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London Robsons 1829 Licensed Victuallers - S

A listing of the Robsons 1829 Licensed Victuallers in London

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Saddlers Arms, C Bartholomew, Swallow street, Piccadilly
Safe Harbour, J Turner, Harbour place, Commercial road
Sailors Return, F Timmon, 386 Rotherhithe
St Anns Coffee House, J Dinsdale, Dean street, Soho
St Anns Coffee House, James Gurney, 30 Shoemaker Row
St Andrew, Robert Air, Lower East Smithfield
St Andrew, C Freake, George street, Portman square
St Johns Head, Jno Brewer, Holland street, Blackfriars road
St Leonards coffee house, John Pollard, 72 High street, Shoreditch
St Lukes Church, J worthington, 6 Wenlock street, St Lukes
St Lukes Head, James Hutchins, King street, Grosvenor Square
St Lukes Head, J Sullivan, 25 Mercer street, Long Acre
St Lukes Head, R Temple, Whitecross street, Cripplegate
St Martin, John Jones, 13 Duke street, Adelphi
St Pauls, Richard Castle, 1 Crispin street, Spitalfields
St Pauls, Thomas Hill, 56 Chiswell street, Finsbury square
St Pauls, William King, Villa place, Walworth Common
Salisbury Arms, J Maynard, Eastfield street, Limehouse
Salisbury Arms, George Willis, Camomile street, Bishopsgate
Salmon, William Strong, 90 Union street, Borough
Salmon & Ball, John Morton, Cambridge road, Whitechapel
Salmon & Ball, W Wallice, Lamb street, Spitalfields
Salmon & Compasses, J Paddock, 12 Dorrington street, Brooks market, Holborn
Salmon & Compasses, S Silcock, Penton street, Pentonville
Salutation, George Branburg, Princess street, Commercial road
Salutation, George Glanvill, 6 Barton street, Westminster
Salutation & Cat, J Prosser, Rose street, Newgate market
Sampsons Castle, Nathan Vezey, Grange road, Bermondsey
Saracens Head, S Blount, Camomile street, Bishopsgate
Sash & cocoa tree, William Lovejoy, 13 Whitecross place, Wilson street, Finsbury
Savoy Palace, Lanman, Savoy street, Strand
Sawyers, W Bishop, Bishops walk, Lambeth
Sea Lion, E Marklew, Kent street, Borough
Seven Stars, T Edwards, Brick Lane, Spitalfields
Seven Stars, Abraham Husband, 22 Rosemary lane
Seven Stars, C Nicholls, Carey street, Lincolns inn fields
Seven Stars, Thomas smith, 111 High street, Whitechapel
Seymour Arms, J Cordaroy, Nutford place, Bryanstone square
Shades, Mary Eden, 11 Adam street, Adelphi
Shades, Charles Jackson, 28 Charing Cross South
Shadwell Dock House, Jno Holland, 1 Lower Shadwell
Shakspeare, N Johnson, Lower Eaton street, Pimlico
Shakspeare, J Jones, 40 Perceval street, Clerkenell
Shakspeare, Arabella Lancaster, 60 Drury Lane
Shakspeare, W Seelie, Great Marlborough street, Oxford street
Shakspeares Head, J McNeal, Shakspeares walk, Shadwell
Shears, J Smith, 84 Wood street, Cheapside
Shepherd & Flock, H Cooper, High street, Marylebone
Shepherd & Flock, J Hargreave, Little Bell Alley
Shepherd & Shepherdess, John Carter, Worcester street, St Georges East
Ship, J Alderson, 15 Berkeley street, Clerkenwell
Ship, J Austin, 61 Chandos street, Covent garden
Ship, W Avis, Millbank row, Westminster
Ship, John Balchin, High street, Borough
Ship, E Barber, Horseferry Road, Westminster
Ship, William Barker, Church street, Rotherhithe
Ship, J Bishop, 61 Minories
Ship, William Bristow, Stepney green
Ship, C Buck, 10 High street, Newington butts
Ship, John Burchell, 30 James street, Covent garden
Ship, George Byers, Little Bridge street, Blackfriars
Ship, William Chapman, 67 Sun street, Bishopsgate
Ship, J Clunis, 227 High street, Wapping
Ship, P Cluttebuck, New street, Dockhead
Ship, Edward Collins, 36 Wardour street, Soho
