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The London 1839 Public House & Publican Directory - as listed in LONDON 1839 Pigots Directory - W.

A listing of the Public Houses, Publicans and Public House address in 1839


Waggon & Horses, Jones James, Cumberland Place, Newington
Waggon & Horses, Shaw Thomas Benj, Hertford Road, Kingsland Road
Wallaces Head, Hart George, Blandford Street
Walnut Tree, Griffith George, Ocean Row
Walnut Tree, Hardstaff William, St Albans Street, Lambeth
Warwick Arms, Basley William, Kensington
Warwick Arms, Hammond David, 178 Whitecross Street
Warwick Arms, Simonds Samuel, 13 Gillingham Street, Westminster
Waterford Arms, Smith Isaac, Haymarket
Waterloo Arms, Gledhill John William, 50 High Street, Marylebone
Waterloo Arms, Wedderington Richard, George Street, Camberwell
Waterloo Tavern, Pearson Robert, 69 Haymarket
Watermans Arms, Barrett John, Fore Street, Limehouse
Watermans Arms, Belton William, 261 High Street, Wapping
Watermans Arms, Budmoe Eliz, Dog & Bear Yard, Tooley Street
Watermans Arms, Coysh William, Belvedere Road
Watermans Arms, Crawford Christopher, 22 Wapping Wall
Watermans Arms, Edwards John, 7 Dockhead
Watermans Arms, Glanvile John, Pickleherring Street
Watermans Arms, Hammett Jas Richard, 2 Lower Shadwell
Watermans Arms, Hepburn William Alex, 6 Bermondsey Wall
Watermans Arms, Morton Richard Thomas, Paris Street, Lambeth
Watermans Arms, Penny Jane, Rotherhithe Street
Watermans Arms, Wiseman Robert, 61 Bankside, Borough
Weavers Arms, Butfoy Abraham, 29 Browns Lane, Spitalfields
Weavers Arms, Carter John, Pelham Street, Spitalfields
Weavers Arms, Cottrell Chas Jos, 13 Crown Street, Finsbury
Weavers Arms, Myers Moses,1 Bakers Row, Whitechapel Road
Weavers Arms, Pettit Richard, 1 Green Place, Globe Fields
Weavers Arms, Richards James, 42 Aldermanbury
Weavers Arms, Thorpe Thomas, Back Church Lane, St Georges
Welsh Harp, Garnet My, Essex Street, Bouverie Street
Welch Harp, Letford Thomas, 23 Aylesbury Street
Welch Harp, Small John, 47 Chandos Street
Welch Harp, Wallace J, 52 Carnaby Street
Welch Trooper, Colvin Richard, Bankside
Wellesley Arms, Pratt William, 28 Robert Street, Chelsea
Wellington, Howes W S, 31 University Street
Wenlock Arms, Bowden Jno, 22 Wenlock Road
West India Arms, Bishop Tomazine, 67 Fenchurch Street
Westminster Arms, Brooks Sarah, 14 Market Street, Westminster
Westmoreland Arms, Smith William, 15 Westmoreland Place, City Road
Westmoreland Arms, Wood Thomas, 2 George Street, Baker Street
Weymouth Arms, Hobby Jas, Weymouth Street
Wheat Sheaf, Absalon James, 23 Church Row, Somerstown
Wheat Sheaf, Bliss James, 137 St Albans Place
Wheat Sheaf, Bradshaw Jos, 24 High Street, Camden Town
Wheat Sheaf, Brown Charles, 365 Oxford Street
Wheat Sheaf, Brown John, 51 High Street, Islington
Wheat Sheaf, Channing W G, 13 Vere Street, Clare Market
Wheat Sheaf, Coultas Chas, Lower Grosvenor Place, Pimlico
Wheat Sheaf, Drinkwater Jas, 53 High Street, Kensington
Wheat Sheaf, Harding Joseph, 37 Kenton Street
Wheat Sheaf, Hodges Thomas, 17 Dorset Street, Portman Square
Wheat Sheaf, Jones John, 46 Holywell Street, Strand
Wheat Sheaf, Nicholls William, 25 West Smithfield
Wheat Sheaf, Oldfield Thomas, Worcester Street, Borough
