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The London 1899 Public House & Publican Directory - L.


La Criadera, William Reilly & Son, 29 & 30 High Holborn WC
Ladbroke Arms, Robert John Jarman, 34 Ladbroke Road W
Ladbroke Hotel, James Eggleton, 2 Talbot Grove, Notting Hill W
Lads of the Village, Benjamin Banks, Charles Street, Deptford SE
Lads of the Village, John Lawrence, 19 New King Street, Deptford SE
Lady Franklin, George Edward Message, Old Ford Road E
Lady Mildmay, Frank Constable, 29 Wolsey Road, Stoke Newington N
Lady Owens Arms, Rd Brewer, 285 Goswell Road EC
Lamb, William Walter Burn, 36 Wilmott Street, Bethnal Green E
Lamb, Victor Emmanuel Gammon, 94 Lambs Conduit Street WC
Lamb, Jas Mahoney, 9 New Turnstile, Holborn WC
Lamb, Edward John Rose & Co, 512 Kingsland Road NE
Lamb, William Wayne, 143 Whitfield Street W
Lamb Tavern, John Bambridge, Metropolitan Cattle Market (North east gate) N
Lamb Tavern, Pardy Brothers, 10, 11 & 12 Grand Avenue, Leadenhall Market EC
Lamb & Flag, Edward Bower Bisshopp, 24 James Street, Oxford Street W
Lamb & Flag, Harry Randall Newman, Rose Street, Covent Garden WC
Lamb & Hare, James Ball, 45 Lower Kennington Lane SE
Lamb & Lark, Frederick Roberts, 5 Printinghouse Lane EC
Lancaster, Lewis Farmer, 151 Lancaster Road W
Langton Arms, James Cashin, 22 Normans buildings, St Lukes EC
Lansdowne Arms, John Hutchinson, 90 Gloucester Road NW
Lansdowne Arms, Richards, Burney & Co, 10 & 11 Islington Green N
Latimer Arms, Mrs Sarah Ann Singer, 1a Walmer Road W
Latymer Arms, Mrs Alice Ellis, 13 Norland Road North W
Laurel Tree, Sydney Clements, 113 Bayham Street, Camden Town NW
Laurel Tree, Nathan Freedman, 69 Brick Lane E
Laurie Arms, George Frederick Murrell & Son, 1 Shouldham Street, Bryanston Square W
Leaping Bar, William Fountain, 13 Old Street EC
Leather Exchange Tavern, Alois Pfeiffer, Leather Market, Bermondsey SE
Ledbury Arms, G S Roberts, 40 Ledbury Road W
Lee Arms, Philip Webb Rogers, 27 Marlborough Road, Dalston NE
Leicester Lounge, Chas Best, 1 New Coventry Street W
Leigh Hoy, Edward Joseph Holland, 163 Hanbury Street E
Leighton Arms, Miss Ada James, 101 Brecknock Road, Camden New Town N
Leinster Arms, Mrs Mary Butlin, 18 Leinster Terrace W
Leinster Hotel, Mrs Elizabeth Ann Behrbaum, 57 Ossington Street, Bayswater W
Lemon Tree, Martin Willis, Bedfordbury WC
Leopard, William Bennett, 33 Seward Street, Goswell Road EC
Lillie Arms, George Yeowell, 19 Lillie Road SW
Lilliput Hall, Edward Morliere, 9 Jamaica Road SE
Lincoln Hotel, Frank Hy Hooper, 20 South Street, Manchester Square W & 7 Manchester Street W
Lion, Christopher George Barnes, 8 Tapp Street, Three Colts Lane E
Lion, James Batchelor, 309 Strand WC
Lion, Mathias & Co, 1 Junction Road N
Lion, Henry Samuel Moyford, Holford Street, Mile End Road E
Lion Hotel, William Blenzberg, Metropolitan cattle market (north west gate) N

Lion Tap, William Worster, 16 Ingestre Place, Golden Square W
Lion & French Horn, William Daniel Kirby, 5 Pollen Street, Hanover Square W
