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London and Suburbs pubs in 1921 - Hughes directory listing - L.

This is a listing from the Public Houses section of the UK London and Suburbs Hughes Directory in 1921; it lists an alphabetical listing of the Pubs in London and the suburbs, and also has links to the relevant Public House page listing of the Licensees, Bar persons and Boarders and Lodgers etc. All information on these pages comes from London census, Post Office and Kelly Directory, plus any information and pictures supplied by You.

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Ladbroke Arms (George S1oots) 54 Ladbroke road, Notting hill W11
Ladbroke Hotel ( Herbert C Payne) 2 Talbot grove, Notting hill W
Lady Franklin (Eliza M Evans) 381 Old Ford road E
Lady Owens Arms (J W Munday) 285 Goswell road EC
Lamb (Charles A Clarke) 10-12 Leadenhall market E
Lamb (Asher Rosenberg) 94 Lambs Conduit street WC1
Lamb (S Hart) 36 Wilmot street, Bethnal green E2
Lamb (J L McCallum) 9 New Turnstile, Holborn WC2
Lamb ( Public Refreshment Co Ltd) North road, Metropolitan Cattle market N
Lamb ( Edward J Rose& Co) 512 Kingsland road E8
Lamb & Flag ( William Kirby) 69 High street, Homerton E9
Lamb & Flag (L M Wrigglesworth) 33 Rose street, Covent garden WC
Lamb & Flag ( Fredk Young & Co) 24 James street, Oxford street W
Lamb & Hare (James Ball) 43 Lower Kennington lane SE
Lamb & Lark ( Frederick Roberts) 5 Printing House lane EC
Lancaster ( Robert Dean) 151 Lancaster road, Notting hill W11
Landor Hotel (John H Earnshaw) 70 Landor road, Stockwell SW9
Langton Arms (J Wright ) 22 Normans buildings , St Lukes EC
Lansdowne Arms (F W Brown) 10 Islington green N
Lansdowne Arms ( Frederick F Tilling) 90 Gloucester road NW
Larkhall Tavern (Alexander Stone) 96 Larkhall lane, Clapham SW4. TN Brixton 2129
Latchmere Hotel (Geo Davis) 503 Battersea park road SW11
Latimer Arms (Isaac Davis) 1 Walmer road, Notting hill W10
Laurel Tree (Solomon Brown) 69 Brick lane E
Laurel Tree (William Salle) 113 Bayham street, Camden town NW1
Laurie Arms (Mrs A Tuck) 1 & 2 Shouldham street, Bryanston square W1
Leather Exchange Tavern (Emma M Pfeiffer) 15 Market street, Bermondsey SE
Leicester ( Turner & Sinclair) 1 New Coventry street W1
Leighton Arms ( H A Broughton) 101 Brecknock road N7
Leinster Arms ( Mrs M A Law) 17 Leinster terrace, Bayswater W2
Leinster Hotel (Mrs A Day) 57 Ossington street, Bayswater W2
Lemon Tree (M A Bobbett) 4 Bedfordbury WC
Leopard (Francis E Bergin) 33 Seward street, Goswell road EC
Lilliput Arms (Charles Graves) 190 Victoria Dock road E
Lilliput Hall (Charles W Mitchell) 9 Jamaica road SE
Lincoln Hotel (W J Cowell) 7 1/2 Manchester street W
Lion (James M Betey) 8 Tapp street, Bethnal green E2
Lion ( H Forster) Metropolitan Cattle market N
Lion (Thomas M Hickson ) 14 Mosedale street, Camberwell SE5
Lion (Ray Whillier) 83A Holford street, Mile end E1
Lion & French Horn (Alf H. Quant) 5 Pollen street, Hanover square W
Lion & Key (Sarah Parsons) 475 High road, Leyton E10
Lion & Lamb ( E J B Groves) 35 Aske street, Hoxton N1
Lion & Lamb ( Edward P Smith) 14 & 15 Margaret street, Wilmington square WC1
Lion & Lamb (A T Walker) 45 Skidmore street, Stepney E
Lion & Lamb (D F White) 2 Drummond street. Euston square NW1
