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London Pigots 1827 Licensed Victuallers - Sk

A listing of the Pigots 1827 Licensed Victuallers, wine & spirit merchants etc in London, alphabetically listed by surname of licensee.

George IV is on the throne (1820 to 1830)


John Skain, Old Red Lion, 75 St John street road
William Skearsley, Cheshire Cheese, Marquis court, Drury lane
Mark Skerrett, Bank, 22 King street, Drury lane
Hy Skinner, Golden Anchor, Butcher row, East Smithfield
James Skinner, Fountain, New street, Horselydown
Rd Skinner, Crown & Anchor, 6 King street, Westminster
William Skinner, Olive Branch, 1 Minerva street, Hackney road
Rt Skipper, White Lion, 153 Old Gravel lane
David Skivens, Three Lords, 27 Minories
William Skulls, Bricklayers Arms, 54 Park street, Grosvenor square
Jno Slater, Huntsman, Dorington street, Brooks market
Simon Slaughton, Old Coach Makers Arms, 97 Long acre
Edward Slee, Grapes, 93 High sreet, Borough
John Slemmings, Hoop & Grapes, 29 Cable street, Wellclose square
Jno Sly, Crown, 9 Dukes court, St Martins lane
James Smalley, Ship and Shovel, Mazepond, Borough
Sarah Smalley, Black Horse, Ropemakers fields, Limehouse
Samuel Smallwood, Old Parrs Head, Cross street, Islington
Elizabeth Smart, White Hart, 296 Strand
Thomas Smeed, Brazen Head, 1 Upper Lisson street, Lisson grove
Benj Smith, Acorn, 234 Upper Thames street
Bridget Smith, Queens Head, Great Maze pond
Catharine Smith, Duke of York, 93 York street, Commercial road
Christopher Smith, Rose & Crown, 21 Church street, St Giles
Daniel Smith, Crown, George street, Blackfriars road
David Smith, Swan, 4 Great Dover street, Borough
Edw Smith, Hunters Ars, 11 Compton street
Elizabeth Smith, Halifax Arms, Halifax street, Whitechapel
Euphemia Smith, Town of Leith, 7 Lower East Smithfield
George Smith, Admiral Hood, 103 Tooley street, Borough
George Smith, Angel & Crown, 31 Paternoster row, Spitalfields
George Smith, Cock, 1 Market street, Jermyn street
George Smith, George, West lane, Bermondsey
George Smith, Trumpet, 23 King street, High Holborn
George Smith, Three Bucks, 22 Old Jewry
Henry Smith, King Henry VIII, High street, Lambeth
Henry Smith, Kings Arms, John street, Limehouse
Henry Smith, Duke of Wellington, 12 Wellington street. Pentonville
James Smith, Red Lion, 17 Bevis marks
James Smith, Shears, 84 Wood street, Cheapside
James Smith, Angel & Trumpet, Stepney
James Smith, Grapes, 36 Fore street, Limehouse
James Smith, Tallow Chandlers Arms, King street, Golden square
James Smith, Tippling Philosopher, 38 Liquoroond street
James & Jno Smith, Angel Inn, High street, Islington
Jeremiah Smith, George & Dragon, High street, Newington butts
Jno Smith, Marigold, Grange road, Bermondsey
Jno Smith, Black Horse, Victualling office square, Tower
Jno Smith, Bricklayers Arms, Earl street, Blackfriars
Jno Smith, City Arms, 1 West Harding street, Fetter lane
Jno Smith, Gentleman & Porter, 16 Nicholas square
Jno Smith, Grapes, King street, Golden square
Jno Smith, Gut Earl of Warwick, 9 Grays Inn lane
Jno Smith, Half Moon, 23 Duke street, West Smithfield
Jno Smith, Horse & Groom, 3 Turnmill street, Clerkenwell
Jno Smith, Pewter Platter, 27 Whitelion street, Spitalfields
Jno Smith, Seymour Arms, 45 Nutford place, Bryanstone square
Jno Smith, Ship Argo, 216 Rotherhithe street
Jno Smith, Three Crowns, Mile end road
John Smith, Albion coffee rooms, 32 Fleet market
John Smith, Black a Moors Head, 4 Whitcomb street
John Smith, Two Spies, 10 Catharine street, Strand
Jno Thomas Smith, Red Lion, 5 Wilson street, Finsbury
Richard Smith, White Hart, Covent garden market
Richard Smith, Old Queens Head, Mazepond, Borough
Robert Smith, Browns Coffee house, 7 Mitre court, Fleet street
Robert Smith, Norfolk Arms, William street, Bethnal green
Samuel Smith, George, Morgans lane, Borough
Samuel Smith, Phoenix, 26 Norton Falgate
Samuel Smith, Princess Charlotte, Albany road
Samuel Smith, Two Brewers, 212 Brick lane, Spitalfields
Sarah Ann Smith, Kings Head, High street, Lambeth
Stephen Smith, Cock, 17 Litchfield street, Soho
Talbot Smith, Rose & Crown, 44 Braod street, Bloomsbury