Wheat Sheaf, Peacock R Watts, 15 Star Street, Wapping Wall
Wheat Sheaf, Potter Richard, 18 Borough Market
Wheat Sheaf, Puxley James, Rotherhithe Street
Wheat Sheaf, Reeng Jeremiah, 71 Wapping Wall
Wheat Sheaf, Roberts M, 51 Redlion Street, Holborn
Wheat Sheaf, Roles Joseph, 13 South Lambeth
Wheat Sheaf, Watkins John, 4 Upper Marylebone Street
Wheat Sheaf, Williams Robert, 139 Rotherhithe Street
Wheat Sheaf, Wilson George, 12 Upper Chapman Street
Wheat Sheaf, Wright Thomas, 219 High Street, Wapping
Whitby Town, McCarthy Charles, Wapping Wall
White Bear, Ashmore Elizabeth, 26 Lambeth Street
White Bear, Bain William, King William Street, City
White Bear, Castle Thomas, 16 Bartholomew Square
White Bear, Dudley Edward, Kingsland Road
White Bear, Frame William, 1 Queens Place, Kennington
White Bear, Frost John, 32 Basinghall Street
White Bear, Howard George, Ratcliff Cross, Ratcliff
White Bear, Langman Jane, 15 Bride Lane, Fleet Street
White Bear, Liverside Jno, 58 St John Street, Smithfield
White Bear, Marks James, 1 Ratcliff Highway
White Bear, Perry William, Bear Garden, Bankside
White Bear, Randolph George Henry, 28 Little Newport Street
White Bear, Scarf Edward, 100 Berwick Street, Soho
White Bear, Seaborn Elizabeth, 30 Park Street, Oxford Street
White Bear, Smith John, 54 Princes Street, Borough
White Bear, Stinton Thos, 69 Barbican
White Bear, Wright John, 18 Princes Street, Redlion Sqaure
White Bear, Waterman Thomas, 19 Kent Street, Borough
White Bear, Young John, Upper Fore Street, Lambeth

White Dog, Nettleship Martha, Widegate Street, Bishopsgate Street
White Ferry House, Bailey Watkin Lewis, Commercial Road, Pimlico
White Hart, Astell Edmund, 38 Long Alley
White Hart, Atkin John, 213 Upper Thames Street
White Hart, Baker Thomas, 46 Kingsland Road
White Hart, Barker John, 6 Millbank Street, Westminster
White Hart, Beswick John, Great Turner Street, Commercial Road east
White Hart, Bevans George, 11 Clifton Street, Finsbury
White Hart, Boakes John, 296 Strand
White Hart, Bright Benjamin, 66 Welbeck Street
White Hart, Brown William, 10 Portpool Lane
White Hart, Browne Elizabeth, 21 Gravel Lane
White Hart, Bundock James & William, Fore Street, Limehouse
White Hart, Burgess Mary, 8 Park Street, Borough Market
White Hart, Cabburn J B, 6 Kings Cross Market
White Hart, Camper John, 4 Aylesbury Street
White Hart, Chance George, 60 Long Lane, West Smithfield
White Hart, Chapman Edw, College Street, Belvedere Road
White Hart, Cobb William Sims, 52 Leman Street
White Hart, Cockburn Matthew, 32 high Street, Shadwell
White Hart, Cole James, 135 High Street, Poplar
White Hart, Crisp Nathaniel, Great Whitelion Street, Seven Dials
White Hart, Cross Henry, 15 St Thomas Street, Borough
White Hart, Francis Francis, 27 Botolph lane
White Hart, Grant George, 64 Leather Lane
White Hart, Gray John, 1 Mile End Road
White Hart, Greathead Jno, Little windmill Street, Golden Square
White Hart, Hardy George, 14 Duke Street, Chelsea
White Hart, Hayley T S, Hickmans Folly, Dockhead
White Hart, Hewitt William, 3 Whitehart Court, Brook Street
White Hart, Hickman Charles, 17 Upper Closter Place, Chelsea
White Hart, Hildyard James G, Bell Yard, Gracechurch Street