Lion Tap (John & Elizabeth Worster) 16 Ingestre place, Golden square W1
Little Driver (Robert W Mirrington) 125 Bow road E3
Liverpool Arms (Edw. F Elliott) 14 Barking road, Canning town
Load of Hay (F C Duell) 144 Praed street, Paddington W2
Load of Hay (Francis H Simpson) 94 Haverstock hill NW
Lock & Key ( Albert Harris) 62 West Smithfield EC
Locomotive (T E Marston ) 31 James street, Camden town W
London Apprentice (Sidney H Norton) 333 Old street EC
London Assurance (Wright Elmes) 195 City road EC1
London Bridge Tavern ( Frank C Whitehead) 5 Boro High street
London & Brighton Hotel (Samuel G Bea1e) 129 Queens road, Peckham SE
London Hospital Tavern (George Boys) 176 Whitechapel road E1
London Spa (Henry H Finch) 70 Exmouth street, Clerkenwell WC
London Stone (Henry Spiro & Son) 109 Cannon street EC4
London Tavern (London Tavern and Property Co Lim) 53 & 54 Fenchurch street EC
London Tavern ( Wm Wood) 393 Manchester road, Cubitt town E14
Lord Amberley (Louisa F Fisher) 26 Amberley Road, Harrow road W9
Lord Auckland ( Fred G Upton) 114 Falcon road, Battersea SW
Lord Brooke ( George D Leale ) Shernhall street, Walthamstow E17
Lord Burleigh (Daniel O'Sullivan) 250 Vauxhall bridge road SW1
Lord Camden (William H Bowery) 31 Morecambe street, Walworth SE17
Lord Campbell (George J Bowman) 142 Campbell road, Bow E3
Lord Cardigan (Joseph Mudge) 72 Eglinton road, Bow E3
Lord Chancellor ( F A Skey) 91 North street, Edgware road NW8
Lord Clyde (Mrs A S Peale) 62 London road, Lower Clapton E5
Lord Clyde (Harry Harris) 342 Essex road N1
Lord Clyde ( Herbert H Hunter) 3 Avenue road, Camberwell SE5
Lord Clyde ( Arthur H Melson) 238 Cornwall road, Bayswater W
Lord Clyde (James Mitchell) 9 Wootton road, Deptford SE8
Lord Clyde (George Russell) 173 Capworth road, High road, Leyton E13
Lord Clyde ( George Taylor) 1A Auckland street, Vauxhall SE11
Lord Collingwood (Tom Powell) 93 Hall place, Paddington green
Lord Derby (Alice E Jasper) 74 Woodpecker road, New Cross SE14
Lord Duncan (Thomas Ayres) 36 Broadway London fields E8
Lord Elgin (Harry B Hartnell, 255 Elgin avenue, Maida Vale W9
Lord Gough (C Pye) 72 Plaistow road, West Ham
Lord Henniker ( Alfred Matthews) 119 The Grove, Stratford E
Lord High Admiral (J Jonathan Jacobs) 89 Church street, Lisson grove NW8
Lord High Admiral (Thos Weeaver) 145 Vauxhall bridge road SW1
Lord Hill (George B Elliott) 131 Hill street, Peckham SE
Lord Hill (George A Gill) 22 North Wharf road, Paddington W
Lord Hill (Charles F Robinson) Manor street, Chelsea SW3
Lord Holland (Wm H Making) 31 Holland street, North Brixton SW
Lord Hood (Joseph H Bones) 14 Rich street, Limehouse E
Lord Hood (A R Wesson) 29 Bridge street, Greenwich SE10
Lord John Russell (Coleman George) 91 & 93 Marchmont Street WC1
Lord Liverpool (Caroline Nathan) 78 Clark street, Stepney E1
Lord Lyndhurst (E H Westley) 53 Lyndhurst road, Peckham SE
Lord Morpeth (Arthur J Bassill) 402 Old Ford road E3
Lord Napier (Michael Hart) 27 London fields, Hackney E8
Lord Napier ( Frank Knight) 6 Woolwich road, East Greenwich SE10
Lord Napier ( Edw W Marsh) 25 White Post lane, Hackney Wick E9
Lord Napier ( Henry Rose) 86 Victoria Dock road E
Lord Nelson (Wm P Childerhouse) 65 Watney street, Commercial road east E1
