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East London Beer Guide & Pub directory in 1983 - EC1 City - Clerkenwell

A listing of historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in London.

1983 Beer index

The 1983 edition of the East London Beer Guide - East London & City CAMRA.

EC1 City - Clerkenwell
EC1 ANGEL: 73 City Road . Allied Breweries.
EC1 ARTILLERY ARMS: 102 Bunhill Row. Fullers. The pub is opposite Bunhill Cemetery and the Honourable Artillery Company Ground, headquarters of the oldest regiment in the British Army.
EC1 BARLEY MOW: 50 Long Lane. Whitbread.
EC1 Betsey: 56 Farringdon Road . Watneys. In mid 1983 was up for sale.
EC1 BISHOPS FINGER: 8 West Smithfield Shepherd Neame. Large comfortable one bar pub formerly named 'The Rutland', a name still to be seen in large letters across the first floor.
EC1 Blue Coat Boy: 415 City Road . Allied Breweries., Was being closed down in 1983 for complete renovation under new management.
EC1 Blue Posts: 86 / 89 Cowcross Street. Charrington.
EC1 BRITANNIA: 94 Ironmonger Row. Whitbread.
EC1 BRITISH LION: 155 Central Street. Whitbread.
EC1 BRITISH QUEEN: 167 Whitecross Street. Whitbread. A very small pub, claims to be centuries old history as a market pub.
EC1 Bulls Head: 125 Central Street . Bass.
EC1 BURGUNDY BENS: 102 / 108 Clerkenwell Road .
EC1 CASTLE: 43 Cowcross Street . Charrington. Large busy semi-circular bar; a pawnbroker's sign and a large painting commemorate a former licensee of this pub lending George IV money for a bet, with a watch as security, upon which he accepted as reward the right to practice as a pawnbroker.
EC1 CHEQUERS: 44 Old Street . Whitbread. WHITBREAD
EC1 CHISWELL ST VAULTS: Chiswell Street. Whitbreads.
EC1 City Pride: Rumoured to be the name Fullers have chosen for their recently acquired pub, ‘The White Swan’ 28 Farringdon Lane. Possible opening by the end of 1983.
EC1 CLOCK HOUSE: 82 Leather Lane . Charrington.
EC1 COACH & HORSES: 26 / 28 Ray Street. Allied Breweries.
EC1 COACH & HORSES: 4 St Johns Square. Whitbread.
EC1 COCK TAVERN: 23 Central Markets. Free House.
EC1 CROSBY HEAD : 243 Old Street. Trumans.
EC1 CROWN TAVERN: 43 Clerkenwell Green. Allied Breweries. Dating from 1815, this large busy interesting two bar pub stands on a corner near the Marx Memorial Library.
EC1 CROWN & WOOLPACK: 394 St John Street. Courage.
EC1 DUKE OF WELLINGTON: 21 / 25 Lever Street. Allied Breweries.
EC1 DUKE OF YORK: 156 Clerkenwell Road. Watney Combe.
EC1 EAGLE: 159 Farringdon Road . Watneys.
EC1 EMPRESS OF RUSSIA: 362 St John Street. Whitbread.
EC1 EXMOUTH ARMS: 23 Exmouth Market. Courage.
EC1 FOUNTAIN: 68 Amwell Street . Allied Breweries. Comfortable two bar pub with Victorian
dècor, with a "Dirty Dick's" mirror that gives the pub its alternative name.
EC1 FOX & ANCHOR: 115 Charterhouse Street. Allied Breweries.
EC1 George: 180 St John Street . Allied Breweries., Apparently closed down, although has interesting exterior stone work: 'Finch Marlebone' and 'rebuilt 1901'.
EC1 GEORGE IV: 39 Goswell Road . Courage.
EC1 GEORGE & DRAGON: 240 St John Street. Trumans.
EC1 GLUEPOT: 1 Vince Street . Watney Combe.
EC1 GOLDEN HINDE: 58 Old Street . Whitbreads.
EC1 GREEN MAN & STILL: 161 Whitecross Street. Courage.
EC1 GRIFFIN: 125 Clerkenwell Road . Watney Combe. Stands on site of Reid's Griffin Brewery.
EC1 GUNMAKERS ARMS: 13 Eyre Street Hill. Charrington.
EC1 HAND & SHEARS: 1 Middle Street. Courage. A pub has been on this site since 1123; in Tudor time it was a centre for tailors & cloth merchants and was used as a court for offenders in that profession. The inn sign is that of the Merchant Tailors. More recently served condemned Newgate prisoners their last drinks.
EC1 HARLEQUIN: 27 Arlington Way . Watney Combe. Tiny single bar pub with theatrical atmosphere next to Sadlers Wells.