White Hart, Hopper Moses, 44 Berwick Street, Oxford Street
White Hart, Jeans Isaac, 63 Mydddleton Street
White Hart, Joce Samuel, 2 Chancery Lane
White Hart, Johnson Edward, 81 Theobalds Road
White Hart, Johnson Jos, 14 Princes Row, Newport Market
White Hart, Jones Richard, 89 High Street, Whitechapel
White Hart, King Charles, 276 Oxford Street
White Hart, Lill Matthew, Pleasant Row, Bethnal Green
White Hart, Lubbock Thomas, 1 Butcherhall Lane
White Hart, Marr George, 96 Pennington Street, Old Gravel Lane
White Hart, Minchin William, 191 Drury Lane
White Hart, Mooney Robert, 18 Coal Yard, Drury Lane
White Hart, Morris William, Liverpool Street, Bishopsgate Street
White Hart, Pain Thomas, 18 Windmill Street, Tottenham Court Road
White Hart, Poole Thomas, 49 Clements Lane, Picket Street, Strand
White Hart, Saker James, 30 Liquorpond Street
White Hart, Sheen Thomas, 1 Goswell Street
White Hart, Simms Joseph, Parkside, Kensington
White Hart, Smith Henry, 36 Exeter Street, Strand
White Hart, Stannent Henry Thomas, Brook Street, Ratcliff
White Hart, Swan Mary Ann, 120 St John Street
White Hart, Thomas Richard, 1 Kennington Cross
White Hart, Thompson Thomas, 75 Great Tower Street
White Hart, Tregges John, 64 Fetter lane
White Hart, Vickers William, 12 Black Prince Row, Walworth
White Hart, Ward Jonathan, Hooper Square, Leman Street
White Hart, Webster Robert, 8 Market Street, Oxford Street
White Hart, White James, 10 Greenfield Street, Commercial Road
White Hart, White James, 199 Tottenham Court Road
White Hart, Winskill Thomas, 7 Giltspur Street
White Hart, Worby John, 2 Whitehart Street, Drury Lane
White Hart, Wright Philip, Queen Street, Ratcliff
White Hart & Fountain, Hawkins Martin, 139 Rosemary Lane
White Hind, Bickers Eliza Charlotte, Broadway Street, Tooley Street
White Horse, Ashbridge W O, Finsbury Street
White Horse, Bartlett Edw, 2 Gilbert Street, Clare Market
White Horse, Bishop Joseph, 50 South Audley Street
White Horse, Bremer Harriet, 51 Petticoat Lane
White Horse, Brown David, 18 Cloak Lane, City
White Horse, Callcut Michael Mason, 19 Fan Street
White Horse, Cocks John, 16 West Row, Golden Square
White Horse, Compton George, 50 Brick Lane, Old Street
White Horse, Dell James, 64 Shoreditch
White Horse, Elcom Richard, 7 Little Britain
White Horse Tap, Fairfax Harriet, 32 Friday Street
White Horse, Fox Henry, 45 Spicer Street, Brick Lane
White Horse, Garland George, 103 Long Acre
White Horse, George Elizabeth, 10 Cripplegate Buildings
White Horse, Hodges Edward, High Street, Poplar
White Horse, Hopkins Jas, 21 Castle Street East, Oxford Street
White Horse, Jackson Francis, 17 Shorts Gardens
White Horse, Jenkins Philip, Holland Street. Blackfriars Road
White Horse, Lumley Isaac, 8 Cornwall Road
White Horse, McGregor Alex, 70 Princes Street, Borough
White Horse, Marke Edward, 50 Ray Street, Clerkenwell
White Horse, Meredith John, 21 Wheeler Street
White Horse, Morgan John, 9 Moor lane, Cripplegate
White Horse, Morris Sophia, 71 Whitehorse Street, Stepney
White Horse, Noy Isaac, Covent Garden
White Horse, Parker William, 8 Castle street, Long Acre
White Horse, Pearcey Jas, 17 St Georges Place, Knightsbridge
White Horse, Penney William, Lower Queen Street, Rotherhithe