Ship, William Crew, 6 Bacon street, Spitalfields
Ship, J Crow, Vauxhall bridge road
Ship, James Culyer, Bow, Middlesex
Ship, B Davies, 8 Charles court, Strand
Ship, Elizabeth Dodd, Sun Tavern fields, Shadwell
Ship, Gabriel Dobson, 24 Wheeler street, Spitalfields
Ship, W Eales, 7 Finsbury place, Finsbury square
Ship, George Edwards, 11 Little Tower street
Ship, M Francis, 104 Brick lane, Spitalfields
Ship, George Garrett, 54 Blackman street, Borough
Ship, G T Garrett, Stones End, Borough road
Ship, William James, Vine street, Westminster
Ship, J Jones, Phoenix alley, Long acre
Ship, John Kibble, Essex wharf, Strand
Ship, J Linah, 243 High street, Wapping
Ship, T Luff, 70 Long lane, Bermondsey
Ship, James Mayo, Shad Thames
Ship, J E Miller, 30 Somerset street, Aldgate
Ship, R Moverley,  Queen street, Rotherhithe
Ship, George Norris, 92 Great Saffron hill, Clerkenwell
Ship, John Owen, 2 Wormwood street, Bishopsgate
Ship, Thomas Pay, Lower Fore street, Lambeth
Ship, Francis Peacock, King James stairs, Wapping wall
Ship, W Perry, 242 High street, Shoreditch
Ship, William Pinhorn, Tottenham place, Tottenham court road
Ship, John Pittway, 32 Grays Inn lane
Ship, T Pluckrose, 12 Lower Shadwell
Ship, John Pridham, 17 Ivy lane, Newgate street
Ship, James Roberts, Chapel street, St Georges East
Ship, W Robottom, 27 Lime street, Leadenhall street
Ship, Thomas Rounce, Rotherhithe
Ship, J Scott, Shakspeares walk, Shadwell
Ship, R Spring, 46 Old Gravel lane, Wapping
Ship, J Turner, Old Cock lane, Shoreditch
Ship, S Underwood, 18 Upper Marylebone street
Ship, S T Wardle, 40 Lower Shadwell
Ship, John Webb, Glasshouse yard, Aldersgate street
Ship, Robert Wild, 13 Carnaby street, Golden square
Ship, John Williams, High street, Stepney
Ship, Henry Wilson, 46 Charles street, Westminster
Ship, R Wilson, Skinner street, Bishopsgate
Ship, Dinah Wood, 14 Artillery lane, Bishopsgate
Ship, Thomas Woodford, Tooley street
Ship, W Wormall, Little Turnstyle, Holborn
Ship Afloat, J Talbot, 16 Beer Lane, Tower street
Ship Aground, Samuel Hodge, 44 Bird street, Ratcliff
Ship Argo, John Login, Rotherhithe
Ship & Ball, Thomas Bishop, Old Cock lane, Shoreditch
Ship & bladebone, T Mitchell, New Gravel lane, Shadwell
Ship & Blueball, T Bishop, Old Cock lane, Bethnal green
Ship & Camel, Robert Sharp, Dockhead
Ship & Dolphin, J Andrews, New Gravel Lane, Shadwell
Ship on Launch, Charles King, Deptford road, Rotherhithe
Ship on Launch, Jno Spencer, Limekiln hill, Limehouse
Ship & Lion, William Hill, Ropemakers Fields, Limehouse
Ship & Mermaid, W Aldous, Snows Fields, Bermondsey
Ship & Pilot, William Mitchell, Bermondsey wall
Ship & Pilot, Alexander Fernie, 27 High street, Wapping
Ship & Punchbowl, M Johnson, High street, Wapping
Ship & Rising Sun, William Rumsey, High street, Shadwell
Ship & Shears, William Needham, High street, Shadwell
Ship & Shovel, Thomas Corby, Craven court, Craven street, Strand
Ship & Star, Thomas Hall, 113 High street, Shadwell
Ship & Star, A Hoare, 4 Sparrow Corner, Minories
Ship & Star, William Shaw, 29 High street, Wapping
Ship & Sun, William Gooch, 33 Crosby Row, Walworth
Ship & Unicorn, William Brodey, New Gravel lane, Shadwell
Ship & Whale, G Cham, 19 Wapping Wall, Shadwell
Shipwrights Arms, Jno Boorman, Bermondsey street
Shipwrights Arms, David Saul, Emmett street, Limehouse
Shovel, S A Smith, 29 New Road, St Georges East
Sidney Arms, J Simonds, Winson street, Stepney
Sieve, Thomas Harwood, Church street, Minories
Silver Cross, Edward Jarvis, 25 Charing Cross
Simon the Tanner, T Hewett, Long Lane, Bermondsey
Sir Hugh Myddleton, E Wells, Myddleton place