Lion & Lamb, Walt Burden, 35 Aske Street, Hoxton N
Lion & Lamb, Thomas Burgess, 11 Deftford Green, Deptford SE
Lion & Lamb, Henry Franks, 14 & 15 Margaret Street WC
Lion & Lamb, James Ernest Moy, 2 Drummond Street NW
Lion & Lamb, James Puckridge, 45 Skidmore Street, Stepney E
Little Driver, Mrs Eleanor Ann Flower, 125 Bow Road E
Liverpool Arms, George William Pavitt, 14 Barking Road, Canning Town E
Load of Hay, Baker & Co, 144 Praed Street W
Load of Hay, Wm Walter Martin, 94 Haverstock Hill NW
Lock & Key, Mrs Elizabeth Mary Dowling, 62 West Smithfield EC
Locomotive, John Hawkins, 31 James Street, Camden Town NW
London Apprentice, Sidney Herbert Norton, 333 Old Street EC
London Assurance, Charles H Withycombe, 193 & 195 City Road EC
London Bridge Tavern, Robert Stanley Chattey, 5 Borough High street SE
London Hospital Tavern, Alfred James Vail, 208 Whitechapel Road E
London & St Katherine Docks Hotel, Morris Joseph Myers, 29 Upper East Smithfield E
London Spa, Henry H Finch, 70 Exmouth Street WC
London Stone, Robert Renton, 109 Cannon Street EC
London Tavern, Edward Brindley, 393 Manchester Road E
London Tavern, Christopher William Pfleger, 27 Garden Row, London Road SE
Lord Arrans Arms, Mrs Hannah Pearcey, 122 New Bond Street W
Lord Belgrave, Frederick William West, 8 Spur Street, Leicester Square WC
Lord Burleigh, Frederick Trimmer, 250 Vauxhall Bridge Road SW
Lord Camden, George Albert Boland, 31 Morecombe Street, Walworth SE
Lord Campbell, Charles William Acock, 142 Campbell Road, Bow E
Lord Cardigan, Mrs Martha Mary Jones, Cardigan Road, Old Ford E
Lord Chancellor, William Willis, 91 North Street, Edgware Road NW
Lord Clive, Jas Smith, 36 Duke Street, Manchester Square W
Lord Clyde, Arthur Edwd Balls, 342 Essex Road N
Lord Clyde, Chas William Mitchell, 97 & 99 Rochester Row SW
Lord Clyde, Frank Peter Reeland, Auckland Street, Vauxhall SE
Lord Clyde, Edwin Hy Sewell, 9 Wootton Road, Deptford SE
Lord Clyde, Crotaz Ward, 238 Cornwall Road W
Lord Collingwood, William Lable, 1 Collingwood Street, Three Colts Lane E
Lord Collingwood, Lewis Lipman, 40 Chicksand Street, Spitalfields E
Lord Combermere, Hy Oates, Conyer Street, Bow E
Lord Derby, John Jasper, 74 Woodpecker Road, New Cross Road SE
Lord Duncan, Frederick James Penfold, 36 Broadway, London Fields NE
Lord Elgin, Edwin George Bailey, 255 Elgin Avenue W
Lord Exmouth, Hy George William Anderson, 86 Maroon Street, Limehouse E
Lord Hampden, Thomas Hodder, 71 Hampden Road, Upper Holloway N
Lord High Admiral, Miss Kate Wooster, 145 Vauxhall Bridge Road SW
Lord High Admiral, Henry Bishop Hartnell, 89 Church Street, Lisson Grove NW
Lord Hill, William Herbert Fry, 45 Manor Street, Chelsea SW
Lord Hill, Thomas Snow, 22 North Wharf Road, Paddington W
Lord Hood, Edward Hurn, 14 Rich Street, Limehouse E
Lord John Russell, Thomas Hawkins, 91 Marchmont Street WC
Lord Keith, Mrs Margaret de Lacey, 42 York Street, Portman Square W
Lord Liverpool, William Blumsom, 78 Clark Street, Stepney E
Lord Monsons Arms, Charles Percy Kennet, 56 Tottenham Street W
