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Southampton Publicans, Beer Retailers and Hotels in 1898 A - L

Southampton pub history index

Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Southampton, Hampshire . The Southampton, Hampshire listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

Thomas Barnard Alcock, Beer Retailer, 55 Bevois street
W Aldridge & Son, brewers, Bedford brewery, Bedford place
James Alexander, Beer Retailer, 14 Wellington street, Shirely
Charles Henry Allen, Exeter Inn, 23 Manchester street
George Allen, Beer Retailer, 53 Craven street
Henry Allen, Beer Retailer, 55 French street
James Allen, Beer Retailer, 8 Church street, Shirley
Mrs Sarah Allen, Surrey Hotel, 57 Orchard place
Robert Amos, Beer Retailer, 4 Elm terrace
William Anderson, Queens Hotel, 60 Albert road
John Andrews, Cow Herds Inn, The Common
Anglo-Bavarian Brewery Co Ltd (Henry F Raynes, agent), 4 High street; stores, East street
William Annett, St Leonards Hotel, 130 Northam road
William Anstey, Bristol Hotel, 27 Terminus terrace
Henry Archer, Beer Retailer, 32 Pound street, Shirley
John Asher, Beer Retailer, 5 Vincents walk
George Ashley, Beer Retailer, 26 French street
Thomas Askell, Beer Retailer, 22 Southampton street
George Avery, Beer Retailer, 35 Melbourne street
William Awbery, Canute Castle, 11 Canute road
Sidney Bason, Stile Inn, 160 Shirley road, Freemantle
James bailey, Beer Retailer, 26 Princes street, Northam
Charles Baker, Beer Retailer, 23 Romsey road, Shirley
John Baker, Fawn Tavern, Broad street
Edward Ball, Rose, Shamrock & Thistle, Itchen Bridge road
Mrs Fanny Ball, Beer Retailer, 17 Melbourne street
Edwin William Balne, Grapes, 41 Oxford street
William Bannister, Beer Retailer, 27 Sidford street
George William Barber, Beer Retailer, 23 Hill street
Mrs Eliza Barnard, Royal George, 88 High street
Mrs Honor Barnard, Beer Retailer, 89 Grove street
Tom Bartlett, Beer Retailer, 11 & 12 Lower Canal walk
Victor Barton, Alexandra Hotel, 6 bellevue road
Bass, Ratcliff & Gretton Ltd, brewers, (Jas Walker, agent), Bridge road
Mrs Minna Jane Batchelor, Star Hotel tap, Star Hotel Yard, 26 high street
Frederick Davis Bennet, Railway Hotel, 3 Terminus terrace
Henry Biles, Royal Standard, West Quay
William Billett, Beer Retailer, 3 Chapel street
Samuel Birch, Beer Retailer, 12 Adelaide road, St Denys
William Black, Beer Retailer, 78 St Marys street
Mrs Francis Blake, Beer Retailer, 21 Albany road, Freemantle
Mrs Louisa Blaker, United Britons, 57 Grove street
Fred Blanchard, Star Hotel, Waterloo road, Freemantle
Edward Boden, White Hart Hotel, 39 High street, Shirley
Albert Jn Boorman, manager of the Star Hotel, 26 High street
George Booth, Beer Retailer, 12 Stanford street
John Bradford, St Georges PH, 14 Bride street
James Edward Brandon, Cooper Arms, 102 Millbank street, Northam
Walter Brandon, Oxford, 33 Oxford street
Michael Breslin, Beer Retailer, 43 1/2 Orchard lane
Mrs Mary Brinley, Beer Retailer, Belvidere road
John Brisland, Beer Retailer, 45 St Marys street
Mrs Helen Elder Brodie, Belmont Hotel, Portswood road
Samuel Broughton, Beer Retailer, 14 Blechynden street
Fredk Geo Brown, Beer Retailer, 31 York street, Bevois town
Fredk Geo Brown, grocer & Beer Retailer, 2 Middle street
John Brown, Onslow Hotel PH, 29 Onslow road
James Dean Budden, Railway Hotel, Millbrook road, Freemantle
Thomas George Budden, Beer Retailer, 118 Northam road
