watneys.
E3 Bridge House: 14 Bow Common Lane . Watneys.
E3 Britannia: 185 Bow Common Lane . Courage.
E3 Bromley Arms: 51 Fairfield Road . Watneys.
E3 Caledonian Arms: 62 Fairfield Road. Watneys.
E3 Christys: 74 St Stephens Road . Watneys.
E3 COBORN ARMS: 8 Coborn Road. Whitbreads.
E3 COTTON ARMS: 92 St Pauls Way . Trumans.
E3 CROWN HOTEL: 223 Grove Road . Trumans.
E3 Crystal Tavern: 25 Burdett Road. Allied Breweries.
E3 DUKE OF WELLINGTON: Newmill House - Devas Street. Watneys.
E3 DUKE OF YORK: 129 Antill Road. Allied Breweries.
E3 EARL OF ELLESMERE: 19 Chisenhale Road. Allied Breweries.
E3 Eleanor Arms: 460 Old Ford Road . Watneys.
E3 HAND & FLOWER: 72 Parnell Road. Whitbreads.
E3 HORN OF PLENTY: 588 Mile End Road. Allied Breweries.
E3 Iceland: 421 Wick Lane. Watneys.
E3 Imperial Crown: 50 St Leonard's Street. Allied Breweries.
E3 JOHN BULL: 490 Roman Road . Allied Breweries.
E3 KING ARMS: 167 Bow Road . Allied Breweries.
E3 LITTLE DRIVER: 125 Bow Road . Bass Charrington.
E3 Lord Cardigan: 12 Anglo Road. Allied Breweries.
E3 Lord Morpeth: 402 Old Ford Road . Whitbreads.
E3 Lord Palmerston: 45 Hewlett Road. Bass Charrington.
E3 LORD TREDEGAR: 50 Lichfield Road. Allied Breweries.
E3 Milton Arms : 28 Wright's Road. Free House.
E3 Morgan Arms: 43 Morgan Street . Watneys.
E3 MOULDERS ARMS: 50 Bromley High Street. Watneys. Pleasant comfortable two bar Victorian / Edwardian pub surrounded by high rise flats.
E3 NEEDLE GUN: 527 Roman Road . Allied Breweries. Market pub, dates from 1828.
E3 NEW GLOBE: 359 Mile End Road . Whitbreads. Interesting canal side two bar pub with a globe on the roof. An early balloon ascent was made from here.
E3 Old Duke of Cambridge: 158 Devons Road. Watneys.
E3 Ordell Arms: 22 Ordell Road . Courage.
E3 PALM TREE: 24 Palm Street . Trumans.
E3 PEARLY KING: 94 Bromley High Street . Free House. Comfortable and pleasant , renovated in Edwardian style. A pub has reputedly been on the site for 650 years; the previous title was the 'Seven Stars'.
E3 Prince of Wales: 2 Grove Road . Watneys.
E3 Priory Tavern: 37 St Leonard Street. Trumans.
E3 QUEEN VICTORIA: 1 Gillender Street. Free House.
E3 RAILWAY TAVERN: 30 Grove Road. Bass Charrington.
E3 Railway Tavern: 393 Old Ford Road. Bass Charrington. Ex Charrington house for sale in mid 1983 free of tie.
E3 Ranelagh Arms: 599 Roman Road . Courage.
E3 Rising Sun: 14 Gillender Street . Watneys.
E3 ROSE & CROWN: 8 Stroudley Walk - Devons Road . Allied Breweries.
E3 ROSE OF DENMARK: 612 Roman Road. Watneys.
E3 TENTERDEN ARMS: 224 Devons Road. Trumans.
E3 THREE TUNS: 185 Bow Road . Whitbreads.
E3 Unicorn: 27 Vivian Road . Whitbreads.
E3 Victoria: 110 Grove Road. Bass Charrington.
E3 WENTWORTH ARMS: 127 Eric Street. Bass Charrington.
E3 White Horse: 473 Roman Road . Watneys.
E3 WHITETHORN: 30 Whitethorn Street . Trumans.
E3 WIDOW'S SON: 75 Devons Road . Allied Breweries. Known alternatively as The Bun House, restored in Victorian style, this pub is on the site of a house in which a widow stated a custom of putting one bun per year aside for her lost sailor son. Buns now hang above the bar and the custom is carried on.
E3 YOUNG PRINCE: 448 Roman Road . Free House.