Lord Morpeth, William Wengel, 402 Old Ford Road E
Lord Napier, Francis John Hunt, 27 London Fields, Hackney NE
Lord Napier, Alfred Edward Tabard, 118 Great Church Lane, Hammersmith W
Lord Nelson, Mrs Louisa Elizabeth Bear, 105 & 107 Copenhagen Street N
Lord Nelson, Mrs Susannah Alice Davey, 18 Upper Charlton Street, Fitzroy Square W
Lord Nelson, Lewis Farmer, 100 Holloway Road N
Lord Nelson, Robert Footer, 143 Morning Lane, Hackney NE
Lord Nelson, Herbert French, 1 Manchester Road E
Lord Nelson, Henry William Harrison, 42 Devas Street, Bromley E
Lord Nelson, James Frederick Hucks, 48 Stanhope Street NW
Lord Nelson, Thomas George Lewis, 17 Nelson Street, City Road EC
Lord Nelson, Mills Bros, 230 Comercial Road east E
Lord Nelson, Edward John Rose & Co, 65 Watney Street E
Lord Nelson, Samuel George Rowe, 264 Old Street EC
Lord Nelson, George Sanger, 137 Trafalgar Street, Walworth SE
Lord Nelson, Thomas William Savage, 37 Cranbrook Street, Bethnal Green E
Lord Nelson, George Spinks, 145 Whitechapel Road E
Lord Nelson, William Jones Stephens, 200 Kings Road, Chelsea SW
Lord Nelson, Thomas Manning Trood, 386 Old Kent Road SE
Lord Nelson, Walter Odell Wiles, 64 Nelson Square SE
Lord Nelson, William Wood, 29 Gill Street, Limehouse E
Lord Nelson, Henry James Wybrow, 114 Bishopsgate street within EC
Lord Palmerston, Charles Albert Holmes, Annette Road, Holloway N
Lord Palmerston, George Houlton, 1 James Street, Deptford SE
Lord Palmerston, Henry Russell Jackson, 45 Hewlett Road, Bow E
Lord Palmerston, Robert Thomas Meacock, 47 Lucey Road, Bermondsey SE
Lord Palmerston, George Shield, 308 High Street, Kilburn NW
Lord Palmerston, Hy Hunter Wheatley, 60 Hampstead Road NW
Lord Palmerston Hotel, George Shield, 308 High Road Kilburn NW
Lord Raglan, Thomas William Fisher, 139 Southgate Road N
Lord Raglan, Thomas George Siddons Riley, 19 St Anns Road, Bow Common E
Lord Ranelagh, Robert Turner, 58 Richmond Road, West Brompton SW
Lord Rodneys Head, Edward George Arthorp, 138 Whitechapel Road E
Lord Somers Arms, George William Hartnell, 13 Stibbington Street, Somers Town NW
Lord Southampton, George Cooper, 2 Southampton Road, Kentish Town NW
Lord Stanley, Francis John Spicer, 51 Camden Park Road NW
Lord Stanley, Miss Mary Steel, Paragon Road, Hackney NE
Lord Tredegar, William Lockhart, 50 Lichfield Road, Bow E
Lord Truro, George Smith, 180 Dalston Lane NE
Lord Tyrawley, Charles Allen, 71 High Street, Marylebone W
Lord Wellington, Everett & Dowsett, 516 Old Kent Road SE
Lord Wellington, John Marshall Harding, 132 Weston Street SE
Lord Wellington, William George Robt Hayes, 31 University Street WC
Lovat Arms, Samuel John Friend, 301 Burdett Road, Limehouse E
Lowndes Arms, Charles Albert Payne, 3 Lyall Place, Eaton Square SW
Lucas Arms, Henry Fuller, 245a Gray Inn Road WC & 2 Cromer Street WC
Lukes Head, Samuel Jesse, 10 Little Pulteney Street W
Lyceum Tavern, Mrs Mary Eliza Cann, 354 Strand WC
Lyric Tavern, Joseph Webster, 37 Great Windmill Street W

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