Mrs Virtue Budden, South Western, 40 Adelaide road, St Denys
Benjamin Binney, Beer Retailer, Portswood road
Mrs Charlotte Burke, Beer Retailer, 46 Craven street
John Burnett, Pembroke Hotel, 6 Pembroke square
Francis Burrows, Beer Retailer, Castle square
Stephen Candy, Beer Retailer, 26 Strand
Henry Carden, Beer Retailer, 12 Northam road
Henry Carden, Criterion, 69 St Marys road
Mrs Elizabeth Chalk, Beer Retailer, Crown street, Highfield
Henry Arthur Chambers, Beer Retailer, 16 Grove street
Mrs Mary Nightingale Chambers, Spa Tavern, 16 Spa road
Christopher Childs, Railway Tavern, 1 Albert street
Mrs Louisa Chinnockl, Apollo, 13 Chapel road
Harry Chisman, Beer Retailer, 12 Princess street
Thomas Clanchy, Dolphin Hotel, Osborne road
John Henry Clark, Star Inn, 132 Avenue road
Fredk Owen Clarke, West Station Hotel, Blechynden terrace
Mrs Grace Ann Clarke, Beer Retailer, Lodge road, Freemantle
James Cleveland, Ship, 5 Canute road
Miss Emily Cobb, Beer Retailer, 59 Lodge road, Bevois mount
David Cole, Beer Retailer, 15 St Marys street
John Cole, Beer Retailer, 52 Melbourne road
Richard Cole, Beer Retailer, 11 & 12 Broad street
William Cole, West End Railway Inn, 40 Weymouth terrace, Wetern Shore road
Mrs Ann Collins, Duke of Wellington, 36 Bugle street
Walter Henry Complin, Cobden Bridge brewery
William Compton, Lord Nelson, 5 Royal crescent
Mrs Jane Connies, Edinburgh Castle, 1 Bernard street
Mrs Jane Cooke, Platform tavern, Town Quay
John Coombs, Beer Retailer, 15 St Andrews road
Charles Copeland, Queensland PH, 76 Clovelly road
Edmund Crabbe, Beer Retailer, 34 St Marys street
George Crawley, Golden Lion, 10 Fanshaw street
Edward Creeden, General Dickson, 29 Chapel road
John Crew, Beer Retailer, 94 East street
Miss Emily Crowley, Bevois Castle, Bevois Valley road
Samuel Cruse, Beer Retailer, 27 Canal walk
Thomas Cunningham, Key & Anchor, 80 Millbrook road, Freemantle
Frederick Curtis, Beer Retailer, 20 St Marys road
James W Dann, Beer Retailer, 62 Three Field lane
James Darley, Beer Retailer, 10 Marsh lane
Mrs Caroline Jane Davis, Bridge Tavern, 87 Priory road
Charles Davis, Robert Burns Hotel, 50 Albert road
Mrs Fanny Davis, Anchor & Hope, 56 Three Field lane
James Walter Davis, Beer Retailer, 14 York street
John Dean, Beer Retailer, 4 Fourposts hill
Wm Arthur John Dean, Beer Retailer, 1 Castle gardens
Mrs Marianne Delouche, Coachmakers Arms, 1 Above Bar street
George William Dennis, Beer Retailer, 68 Craven street
Samuel Dennis, Beer Retailer, 8 Nelson street
Geo Dewey, Standard of Freedom, 51 Belvidere terrace
Geo Nutley Diddams, Beer Retailer, 17 palmerston road
Miss Annie Dodman, Beer Retailer, 15 Dorset street
Dolphin Hotel (Percy Arthur Street, manager), 35 High street
Mrs helen Dominy, Beer Retailer, 34 Pound street, Shirley
Mrs Bertha Dougherty, Beer Retailer, 81 Milton road
Mrs Jane Dowden, Beer Retailer, 9 Orchard lane
Arthur Downes, Railway Tavern, 12 Blechynden terrace
Henry James Dowse, Cricketers Arms, 34 Carlton place
William Duce, Beer Retailer, 37 Bridge road
George Dunford, Beer Retailer, 4 Nelson road, Freemantle
William Durham, Beer Retailer, 17 Paget street
James Dymott, Beer Retailer, 70 st Marys street
James Edwards, Beer Retailer, 98 Northam road
Tom George Edwell, Beer Retailer, 6 Peel street, Northam
Henry Elliott, United Flags, 73 Canal walk
Henry Arthur Elliott, Beer Retailer, 17 Lodge road, Bevois mount
Mrs Julia Ann Elmes, Bridge Tavern, Coxford, Shirley