Thomas Smith, New Exchange Coffee house, 69 Strand
Thomas Smith, Quadrant Coffee house & Family Hotel, 89 Quadrant Regent street
Thomas Smith, GRapes, 356 Rotherhithe street
Thomas Smith, Kings Arms, Narrow street, Limehouse
Thomas Smith, Marquis of Granby, 12 West street, Seven Dials
Thomas Smith, Rodney, Bridge road, Lambeth
Thomas Smith, Spread Eagle, 19 Mason street, Lambeth
Thomas Smith, Swan, Cornbury place, Old Kent road
Thomas Smith, Bulls Head Inn, Bread street, Cornhill
William Smith, King of Prusia, Somerset place, Hoxton Newtown
William Smith, Three Cups Tavern & Hotel, 88 Aldersgate street
William Smith, Srtichoke, 19 Dog row, Bethnal green
William Smith, Chequers, 55 Tothill street, Westminster
William Smith, Falcon, 127 Fetter lane
William Smith, Flower Pot, 145 Church street, Shoreditch
William Smith, George & Vulture, Lower Shadwell
William Smith, Kings Head, Little Eastcheap
William Smith, Nags Head, 31 New Compton street, soho
William Smith, Royal Standard, 227 Piccadilly
William Smith, Tedstill, 72 St Martins lane
William Smith, Two Brewers, 26 Aylesbury street, Clerkenwell
William Smith, Globe, Derby street, Grays Inn road
William Smith, Flying Horse, 12 Charlotte house lane
Jno Smither, Horns, 16 High street, Whitechapel
Benj Smythson, White Hart, 2 Whitehart yard, Drury lane
Jos Jno Sneed, Vine, 25 Minories
James Snell, Kings Arms, inn, Cold harbour, Blackwall
Josias Snell, Swan, 160 Old Gravel lane, Wapping
Charles Snewing, Northumberland Arms, 77 Wells street, Oxford street
William Snewing, Horse & Groom, 301 Oxford street
Ann Snow, Crown & Thistle, South Lambeth
Anbone Snowball, Kings Head, 7 Brook street, Ratcliff
George Soall, Marlborough Inn, Blenheim street, Oxford street
Sarah Sontag, Queens Head, 5 King street, Little Tower hill
Richard Souch, Old Justice, Bermondsey wall
Jos Southall, White Horse, 50 South Audley street
Samuel Southerden, India Arms, Trinity street, Rotherhithe
John Sowerby, Talbot,1 Goodge street, Tottenham court road
Samuel Sowersby, Black Bull, 60 Grays Inn road
George Sparrow, Blue Posts, 6 Tottenham court road
Joseph Sparrow, Cape of Good Hope, St Anns place, Limehouse
Dorothy Speedy, Boot, 117 Cromer street, Judd street
Margaret Spence, Horse & Groom, Snowsfields, Bermondsey
George Spencer, Harp, 14 Little Russell street, Covent garden
Harriet Spencer, Coach & Horses, Lambeth butts
Jno Spencer, Folly House, Folly wall, Blackwall
Jno Spencer, Ship on Launch, Limehouse hole
William Spencer, Star & Garter, 21 King street, Westminster
George Spicer, Old Crown & Cushion, 73 London wall
Jno Spicer, Peacock Inn & coach house, 5 High street, Islington
Jno Spicer, Cherry Tree, Kingsland road
Jos Spicer, Grapes, Duke street, Manchester square
William Spicer, Tower wine vaults, 13 Tower street, Upper st Martins
William Spooner, Ship & Eight Bells, 131 Ratcliffe highway
William Spratt, Hole in the Wall, St Dunstans court, Fleet street
Hugh Sprigg, Feathers, 53 Featherstone street, City road
Thomas Sprigg, Macclesfield Arms, neat Canal, City road
William Spring, Kendal Wine & Dining Rooms, 119 Fleet street
William Springall, Old Pye House, Limehouse cut
Thomas Spurgin, Bunch of Grapes, 12 Gerrard street, Soho
Jno Squires, Devonshire Arms, 21 Duke street, Portland street
Jno Stacey, Sun & Punch Bowl, 20 Ray street, Clerkenwell
Thomas Stagg, White Hart, 48 Leman street, Goodmans fields
George Stalb, Kings Arms, Brook street, Ratcliffe
Charles Stallard, St John of Jerusalem, 29 St John street
Thomas Stammers, Prince & Princess, Gravel lane, Borough
James Standel, Running Horse, 128 Piccadilly
Stephen Sanden, Duke of Wellington, Brunswick street, Hackney road
Edw Stanfield, Yorkshire Grey, 189 Piccadilly
William Stannard, York coffee house tavern and hotel, 1 Charles street, Covent garden
William & Thomas Stanning, Half Moon, 131 High street, Borough
William Stanyon, Cock, 20 Bow lane, Cheapside
Jno Stapler, Dollys Chop House, Queens Head passage, Newgate street
Jno Staples, Queens Arms, 28 St Martins le grand
Jno Staples, Queens Arms Tavern, Newgate street
George Starkey, White Hart, 69 Long lane West Smithfield
Jno Starr, White Swan, Down street, Piccadilly
