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London Robsons 1829 Licensed Victuallers - A

A listing of the Robsons 1829 Licensed Victuallers in London

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Acorn, Mary Martin, Rotherhithe
Acorn, Benjamin Smith, Upper Thames street
Abercrombie, J Banwell, Charles street, Hatton garden
Adam & Eve, William Allen, Bowling street, Westminster
Adam & Eve, T Goodman, 209 Hoxton Old Town
Adam & Eve, T Hawes, Adam street, Rotherhithe
Adam & Eve, Edw Hodges, 20 Bath place, New Road
Adam & Eve, T Jordan, 144 Church street, Bethnal Green
Adam & Eve, D Lewis, Jewin street, Cripplegate
Adam & Eve, W Martin, 246 Bermondsey street
Adam & Eve, J Oliver, Lombard street, Chelsea
Adam & Eve, T Peartree, 82 York street, Westminster
Adam & Eve, Thomas Sheppard, Adams row
Adam & Eve, John Swan, 40 Paradise row
Adam & Eve, T Waterfield, Eve terrace, Pentonville
Adam & Eve, J Watson, 23 St John street road, Clerkenwell
Adams Arms, W Archer, 11 Lower Southampton street, Fitzroy Square
Adams Arms, D Baines, Conway street, Fitzroy Square
Admiral Benbow, W T Bell, 106 Golden Lane, Barbican
Admiral Carter, S Keene, 3 Bartholomew Close
Admiral Duncan, James Element, 2 Buckingham court, Charing Cross
Admiral Duncan, H Fisher, 203 Tooley street
Admiral Duncan, J Horwood, 38 Old Compton street
Admiral & Eagle, Owen Riordan, 3 Bainbridge street
Admiral Hawke, William Scott, Jamaica row, Bermondsey
Admiral Hood, ,Tooley street, Borough
Admiral Keppel, Ann Potter, Hoxton Old Town
Admiral Keppel, J Smith, 158 High street, Shoreditch
Admiral Rodney, Alex Byers, 23 Robert street, Grosvenor square
Admiral Tyrrell, John Sinfield, Bermondsey Wall
Admiral Vernon, James Simmonds, 107 Long Alley, Finsbury
Albemarle Arms, R Daws, 71 South Audley street
Albemarles Head, R Sampson, St Johns square, Clerkenwell
Albion, M Bell, Great Surrey street, Blackfriars road
Albion, T Hancock, 5 Beak street, Regent street
Alfreds Head, B Smith, London road
Alfreds Head, B Williams, 38 Union street, Bishopsgate
Alphabet, C Pendrell, 29 Stanhope street, Clare market
Anchor, C Avery, 139 Golden lane, Barbican
Anchor, J Bayley, Feathers court, Drury lane
Anchor, J Buller, 24 Market row, Oxford market
Anchor, B Cleverly, Bank end, Bank side
Anchor, J Crooks, Temple Street, Whitefriars
Anchor, J Fancy, Catherine street, Limehouse
Anchor, Eleanor Parker, 48 Rosemary lane
Anchor, W A Pitt, Brook street, Ratcliff
Anchor, J Broughton, Horsleydown lane
Anchor & Castle, John Barren, 167 Tooley street
Anchor & Hope, Thomas Aingell, Charlotte terrace, New cut, Lambeth
Anchor & Hope, Jos Biggs, 8 Lower Shadwell
Anchor & Hope, J Caldwell, 198 High Street, Wapping
Anchor & Hope, T Gill, 108 Upper East Smithfield
Anchor & Hope, W Martin, Brook Street, Ratcliff
Anchor & Hope, J Massey, Jamaica street, Commercial road
Angel, David Allan, 36 City Road
Angel, Jos Bills, 56 Fleet market
Angel, H Carter, Upper Ground street, Blackfriars road
Angel, John Corrigan, Stratford
Angel, T Gilman, 85 High Street, Whitechapel
Angel, E Green, 12 Chapmans place, Lambeth walk
Angel, John Hamer, King street, Borough
Angel, A Hill, 7 Great Chapel street, Westminster
Angel, J Jolly, 29 Broad Street, Ratcliff
Angel, I King, 165 Old Gravel Lane, Wapping
Angel, J A Kreith, 7 Cecil court, St Martins lane
Angel, William Lea, 37 Thayer street, Manchester square
Angel, T Preece, 47 Tothill Street, Westminster
Angel, J Ramsay, 61 High Street, Bloomsbury
Angel, J & J Smith, 1 High street, Islington
Angel, John Terry, Rotherhithe
Angel, William Towers, 14 John street, Crutchedfriars
Angel, William Waters, Back lane, St Georges east
Angel, Thomas Whitehorn, 94 Fenchurch Street
Angel & Crown, G Baverstock, 2 Whitechapel Road
Angel & Crown, Samuel Bedford, 58 St Martins lane
Angel & Crown, E Fancy, Heddon street, Regent street
Angel & Crown, James Martindale, 36 Warwick street, Golden square
Angel & Crown, A Richardson, 5 Sebbons buildings, Islington
Angel & Crown, A Smith, Crispin street, Spitalfields
Angel & Crown, John Wallis, 23 Gloucester street, Redlion square
Angel & Crown, Rd Yates, 19 Ship alley, Wellclose square
Angel & Sun, C H Gillham, 285 Strand
Angel & Trumpet, T Hurdman, High street, Stepney
Antelope, R Daniel, Phipps street, Curtain road
Antelope, H Miller, 11 Whitehart yard, Drury lane
Antigallican, G Allison, Emmett Street, Poplar
Antigallican, G Bowler, Darkhouse lane, Billingsgate
Antigallican, Charles Palmer, 117 Tooley Street
Antigallican, Charles Roberts, 10 White street, Borough
Apollo, John Jenner, 28 Paddington Street
Apollo, Harriot Lawrence, 191 Tottenham Court road
Apple Tree, W Scott, 1 Dorrington Street, Coldbath square
Apple Tree & Mitre, Joseph Dennis, 30 Cursitor Street
Archers, T Nicholson, 12 Osborne Street, Whitechapel
Artichoke, Abraham Boxall, 71 Kent street, Borough
Artichoke, H Briant, 20 Clare street, Clare market
Artichoke, P Mayo, 12 Whitehart yard, Drury lane
Artichoke, Nicholls & Son, 34 Fleet market
Artichoke, J Prentice, Lower marsh, Lambeth
Artichoke, William Smith, Cambridge road, Whitechapel
Artichoke, Thomas White, 21 Newington causeway
Artichoke, William Womack, 19 Ratcliff Highway
Artillery Arms, T Aggleton, Rochester row, Westminster
Ashby Castle, J Riley, 10 Upper Ashby street, Clerkenwell
Axe, William Wills, 25 Grub street, Cripplegate

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