Mrs Elizabeth Elton, Beer Retailer, 35 New road
Mrs Matilda Emery, Beer Retailer, 82 East street
James Eveleigh, Nelson Hotel, 42 Four Posts hill
Thomas Eyres, Beer Retailer, 37 Chandos street
Edward Hy Faithfull, Queens Head, 84 & 85 Bevois street
Tom Fall, Beer Retailer, Upper Back if the Walls
William Felton, Beer Retailer, 26 South front
George Fenney, Beer Retailer, 62 North front
James Fitch, Beer Retailer, 13 East street
James Fleming, Beer Retailer, 36 Edward street, Freemantle
George Flower, Beer Retailer, 18 Cook street
William Robert Foord, Bedford Hotel PH, 23 Bedford place
Arthur Ford, Beer Retailer, Burgess street, Highfield
Thomas Ford, Bridge Tavern, 106 & 108 New road
Forder & Co, Brewers & wine & brandy merchants, 113 High street & Hampton Court brewery, French street
Mrs Teresa Foss, Beer Retailer, 90 Bedford place
John Charles Fowles, Durham Tavern, 42 Chapel road
James Frost, Vine, 87 High street
Mrs Maud Frost, Beer Retailer, 40 Grove street
Alfred John Froud, Beer Retailer, 32 Amoy street
William Fry, Junction Hotel, 21 Priory road
Mrs Jane Fryer, Beer Retailer, 23 Briton street
Fuller & Co, Chiswick Brewery stores, Cobden Bridge brewery, Bitternes park
Michael Francis Furlong, Beer Retailer, 8 Sidford street
Wm Futcher, Crown & Sceptre, 28 Bevois Valley road
Frederick Joseph Gange, Beer Retailer, 1 Anglesea terrace
Arthur Garner, Anchor, 76 East street
James W Garner, Beer Retailer, 63 High street, Shirley
Mrs Ada Garrett, Beer Retailer, 30 Mount Pleasant road
Alfred Gates, Beer Retailer, 192 Shirley road, Freemantle
Mrs Elizabeth Gates, Queen Charlotte, Simnel street
George Gates, fly proprietor & Beer Retailer, 169 Millbrook road, Freemantle
Henry Albert Gates, Beer Retailer, 66 Orchard lane
George Gibson, Beer Retailer, Crown street, Highfield
James Gilbert, Beer Retailer, 96 St Marys road
Fredk James Goddard, Beer Retailer, 59 French street
Mrs Maria Goodfellow, Beer Retailer, 36 Bedford place
Samuel Goodman, Beer Retailer, 63 James street
Charles Gould, Beer Retailer, 31 Cossack street
Frank Clare Gourlay, Old Tower, 22 Bargate street
Frank Gray, Beer Retailer, 18 Carlton place
William Green, Beer Retailer, Albion place
Mrs Mary E Griffin, Welch Harp, 54 Albert road
Thomas Griffin, Stewards Arms, 15 Marsh lane
Isaac Groves, North Star, 91 St Marys street
Mrs Louisa Guy, Beer Retailer, 115 High street
Edward Hansford, Beer Retailer, 33 Chapel road
Mrs Ann Elizabeth Harding, Beer Retailer, 1 Glebe road
George Harding, Nags Head, 42 High street
David Hardy, Beer Retailer, 46 Clifford street
James Reed Harman, Beer Retailer, 65 Orchard lane
Mrs Mary Harnett, The Gate Inn, Burgess street, Highfield
Thomas William Harper, Cambridge Hotel, Brintons road
Alfred Harris, The Train Inn, 68 Padwell road
Mrs Emily Harris, shopkeeper & Beer Retailer, 29 Cedar road
Wm Haslam, Beer Retailer, 101 Waterloo road, Freemantle
Mrs Amelia Hatcher, Beer Retailer, 97 Bevois street
Emanuel Hawkins, Beer Retailer, 1 Hanover buildings
Harry Haynes, Turks Head, 1 West street
Morris Haynes, Beer Retailer, 24 King street
Alfred Wm Haysom, Dorchester Arms, 40 Onslow road
Walter Haysom, Bargate, 185 High street
William Hazard, Beer Retailer, 12 Bargate street
Mrs Sally Hedgecock, New Inn, Portswood road
Geo Hedges, Beer Retailer, 97 Wellington road, Freemantle
Edward Hellier, Beer Retailer, 56 Albert road
Frederick James Hellyar, Beer Retailer, 10 Millbank street
Edward Hensford, Sun Hotel, High street