Lord Nelson (Fredk H Gill) 1 Manchester road, Cubitt town E14
Lord Nelson (William H Gillingham) 17 Nelson street, City road EC
Lord Nelson (Alf Hur) 264 Old street EC
Lord Nelson (Chas M Hurt) 18 Upper Charlton street, Fitzroy square W
Lord Nelson (Albert J Milton) 137 Trafalgar street, Walworth SE
Lord Nelson (M Monk ) 230 Commercial road east E1
Lord Nelson (James E Morley) 386 Old Kent road SE
Lord Nelson (David Nenry) 6 Trafalgar road, East Greenwich SE
Lord Nelson ( Wm J Stephens) 200 Kings road, Chelsea SW
Lord Nelson (James R Tweed) 37 Cranbrook street, Old Ford E
Lord Nelson (Mrs M A Urry) 100 Holloway road N7
Lord Nelson (Chas Vangelden) 64 Nelson square, Blackfriars road SE1
Lord Nelson (Wm H Warner) 48 Stanhope street, Euston road NW1
Lord Nelson (James J Willis) 105 & 107 Copenhagen street N
Lord Northbrook ( Walter Fryett) 116 Burnt Ash road, Lee SE12 TN Lee Green 1083
Lord Palmerston (Geo Brown jun) 91 Lordship lane, East Dulwich SE
Lord Palmerston (Caterers Ltd) 308 High road, Kilburn NW
Lord Palmelston (G Goodchild) 648 Kings road, Fulham SW6
Lord Palmerston (Charles Keeling) 4 Merton road, Wandsworth SW18
Lord Palmerston (Keen & Miller) Forest road, Walthamstow E17
Lord Palmerston (David Oswald) 47 Lucey road, Bermondsey SE 16
Lord Palmerston (Edward Platt jun) 81 Childers street, Deptford SE8
Lord Palmerston (Rolles Bros) 60 Hampstead road NW
Lord Palmerston ( Harriet Sweet) 45 Hewlett road, Old Ford E
Lord Raglan ( Katherine Cooper) 65 Cronin road, Peckham SE15
Lord Raglan (George Dyke) 139 Southgate road N
Lord Raglan (Ellen Fowler) 392 Wandsworth road SW
Lord Raglan ( Harry P Lloyd) 19 St Anns road, Burdett road E3
Lord Raglan (F G Offwood) 9 High street, Plaistow E
Lord Ranelagh (Charles Bailey) 58 Richmond road, Earls court SW
Lord Rodneys Head (S Stone) 285 Whitechapel road E1
Lord Somers Arms (K Alford) 13 Stibbington street NW
Lord Stanley (Arthur V Cole) 31 Hinton road, Herne Hill SE24
Lord Stanley (Thomas Landon) Paragon road, Mare street E9
Lord Stanley ( W H S Simmons) St Marys road, Plaistow E
Lord Stanley (Francis J Spicer) 51 Camden park road NW
Lord Truro (Arthur Billinghurst) 180 Dalston lane E8
Lord Tyrawley (Matilda Simmons) 71 High street, Marylebone W
Lord Vernon Arms (James H Peddel) 188 Pentonville road N1
Lord Wellington (Phillip Lever) 516 Old Kent road SE1
Lord Wellington (Charlotte McNee) 31 University street WC
Lord Wellington (Richard Pavey) 132 Weston street SE1
Lord Westbury (John Dickins) 418 Wandsworth road SW8
Lord Wolseley (Arthur W Braddy ) 76 Upper Brockley road SE4
Lothian Arms (George H Henwood) 11 Lothian road, North Brixton SW9
Loughborough Hotel & Assembly Rooms (T C Colmer) 39 Loughborough road, Brixton SW9
Loughborough Park Tavern (G F T Edwards) 305 & 307 Coldharbour lane, Brixton SW9
Lovat Arms (Philip J Chapman) 301 Burdett road E 14
Lowndes Arms (Chas V Swaffer) 37 Chesham street, Eaton square SW
Lucas Arms (Louisa Inkpen) 106 Plashet road, Upton Park E13
Lucas Arms (E Cosneet) 245A Grays inn road WC1
Lukes Head (William Pope) 10 Little Pulteney street, Golden square W
Lyceum Tavern (Henneky & Co) 354 Strand WC
Lyric Tavern (Kathleen M Smurthwaite) 37 Great Windmill Street Haymarket W1

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