White Horse, Poole Benjamin, 62 Orchard Street, Westminster
White Horse, Pringle Eleanor, 69 Wapping Wall
White Horse, Ratcliffe William, 169 Regent Street
White Horse, Ruttenberg John, 59 Baldwins Gardens
White Horse, Saunders Thomas, Kings Head yard, Lincoln Inn
White Horse, Slograve Charles, Rupert Street, Haymarket
White Horse, Smith Jno, Cogle Grove Passage, Hackney
White Horse, Spillman George, 351 Strand
White Horse, Stone John, 16 Watling Street
White Horse, Sturges William, 4 North Street, Fitzroy Square
White Horse, Temprell Jno, 38a Assembly Row, Mile End
White Horse, Wain George Blundell, 113 St John Street
White Horse, Walls James & Co, 100 High Holborn
White Horse, Watson James, Brooks Mews, Lower Grosvenor Street
White Horse, Watson William, 2 Stafford Row, Pimlico
White Horse, Watts Henry, 55 London Wall
White Horse, Wells Richard, 9 Pitfield Street, Old Street Road
White Horse, Winter Sarah, 62 Church Street, Chelsea
White Horse, Winton N, 67 Theobalds Road
White Horse, Wyatt William, 1 Union Street, Borough
White Horse & Bower, Reeves John, Romney Terrace, Horseferry Road
White Horse & Cross Keys, Sanderson William, 72 Goswell Street
White Horse & Half Moon, Pink Charles, 141 High Street, Borough

White Lion, Abbott John, 16 High Street, St Giles
White Lion, Bennett George, 29 Leather lane, Holborn
White Lion, Binning Thomas, 6 St Albans Place, Haymarket
White Lion, Comford William, 13 Hemmings Row
White Lion, Cruchley Josiah, 12 Tooley Street, Borough
White Lion, Edwards William Ryle, 19 Upper Thames Street
White Lion, Gapp & Son, 12 High Street, Islington
White Lion, Garrett Samuel, 56 Oxford Street
White Lion, Godfrey Francis, 118 Drury lane
White Lion, Hubbard Henry, 14 Fleet Lane, Fleet Street
White Lion, Johnson Benjamin, 6 Brick Lane, Old Street
White Lion, Moulder John, Vauxhall Row, Lambeth
White Lion, Paine John, Derby Street, Piccadilly
White Lion, Randall William, 44 Vere Street, Clare Market
White Lion, Salter John, 153 Old Gravel Lane
White Lion, Staples John, 24 James Street, Covent Garden
White Lion, Taylor Ann, 40 Rotherhithe Street
White Lion, Turner Thomas, 68 High Street, Shadwell
White Lion, Urry Henry, 1 Talbot Court, Gracechurch Street
White Lion, Waite John, Church Street, Lambeth
White Lion, Wastell William, 37 Fashion Street, Spitalfields
White Raven, Beckett James, Raven Street, Whitechapel Road
White Swan, Attwood John, 120 Piccadilly
White Swan, Billiter Richard, 138 Salisbury Court, Fleet Street
White Swan, Bray Ann, 104 Long Alley, Finsbury
White Swan, Burroughs jno Squire, Lower Shadwell
White Swan, Cable Thomas, Kennington Common
White Swan, Clark Joseph, 109 Bunhill Row
White Swan, Cottrell William, Keate Street, Spitalfields
White Swan, Freeston Philip, 68 Chandos Street, Covent Garden
White Swan, Fuller Elizabeth, 108 Fetter Lane
White Swan, Goodman James, 12 Great Earl Street
White Swan, Harrington Sarah, 141 High Street, Wapping
White Swan, Harris Thomas, 1 New Street Square
White Swan, Hart William, Ray Street, Clerkenwell
White Swan, Hawkins Jas, 7 Breams Buildings, Chancery Lane
White Swan, Helling Robert, 97 Great Portland Street
White Swan, Helmeken Claus, 36 Great Alie Street