Sir Isaac Newton, C Woodin, Union street, Middlesex Hospital
Sir John Falstaff, W Evans 140 Kent street, Borough
Sir John Falstaff, Henry Style, 46 Houndsditch
Sir John Falstaff, G Williamson, Old street, St Lukes
Sir Ralph Abercrombie, John Banwell, Charles street
Sir Sidney Smith, Henry Mogge, Dock street, Rosemary lane
Six Bells, John & William Bray, Kings road, Chelsea
Six Bells, Isaac Dodd, Paradise street, Rotherhithe
Six Bells, Elizabeth Stott, 3 Dove court, Lombard street
Six Cans & Punchbowl, G Clay, 242 High Holborn
Skinners Arms, Richard Dawes, 127 Great Suffolk street, Borough
Skinners Arms, William Hodges, Judd street, Brunswick Square
Skinners Arms, W Mattison, Coburg street, St John street road
Sluice House, Charles Martin Faint, Highbury vale
Smiths Arms, W Lawes, New Park street, Southwark
Snow Shoes, Thomas Roberts, Hospital row, Chelsea
Sols Arms, Benjamin Lewis, 31 Wych street, Strand
Southwark Arms, H Sadgrove, 151 Tooley Steet
Spanish Patriot, Richard Davis, Lower Marsh, Lambeth
Spencers Arms, E Burton, Silver street, Clerkenwell green
Sportsman, David Bennett, Bridge road, Southwark
Spotted Dog, W Just, 298 Strand
Spotted Dog, P Stein, Strand lane, Strand
Spotted Horse, J Bean, 197 High street, Shoreditch
Spread Eagle, W Barker, Kingsland road
Spread Eagle, J Beal, Charles street, Middlesex hospital
Spread Eagle, E Cowland, Stratford
Spread Eagle, T Davies, Old North street, Red Lion square
Spread Eagle, R Foster, Thames Bank
Spread Eagle, W Francis, Pratt street, Lambeth
Spread Eagle, Henry Geere, Spread eagle street, Limehouse
Spread Eagle, N Gore, 53 Broad street, Bloomsbury
Spread Eagle, William Michie, 303 Oxford street
Spread Eagle, Thomas Palmer, Whitecross street, Cripplegate
Spread Eagle, H Pounds, Mill lane, Tooley street, Borough
Spread Eagle, T Smith, Stangate street, Lambeth
Spread Eagle, J Timothy, Rotherhithe
Stag, J Daniels, 29 Dorset street, Portman square
Stags Head, Jno Woolven, Canal road, Hoxton
Standard, G Beaten, Well street, Wellclose square
Star, Samuel Agland, 40 Wilkes street, Spitalfields
Star, W Bevans, 40 City Road
Star, Ann Booth, 189 High street, Wapping
Star, J Bushby, Nags Head Court, Gracechurch street
Star, William Chamberlaine, Duke street, St Georges east
Star, Robert Fox, Calvert street, Wapping
Star, Robert Fox, Meeting House alley, St Georges east
Star, Joseph Hooper, 31 Aldersgate street
Star, Isaac Lumley, 1 Old Bailey
Star, Joseph Stock, 108 Wentworth street, Whitechapel
Star, G Woollett, 79 Blackman street, Borough
Star & Garter, Thomas Barrett, 33 St Martins lane
Star & Garter, W Brain, 43 Hedge Row, Islington
Star & Garter, William Dingley, 110 Whitechapel Road
Star & Garter, Thomas Fancy, 13 Green street, Leicester Square
Star & Garter, E Gough, 44 Pall Mall
Star & Garter, J Green, 21 King street, Westminster
Star & Garter, J Henderson, 19 Great Peter street, Westminster
Star & Garter, J Hill, 26 Sloane Square, Chelsea
Star & Garter, C H Jennings, 94 Edgware Road
Star & Garter, W Murray, Harbour Square, Commercial road
Star & Garter, John Ridley, Poland street, Oxford street
Star & Garter, G Weston, High street, Shoreditch
Star & Garter, George Weston, 125 Shoreditch
Star and Horseshoe, C Ellis, Hen &Chicken court, Pitzroy square
Steam Packet, S Brown, Limehouse causeway
Steelyard, W Chapman, 88 Upper Thames street
Stewards Head, A Alexander, Shoulder of Mutton alley, Limehouse
Still, John Carpenter, 6 Barbican
Still & Star, J Colbourn, Harrow alley, Aldgate
Sturts Arms, W Breakwell, New North road
Sugar Loaf,  H Abell, Dockhead