Miss Adelaide Hickman, Beer Retailer, 115 St Marys street
William Hill, Bellemoor Inn, Hill lane
Frederick Hillier, Beer Retailer, Warren Avenue, Shirley
Robert Hoar, Yacht Inn, 41 French street
George Hobbs, Brewery Bar PH, 4 1/2 East street
George Henry Hoffman, Dock Hotel, 7,8 & 9 Oriental place, Canute road
Arthur James Hogarth, Vine Inn, Portswood road
Stephen Holdaway, Dukes Head, 1 Duke street
John Holmes, shopkeeper & Beer Retailer, 7 Dock street
Mrs Caroline Hood, Beer Retailer, 8 French street
Henry Edwin Hope, Crispin & Bear, 4 Albert road
William Horley, Golden Butt, 81 Pound street, Shirley
David Humphreys, Boiler Makers Arms, 101 Princes street
Alfred Hussey, Beer Retailer, 11 Mount street
Fred Hutchings, Beer Retailer, 71 Wellington road, Freemantle
Albert John Ingram, Prince of Wales, 5 Wellington road, Freemantle
Charles Ingram, Shirley hotel wine & spirit merchant, Shirley
Chas Ingram, Unicorn, 132 St Marys street
Mrs Harriet Ingram, Beer Retailer, 24 Princes street
William Henry Ingram, Beer Retailer, 118 Millbank street
John Jackson, Beer Retailer, Myrtle cottages, Portswood road
Richard Herbert Jackson, Beer Retailer, 4 Royal crescent
Albert Edward James, Beer Retailer, 11 Cossack street
Mrs Mary Jane James, Beer Retailer, 56 St Marys street
Thomas James James, Newcastle, 1 East street
William John James, Beer Retailer, 91 Millbank street
Charles E Jasen, Beer Retailer, 94 St Marys street
Charles Jelly, Beer Retailer, 40 James street
Worthy Johnson, Yacht, Belvidere road
Frederick Jones, Beer Retailer, 40 French street
Thomas Jones, Kings Arms, 90 1/2 High street
Thomas Jones, Salisbury Arms, 5 French street
Frederick Julier, Beer Retailer, 30 Bellevue street
George Kidwell, Beer Retailer, 86 Above Bar street
Mrs Selina King, Beer Retailer, 51 Bevois street
William Kinton, Beer Retailer, 58 St Andrews road - Black Bull
Edward Kirby, Beer Retailer, 1 Lower Canal walk
Mrs Jas Kirley, Freemantle Hotel, 86 Park road, Freemantle
Leonard Percy Kitcatt, Marsh Hotel, Bridge Terrace, Itchen Bridge Road
Charles Kyte, Beer Retailer, Portswood road
John Edward Lacey, Beer Retailer, Northam Quay
George Langley, Beer Retailer, 201 Northam road
William Lawrence, Beer Retailer, 35 Victoria road, Freemantle
James Leach, White Swan, Cross House wharf
Joseph Legg, Beer Retailer, 15 Victoria road, Freemantle
Augustus H Lever, Joiners Arms, 141 St Marys street
John Lewis, Glebe Hotel, 53 Northam road
Andrew Liddel, Beer Retailer, 98 Pound street, Shirley
Mrs Julia Liston, Parkers Hotel, 13 & 14 Terminus terrace
Benjamin Living, Beer Retailer, 1 Garibaldi terrace
Frank Living, Beer Retailer, 86 High street
Frederick William Loades, Beer Retailer, 7 Charlotte street
Albert Lock, Beer Retailer, 119 St Marys street
William James Lock, Beer Retailer, 52 Grove street
Mrs Annie Long, Albion Hotel, 150 St Marys street
Frank Long, Adelaide Hotel & gas fitter, 10 South front
Fred Longman, Beer Retailer, 7 Spa road
Mrs Mary Ann Lott, Beer Retailer, 36 & 37 King street
Chas Lovejoy, Beer Retailer, 2 & oyster bar, 3, Pound Tree lane
James Lover, Beer Retailer, 7 & 9 Crown street, Shirley
Mrs Sarah Lovett, Beer Retailer, 98 Bevois Valley road
Simon Lucas, Royal Oak, 5 York street
Harry Chas Luker, New farm House, 22 Mount Pleasant Road
Mrs Ellen Lush, Avenue Hotel, 1 Padwell road
George Lush, Beer Retailer, 74 High street, Shirley

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