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Public Houses, Inns & Taverns of Lambeth, Surrey, London

A listing of historical London public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in the Lambeth parish, Surrey, London.

Lambeth is a massive Parish e.g. Brixton, Districts 1 to 55, Kennington First Districts 1 to 37, Kennington Second Districts 1 to 39, Lambeth Church First District 1 to 15b, Lambeth Church second Districts 1 to 41, Norwood Districts 1 to 29, Peckham District 15, Waterloo Road First Districts 1 to 16, Waterloo Road Second Districts Districts 1 to 17.

St-Mary-at-Lambeth, the former parish church of Lambeth (deconsecrated in 1972) and the gateway to Lambeth Palace - in December 2007

St-Mary-at-Lambeth, the former parish church of Lambeth (deconsecrated in 1972) and the gateway to Lambeth Palace - in December 2007

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Lambeth 1 - Lambeth 2Lambeth 3 & Lambeth 1825 recognisances A - J & K - Z

Lambeth 1911 census summary books

Albion, 23 Vauxhall Walk,Lambeth SE11NoYes
Albion, 105 Lower KenningtonLane, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Alderman, 37 Stannary Street, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Alfreds Head, 60 DorsetRoad, South Lambeth SW8NoYes
Anchor & Hope, 81Dorset Road, Lambeth SW8NoYes
Anchor & Hope / Duchy Arms, 33 ParkStreet / 63 Sancroft Street, Kennington Road SE11NoYes
Angel, 69 Binfield Road,Clapham SW4NoYes
Angell Arms, 2 Loughborough Road / Angel Road, Brixton SW9NoYes
Angel, 73 Lambeth Walk, Lambeth SE11Yes Yes
Antelope, 55 Lorn Road, Brixton SW9Yes Yes
Archduke Charles, 9White Hart Street, Lower Kennington Lane, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Artichoke, 121 Lower Marsh, Lambeth SE1YesYes
Artichoke, 15 White Hart Street,Lower Kennington Lane, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Athenaeum, 322 Camberwell New Road, Lambeth SE5NoYes
Barley Mow, 52 Oakley Street, Lambeth SE1NoYes
Bedford, 409 Clapham Road / 365 Clapham Road, London SW9NoYes
Beehive, 407-409 Brixton Road, Brixton  SW9YesYes
Beehive, 6 Crossford Street, Stockwell SW9NoYes
Beehive, 51 Durham Street, UpperKennington Lane, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Bell, 11 Kennington Cross, LambethNoYes
Bell, 111 & 113 Lambeth Road, Lambeth SE1YesYes
5 Belmont Place, NineElms Lane, Lambeth SW8NoYes
Belvedere Stores, 10 Chicheley Street, Lambeth SE1NoYes
Beresford Arms, 246 Beresford Street, Brixton SE5NoYes
20 & 21 Berkley Street,Lambeth SE11NoYes
Black Dog, 112 Vauxhall Walk, Lambeth SE11Yes Yes
Black Horse, 393 Brixton Road, Lambeth SW9YesYes
Black Prince, 6 Black PrinceRoad, Lambeth Walk, Lambeth SE11Yes Yes
Bradley, 179 Wandsworth Road,Lambeth SW8NoYes
Brandon Arms, 22 Brandon road, Brixton, London SW2NoYes
Branksome Arms, 2 Sudbourne Road, Brixton SW3NoYes
Brewery Tap, 78 Lingham Street, Stockwell, London SW9NoYes
Brewery Tap, 115 Stockwell road, London SW9NoYes
Bricklayers Arms, 29 Chapel Road, West Norwood SE27YesYes
Bricklayers Arms, 3 Lollard Street, Kennington Road, Lambeth SE11YesYes
Bricklayers Arms, 1 Hamilton Road, West Norwood SE27NoYes
Bricklayers Arms, 46 Tregenna street, Brixton, London SW2NoYes
Bridgehouse Tavern, 213 Upper Kennington Lane, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Britannia, 10 Blazon Street, Lambeth SE1NoYes
Britannia, 233 Railton Road, Herne Hill SE24NoYes
Britannia, 353 Wandsworth Road, Lambeth SW8NoYes
Britannia, 43 Water lane, Brixton SW2NoYes
British Queen, 7 Gundulf Street, Lambeth SE11NoYes
British Queen, 85 Waterloo Road, Lambeth SE1NoYes
81 Broad Street, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Brockwell Park Hotel, 133 Dulwich Road, Herne Hill SE24NoYes
Brooklands Arms, 36 Brooklands Road, Wandsworth Road, Lambeth, SW8NoYes
175 Brook Street, WestSquare, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Builders Arms, 8 WyvilRoad, Lambeth SW8NoYes