Jno Starr, Red Lion, 22 Portland street, Oxford street
Frederick Statham, Free Masons Arms, Duke street, Bethnal green
Richard George Statham, Albion coffee rooms, 32 Watling street
George Staton, Fountain, 18 Great Shire lane, Fleet street
Jno Staton, Coach & Horses, 18 Liquorpond street
George Steer, Museum Tavern, 16 Museum street
Mary Stephens, Three Tuns, Cross street, Hatton garden
Richard Stephens, Magpie & Stump, and booking office, 118 Newgate street
Rt Stephens, City Arms, Creechurch lane, Leadenhall street
Sept Stephens, Cock & Lion Tavern, 2 St Michaels alley
H Steuart, St James Hotel, 76 Jermyn street
Charles Stevens, Jolly Miller, 51 Millbank street, Westminster
George Stevens, Rose & Crown, 25 Little Britain
Jno Stevens, Kings Arms, 48Orchard street, Westminster
Robert Stevens, Golden Anchor, 59 Great Saffron hill
Thomas Stevens, Hole in the Wall, Dockhead
William Stevens, Fountain, 1 New Round court, Strand
William Stevens, Ship Launch, Lower road, Deptford
Elizabeth Steward, Feathers, 48 Grosvenor place
Charlotte Stewardson, King of Prussia, 30 Leather lane
Jos Stiff, Duke of Clarence, London road
Mary Stiff, Greyhound, Grange road, Bermondsey
Jno Stimpson, Miller of Mansfield, Snowsfields, Bermondsey
Delia Stinford, Portman Arms, Portman place, Edghware road
Frederick Stock, White Dog, 32 Widegate street, Bishopsgate
Jos Stock, Star, 108 Wentworth street, Whitechapel
James Stokes, Bulls Head, Hungerford market, Strand
Jno Stokes, George IV, 129 Goswell street
Edw Stone, Goldsmiths Arms, Albion buildings, Bartholomew close
James Stone, Two Brewers, Parsons street, Ratcliff highway
Jno Stone, White Horse, 16 Rood lane, City
William Stone, Alderman Parsons Head, 42 Rosemary lane
Jno Stonnell, Kings Arms, St Martins court
Thomas Storror, Running Horses, 42 Great Surrey street
James Stowell, Saddlers Arms, 12 Swallow street, Piccadilly
William Stowell, Phoenix, 16 Upper East Smithfield
William Strand, General Abercrombie, Friar street, Blackfriars
Sarah Stratton, Golden Cross Inn, 10 Charing cross
Thomas Stratton, Coopers Arms, Old Fish street hill
Thomas Street, House of Commons, Parliament street
Thomas Street, Southwark Arms, Borough road, Southwark
Thomas Streeton, Red Lion, Redlion passage, Fleet street
Jos Stride, Star & Punch Bowl, 57 Upper East Smithfield
Samuel Strong & son, Rose & Crown, 287 Oxford street
Abrm Stroud, Kings Head, Park place, Back road
G M Strout, Georges Coffee house & Hotel, 16 Coventry street
Henry Strowger, David & Harp, Fore street, Limehouse
George Strutton, Grapes wine vaults, Three tun passage, Newgate street
Edmund Stuart, Ship, 1 Princes street, Lincolns Inn fields
Richard Stubbs, Boatswain & Call, Great Maze pond, Borough
Frans Stuckey, Old White Bear, 126 Aldersgate street
Thomas james Sturt, Three Tuns, 39 Turnmill street, Clerkenwell
Henry Stutley, Archer, 20 Newton streeetm, High Holborn
Henry Style, Sir John Falstaff, 46 Houndsditch
Jno Sugden, City of Chester, Bunhil row
Rt Sugden, Rainbow Coffee House & Tavern, 76 Cornhill
Jacob Sulan, Cock, Church street, Mile end
William Summerland, Crown, 7 Maudlins rents, East Smithfield
Robert Summers, White Hart, 38 Long alley, Moorfields
Mary Summerton, Crown, 2 Thorney street, Bloomsbury
Stuart Sutherland, Running Horse, 23 Market street, Mayfair
Francis Sutterby, Old Pewter Platter, 27 Whitelion street, Norton Falgate
Rd Sutton, Duke of Gloucester, Union row, Kent road
Jno Swaine, Unicorn brewery, 34 Ossulton street, Somerstown
Charles Swan, Marlborough Arms, Lower Thornhaugh street
John Swan, Adam & Eve, 40 Paradise row, Islington
Thomas Swan, Ship & Star, Sparrow corner, Minories
John Swatling, Crown, Crown court, Upper East Smithfield
Bennett Swayne, Box Tree, 5 Gravel lane, Houndsditch
George Swayne, Pickled Egg, Crawford passage, Clerkenwell
George Sweed, Old White Hart, Princes row, Newport market
Richard Sweet, White Lion, Vauxhall row, Vauxhall road
James Sweetman, Black Lion, Berwick street, Soho
Jno Sword, White Horse, Assembly row, Mile end
Sarah Sykes, Royal Oak, Limehouse hole

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