EC1 HARROW: 64 Compton Street. Watney Combe.
EC1 HAT & FEATHERS: 2 Clerkenwell Road. Allied Breweries.
EC1 HAT & TUN: 3 Hatton Wall. Bass Charrington.
EC1 HOPE: 94 Cowcross Street . Watney Combe.
EC1 Horseshoe & Magpie: 5 Topham Street. Watney Combe.
EC1 HORSESHOE: 24 Clerkenwell Close. Courage.
EC1 JOINT & GEM: See Farringdon Underground.
EC1 KING OF DIAMONDS: Greville Street. Allied Breweries.
EC1 KINGS ARMS: 18 Moreland Street . Bass Charrington.
EC1 KINGS HEAD: 49 Chiswell Street . Whitbread.
EC1 Lady Owen’s Arms: 285 Goswell Road. Allied Breweries.
EC1 LANGTON ARMS: 1 Norman Street. Charrington.
EC1 LEOPARD: 33 Seward Street . Allied Breweries.
EC1 LONDON APPRENTICE : 333 Old Street. Free House.
EC1 LONDON SPA : 70 Exmouth Market. Free House.
EC1 LORD NELSON: 262 / 264 Old Street. Watney Combe.
EC1 LORD NELSON: 17 Mora Street . Watney Combe.
EC1 LORD RAGLAN: 61 St Martins le Grand. Courage. Shakespeare is reputed to have known the pub previously on this site.
EC1 METROPOLITAN TAVERN: 95 Farringdon Road. Free House.
EC1 NEWMARKET HOTEL: 25 Smithfield Street. Bass Charrington.
EC1 NEW RED LION: 292 St John Street. Watney Combe.
EC1 OAKLEY ARMS: 32 Hall Street . Trumans.
EC1 OLD FOUNTAIN: 3 Baldwin Street. Whitbread.
EC1 OLD RED LION: 418 St John Street. Charrington. Rebuilt in 1899, the pub has long literary associations going back to Dr Johnson.
EC1 ONE TUN: 125 Saffron Hill. Watney Combe. Pub dating from early Victorian times as mentioned in "Oliver Twist". One tun = 4 hogsheads = 216 gallons.
EC1 Penny Black: 106 Farringdon Road . Watneys.
EC1 PHEASANT & FIRKIN: 166 Goswell Road. Free House. Formerly 'The Old Ivy House'.
EC1 RED LION: 39 Rosoman Street . Whitbread.
EC1 ROSE: 52 Hatton Garden. Bass Charrington.
EC1 ROYAL MAIL: 3 Myddleton Street . Charrington.
EC1 ROYAL STAR: 220 City Road . Watney Combe.
EC1 ST. JOHN OF JERUSALEM : 160 St. John Street. Allied Breweries. Is on the site of the old Cannon Brewery; shares the present building with Allied House, Head Office of Allied Breweries.
EC1 ST. PAUL'S TAVERN: 56 Chiswell Street. Whitbread.
EC1 SEKFORDE ARMS: 34 Sekforde Street. Free House.
EC1 SHAKESPEARE: 2 Goswell Road . Allied Breweries.
EC1 SHAKESPEARES HEAD: 1 Arlington Way. Courage.
EC1 Shakespeare's Head: 46 Percival Street. Bass Charrington.
EC1 SIDNEY ARMS : 9 Wakeley Street. Watney Combe.
EC1 SIR CHRISTOPHER HATTON: 4 Leather Lane. Charrington.
EC1 Smithfield Tavern : 105 Charterhouse Street. Bass Charrington.
EC1 SPORTSMAN: 315 City Road . Whitbread.
EC1 SPREAD EAGLE: 142 Whitecross Street. Watney Combe.
EC1 STICK & WEASEL: 273 City Road. Free House. Formerly the 'City Arms'.
EC1 SUPRISE: 2 Northampton Road . Allied Breweries.
EC1 SUTTON ARMS: 15 Great Sutton Street . Whitbread.
EC1 SUTTON ARMS: 6 Carthusian Street . Bass Charrington.
EC1 THREE COMPASSES: 66 Cowcross Street. Trumans.
EC1 THREE CROWNS: 8 Tysoe Street. Whitbread.
EC1 THREE KINGS: 7 Clerkenwell Close. Watney Combe. Dating from the late eighteenth century, this pub is near to where Lenin had offices.
EC1 TWO BREWERS: 121 Whitecross Street . Whitbread.
EC1 VIADUCT TAVERN: 126 Newgate Street. Free House. Moderised Victorian pub popluar with Post Office workers from the St Paul's head depot.
EC1 VICTORIA: 25 Charterhouse Street . Allied Breweries.
EC1 WHITE BEAR: 57 St John Street . Charrington.
EC1 WHITE HART: 7 Giltspur Street . Charrington.
EC1 WHITE LION: 37 Central Street . Whitbread.
EC1 White Swan: 28 Farringdon Lane . Fullers. Closed. Has been bought by Fullers who plan to turn it into the "City Pride", possibly by the end of 1983.
EC1 WILMINGTON ARMS : 69 Rosebery Avenue. Watney Combe.
EC1 YE OLDE MITRE TAVERN: Ely Court. Allied Breweries. Charming 400 year old pub with 2 bars and snug.
EC1 Ye Olde Red Cow: 72 Long Lane. Watney Combe..
CAMPBELL’S FREE HOUSE: 21 Bridport Place , c/o Ruston Street.