Bulls Head, 8 Broad Street, Lambeth SE11NoYes
5 Burdett Street, Lambeth SE1NoYes
9 Burdett Street, Lambeth SE1NoYes
Cambria, 40 Kemerton Road, Lambeth SE5NoYes
Cambridge, 204 Farmers Road, Lambeth SE5NoYes
Canton Arms, 177 South Lambeth Road,South Lambeth SW8YesYes
37 Carlisle Street, Lambeth SE1NoYes
56 Carlisle Street, Lambeth SE1NoYes
Carlisle Arms, 77 Carlisle Street,Lambeth SE1NoYes
Canterbury Arms, 8 Canterbury Road, East Brixton SW9NoYes
Canterbury Arms, 13 Lambeth Upper Marsh SE1NoYes
Carpenters Arms, 54 Lower Marsh, Lambeth SE1NoYes
Carpenters Arms, 14 Magee Street, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Cathedral, 57 & 58 Ethelm Street, Lambeth SE1NoYes
Cavendish Arms, 33 Viceroy Road, Lambeth, London SW8NoYes
Champion, 1 Bond Street, Vauxhall SW8NoYes
Chester Arms, 17 Chester way, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Chichester Arms, 27 Belmore street, Lambeth, London SW8NoYes
Clayton Arms, 27 Kennington Oval, Lambeth SE11YesYes
Clarence Hotel, 34 Jeffreys Road, Clapham SW4NoYes
Coach & Horses, 13 Clayton Street, Kennington Road SE11NoYes
Coach & Horses, 8 Broad Street / Black Prince Road, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Coach & Horses, 348 Clapham Road, South Lambeth SW9NoYes
Coach & Horses, 443 & 445 Coldharbour Lane, Camberwell SE5NoYes
Coach & Horses, 131 Dorset Road, South Lambeth SW8NoYes
Coburg Arms , 19 Webber Street, Lambeth SE1NoYes
Cock, 340 Kennington Road, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Cock & Bottle, 7 China Walk, Lambeth Road, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Colby Arms, 132 Gipsy Hill, Norwood, London  SE19NoYes
Commercial Hotel, 210 & 212 Railton Road, Herne Hill SE24NoYes
Conqueror, 20 & 21 James Street, Lambeth SE5NoYes
Coopers Arms, 82 Southville, Lambeth SW8NoYes
Cornwall Arms, 76 Cornwall Road, Lambeth SE1NoYes
95 Cornwall Road, Lambeth SE1NoYes
Coronet, 280 Westminster Bridge Road, Lambeth SE1NoYes
Cottage Lion Brewery, Belvedere Road, Lambeth SE1NoYes
Court Tavern, 42? RenfrewRoad, Lower Kennington Lane, Lambeth SE11YesYes
Cowley Arms, 20 Normandy Road / 8 Addison Place, North Brixton SW9NoYes
Cricketers, 32 Clayton Street, Kennington SW11NoYes
Criterion, 99 Shakespeare road, Herne Hill SE24NoYes
Cross Keys, Broad Street, Lambeth SE1NoYes
Cross Keys, 18 Landor Road, Stockwell, London SW9NoYes
Crown Tavern, 35 AlbertEmbankment, Lambeth SE11YesYes
Crown, 11 Bird Street, West Square, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Crown, 129 Hamilton Road, West Norwood SE27YesYes
Crown, 137 Lambeth Road, Lambeth SE1 NoYes
Crown, 27 New Cut, Lambeth, London SE1NoYes
Crown, 111 Tyers Street, Lambeth, London SE11NoYes
Crown, 11 Vine Street / College Street / Jenkins Street, Lambeth SE1NoYes
Crown, 208 Wandsworth Road, Lambeth, London SW8NoYes
Crown & Anchor, 246 Brixton Road, London SW9NoYes
Crown & Cushion, 149 Westminster Bridge Road, Lambeth SE1NoYes
Crown & Thistle, 152 South Lambeth Road, Lambeth SW8YesYes
Crystal Fountain, 78 & 80 Kennington Road, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Daisy, 41 New Cut, Lambeth SE1NoYes
Danish Flag, 1 Mary Street / 1 Sudbury Street, Crozier Street, Lambeth, London SE1NoYes
Distillers Arms, 23 Old Paradise Street, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Distillers Arms, 63 Albert Embankment, Lambeth SE1NoYes
Divers Arms, 3 Lambeth Upper Marsh, Lambeth SE1NoYes
Dolphin, 6 Fitzalan Street, Kennington Road, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Dorset Arms, 124 Clapham Road, Lambeth SW9NoYes
Dover Castle, 36 Commercial Road, Lambeth, London SE1NoYes
Duchy Arms / Carpenters Arms, 21 Bowling Green Street, Kennington Road, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Duchy of Cornwall, 74 Cornwall Road, Lambeth SE1NoYes
Duchess of Kent, 77 Warner Road, Camberwell SE5NoYes
20 Dugdale Street, Lambeth SE5NoYes