White Swan, Jackson Sarah, 24 Wapping Wall
White Swan, Malkin Geo, 19 Ruffords Buildings, Islington
White Swan, Riddell George, 225 High Street, Shadwell
White Swan, Roberts Thomas, Waterloo Terrace, Commercial Road east
White Swan, Smith John, 181 Upper Thames Street
White Swan, Smith William, 67 Coleman Street, City
White Swan, Weston James, 20 Little St Andrew Street
White Swan, White Thomas, 161 Old Gravel Lane
White Swan, Willis Valentine, 18 Farringdon Street
White Swan, Woodfuffe John, 26 White Street, Finsbury
White Swan, Wright John, 124 Ratcliff Highway
Whitmores Head, Bouts John, Whitmore Row, Hoxton
Whittington & Cat, Hotchkiss Jno, 35 High Street, Whitechapel
Will Summers, Gower Jos, 25 Crispin Street
William IV, Brown Samuel H, 45 Golden Lane
William IV, Brown Wm Hy, 33 Margaret Street, Spitalfields
William IV, Hanley James, 12 Ship Yard, Temple Bar
William IV, Lambe Richard, Camberwell New Road
William IV, Louden David, Beauchamp Street, Brooks Market
William IV, Luxton Joseph, 5 King William Street, Strand
William IV, Norton Richard, 137 High Street, Poplar
William IV, Owens Jos, Vaughan Terrace, Shepherdess Walk
William IV, Wood Richard, Commercial Road, Pimlico
Wilmington Arms, Gander J D, 20 Yardley Street
Wilton Arms, Kerridge George, 10 Kinnerton Street
Windmill, Banks William, 18 Nicholas Lane, City
Windmill, Dowsett Thomas, New Park Street, Borough
Windmill, Hebard Alfred, 55 Rosemary Lane
Windmill, Hiff Joseph, 115 St John Street
Windmill, Jeffrey John, Wyndham Road, Camberwell
Windmill, Jenkins John, 49 Leather Lane
Windmill, Mason Geo, China Hall Place, Deptford Lower Road
Windmill, Orford John, High Street, Lambeth
Windmill, Walker William, 82 Upper Ground Street
Windmill, Wetherall William, Kennington Lane
Windmill,, Whitford Thomas, Robert Street, Commercial Road
Windmill, Young Thomas, 62 New Cut
Windsor Castle, Bell Jeremiah, 60 Albany Street
Windsor Castle, Caws George M, City Road
Windsor Castle, Flowers Jane Brooks, 33 Park Terrace, Regents park
Windsor Castle, Hunter John, 27 Long Acre
Windsor Castle, Jackson Ann, Windsor Terrace, Vauxhall
Windsor Castle, Preece Richard, 114 Great Suffolk Street, Borough
Windsor Castle, Williams Mary, 152 High Holborn
Wonder, Morgan Thomas, 112 Bishopsgate without
Woodman, Skelton William, 11 D'Oyley Street, Chelsea
Woodman, Strand Robert, John Street, Old Kent Road
Woods tavern and Coffee House, Wood Thomas, Gilbert Passage, Clare Market
Woolpack, Alderson Geo, 3 Hart Street, Wood Street
Woolpack, Blackmore Jon, Morning Lane, Hackney
Woolpack, Cory John, 14 Brick Lane, St Lukes
Woolpack, Golby Thomas, 6 Corbet Street, Gracechurch Street
Woolpack, Hollingsworth John, 205 Bermondsey Street
Woolpack, Jenson John, 12 Little Moorfields
Woolpack, Metcalf Thomas, 25 Halfmoon Street, Bishopsgate
Woolpack, Patmore Joseph, 32 Gravel Lane, Borough
Woolpack, Sharpe Edward, 94 Minories
Worcester Arms, Maudy Henry, George Street, Portman Square
Worlds End, Elphick Mary, 69 Newington Causeway
Worlds End, Young William, 4 Bull Lane, Stepney
World Turned Upside Down, Avery James, Canal Bridge, Old Kent Road
Wrekin Tavern, Hemming Henry, 22 Broad Court, Bow Street



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