Sugar Loaf, William Bishop, 40 Great Queen street, Lincolns Inn
Sugar Loaf, Ann Clark, 99 Union street, Borough
Sugar Loaf, J Clark, Great Hermitage street, Wapping
Sugar Loaf, Eleanor Colvill, Little College street, Dowgate hill
Sugar Loaf, John Curling, Queen street, Cheapside
Sugar Loaf, Peter Geekie, 22 Great St Helens
Sugar Loaf, W Jeffreys, 31 Bell Yard, Fleet street
Sugar Loaf, James Saunders, Betts street, Ratcliff
Sun, Thomas Bunn, 7 London Wall
Sun, Robert Cooper, Devereux court, Strand
Sun, Samuel Cross, 57 Newman street, Oxford street
Sun, Peter Dolan, Sir William Wallace square, Wapping
Sun, William Eeles, 24 Noel street, Wardour street, Soho
Sun, J Effland, Little Sutton street, Clerkenwell
Sun, Elizabeth Evans, 50 Lambs Conduit street
Sun, G Field, 1 Heddon street, Regent street
Sun, G Halford, 47 Curzon street, Mayfair
Sun, G Horn, 2 Gate street, Lincolns inn fields
Sun, T Jordan, Old round court, Strand
Sun, J Lester, 12 Clare street, Clare market
Sun, H Oldfield, Star street, Shadwell
Sun, John Price, 67 Long acre
Sun, Edmund Tyrell, 21 Drury Lane
Sun, J Underwood, 140 Bishopsgate street within
Sun, William Webb, 78 Grays Inn Lane
Sun, James Wilcox, 145 Union street, Borough
Sun, Joseph Williamson, Sclater street, Bethnal green
Sun and Anchor, John Dooley, St Dunstans hill, Tower street
Sun & Appletree, J Turner, Whitehart yard, Drury lane
Sun & Falcon, J Crosby, 7 Down street, Piccadilly
Sun & Halfmoon, J Hales, Broad street, st Georges east
Sun and Horse Shoe, J Meakin, Great Titchfield street
Sun & Last, Elisha Ambler, 18 Newgate Market
Sun & Punch Bowl, A Hawkens, Long Lane, Smithfield
Sun & Punch Bowl, E Jones, 219 High Holborn
Sun & Punch Bowl, J Stacey, Ray street, Clerkenwell
Sun & Sawyers, William Carpenter Gill, 61 High street, Poplar
Sun & Thirteen cantons, William Dell, Great Pulteney street
Sun & Thirteen Cantons, S Harding, Castle street, Leicester Square
Sunderland Arms, A Brown, Sackville street, Piccadilly
Sun Dial, Jane Chalk, 47 Goswell street
Sun & Last, Thonas Farnell, 18 Newgate market
Sun & Sword, S Nettleship, Castle street, Wellclose square
Surrey Theatre tap, J Stapleton, Great Surrey street
Sutton Arms, E Thomas, Carthusian street, Aldersgate
Swan, John Ball, Temple street, Whitefriars
Swan, James Barron, 49 Mount street, Berkeley square
Swan, Hannah Barry, High street, Wapping
Swan, Samuel Bridges, 5 Little Ormond street
Swan, J Brough, Bury street, St James's
Swan, James Clark, 7 Long Acre
Swan, H Coster, Breams buildings, Chancery lane
Swan, R Dodgson, Cheyne walk, Chelsea
Swan, William Game, Fish street hill
Swan, James Gorely, 2 George street, Foley place
Swan, Thomas Harris, 1 New street square, Fetter lane
Swan, John Hollingsworth, 71 Bermondsey street
Swan, John Keat, 82 Park street, Grosvenor square
Swan, Samuel Lovick, Provost street, Hoxton
Swan, T Nunney, High street, Whitechapel
Swan, T Osborne, Old Kent road
Swan, M Phillips, Hungerford stairs
Swan, William Priest, Mansell street, Goodmans fields
Swan, John Reader, Stratford
Swan, David Smith, Great Dover street, Borough
Swan, M Smith, 44 Lower Shadwell
Swan, Elizabeth Whitby, 7 Vauxhall Bridge Road
Swan, Joshua Tulk, 109 Bunhill row
Swan and Sugar Loaf, William Smith, 52 Fetter Lane
Swan with Two Nicks, John Kingston, 6 Great Carter Lane
Swan & Hoop, John Mackay, 26 Pavement, Finsbury
Swan & Horse shoe, George Chapell, Grays Inn Lane
Swan & Horse shoe, J Wilson, 31 Little Britain
Swan & Lamb, John W Evans, New Gravel lane, Shadwell
Sword , Buckler and Bulls Head, Thomas Hobbs, Bermondsey

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