Duke of Cambridge, 36 Cornwall Road, Brixton SW2NoYes
Duke of Cambridge, 37 Cottington Street, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Duke of Cambridge, 43 Thorne Road, Lambeth SW8NoYes
Duke of Cambridge, 349 Kennington Lane, Lambeth SE11YesYes
Duke of Clarence, 60 Vauxhall Street, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Duke of Cornwall, 152 Cornwall Road, Brixton SW2NoYes
Duke of Cornwall, 52 South Island Place, Brixton SW9NoYes
Duke of Edinburgh, 204 Ferndale Road, Stockwell SW9NoYes
Duke of Sussex, 2 Courtenay Street, Upper Kennington Lane, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Duke of Sussex,  23 Baylis road, Lambeth SE1YesYes
Duke of Wellington, 168-70 Acre Lane, Brixton SW2NoYes
Duke of York, 61 Camberwell New Road, Lambeth SE5NoYes
Duke of York, 57 York Road, Lambeth SE1NoYes
Dukes Arms, 27 Lambeth Upper Marsh, Lambeth SE1NoYes
Dukes Head, Fore street, Lambeth SE1NoYes
Dukes Head, 33 Lower Kennington Lane, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Durham Arms, 41 Harleyford Road, Vauxhall SE11NoYes
Earl Grey, 47 Oakley Street, Lambeth SE1NoYes
East Arms, 44 Hurley Road, Lambeth SE11NoYes
100 East Street/ Lollard Street,Kennington Road, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Eclipse, 38 Vauxhall Street, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Eight Bells, 15 Cavendish Grove, Lambeth SW8NoYes
Effra Hall Tavern, 38a Kellett Road, Brixton SW2NoYes
Elephant & Castle, 2 South Lambeth Road, Lambeth SW8YesYes
Elm Park Hotel, 76 Elm Park, Brixton SW2NoYes
Engineers, 102 Westminster Bridge Road, Lambeth SE1NoYes
Engineers Arms, 108 Wandsworth Road, Lambeth, London SW8NoYes
Falcon, 33 Bedford Road, Clapham, London SW4NoYes
Feathers Tavern, 75 Commercial Road, Lambeth SE1 NoYes
Feathers, 13 Tyers Street, Princes Road, Lambeth NoYes
Fleece, 1 Duke Street / Duchy Street, Stamford Street, Lambeth SE1NoYes
Fountain, 141 Lambeth Walk, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Fox, 58 Princes Street, Lambeth SE1NoYes
Foxley Tavern, 1 Treherne Road, Brixton SW9NoYes
French Horn, 113 LambethWalk, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Gardeners Arms, 41 Coldhharbour Lane, Brixton SE5NoYes
Gardeners Arms, 24 Ingleton Street SW9NoYes
Garibaldi, 42 Hemans Street, Stockwell SW8NoYes
Gattis Music Hall, 214 Westminster Bridge Road, Lambeth SE1NoYes
George, 111 Effra parade, Brixton, London SW2NoYes
George, 169 Lambeth Walk, Lambeth SE11NoYes
George, 82 Railton Road, Herne Hill SE24NoYes
George Canning, 95 Effra Road, Brixton SW2NoYes
George & Dragon, 16 Vauxhall Street, Lambeth SE11YesYes
George & Dragon, 5 Vauxhall High Street / 82 Albert Embankment SE11 No Yes
George IV, 144 Brixton Hill, Brixton SW2NoYes
George IV, 12 Russell Street, North Brixton SW9NoYes
George the Fourth, 51Walnut Tree Walk, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Gipsy Hill Hotel, 79 Gipsy Hill, Norwood, London SE19NoYes
Gipsy Queen, 20 Norwood High Street, West Norwood SE27YesYes
Gladstone, 13 Wilcox Road, Lambeth, London SW8NoYes
Glasshouse, 180 Stamford Street, Lambeth SE1NoYes
Globe, 53 Ethelred Street, Lambeth Walk, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Globe, 26 Vauxhall Walk, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Goat, 2 & 3 Cleaver Street, Kennington Road, Lambeth SE11NoYes
Golden Lion, 39 Brixton road SW9NoYes
Good Intent, 51 Camberwell New Road, Lambeth SE5NoYes
Great Britain, 165 Waterloo Road, Lambeth SE1NoYes
Green Dragon, 68 Belvedere Road, Lambeth SE1NoYes
Green Gate, 114 Ethelred Street, Lambeth Walk, Lambeth SE11 No Yes
Gresham Tavern, 3 Fyfield Road, Brixton SW9 NoYes
Greyhound, 336 Kennington Park Road, Lambeth SE11Yes Yes
27 Griffin Street, Lambeth SE1 No Yes
Grosvenor Arms, 17 Sidney Road, Stockwell SW9 No Yes
Guildford Arms / Lansdowne Arms, 78 Lansdowne Road, South Lambeth SW8 No Yes
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