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The London 1899 Public House & Publican Directory - M.



Macauley Arms, John Henry Howard Davey, 4 Peel Place, Kensington W
Macclesfield, John Samuel Hall, 11 Macclesfield Steet, Soho W
Macclesfield Arms Tavern, Alfred William Johnson, 268 City Road EC
Mackworth Arms, Otto Meyer, 156 & 158 Commercial Road east E
Magpie, Thomas Edward Wicks, 12 New Street, Bishopsgate EC
Magpie & Punch Bowl, Henry Hobson Finch, 58 Bishopsgate street within EC
Magpie & Stump, William Barnett, 98 Cable Street E
Maid & Magpie, Richard Henry Lewis & Sons, 239 Oxford Street, Stepney E
Mail Coach, Louis Hepburn Cross, 1 Camomile Street EC
Mail Coach, Samuel Hines, 60 Farringdon Street EC
Malden Arms, Frank Leonard Britton, 117 Malden Road NW
Mall Tavern, Harry Dew, 71 & 73 Palace Gardens Terrace W
Mallard Arms, Mrs Charlotte Elizabeth Bennett, 96 Grove Street, Commercial Road east E
Malvern Hotel, Charles Richard Green, 4 Bevington Road, Notting Hill W
Mamelon Tower, Arthur William Osborne, 76 Carlton Road NW
Man in the Moon, Hermann Bammann, 27 Colchester Street E
Man in the Moon, Holway & Morley, 392 Kings Road, Chelsea SW
Man in the Moon, William Edward Miller, 13 Vine Street, Swallow Street W
Manchester Arms, John Clarence Freeman, 1 Adam Street, Portman Square W
Manchester Arms, William Old, 308 Manchester Road E
Manor House, William Marcus Critchfield, 93 Stamford Street SE
Manor House Tavern, James Ratten Cox, 38 Westbourne Terrace north W
Mansion House, Walter Foster, 107 Evelyn Street, Deptford SE
Mansion House, Thomas Pickett, 46 & 48 Kennington Park Road SE
Marion Arms, George Robert Jackson, 46 Lansdowne Road, Dalston NE
Market House, Edward White, Randalls Market, Poplar E
Market House Tavern, Harry Francis Biggs, 7 Finsbury Market EC
Market House Tavern, Frederick Orlando Leigh, 14 Columbia Market, Columbia Road E
Market Tavern, Mrs Julia Pearce, 65 Brushfield Street E
Market Tavern, William Stevens, 144 York Road N
Markham Arms, Herbert Thomas Stow, 138 Kings Road, Chelsea SW
Marlborough Arms, Charles Combs, 77 Marlborough Road, Old Kent Road SE
Marlborough Arms, Frederick Gannaway, 27 College Street, Chelsea SW

Marlborough Head, Walter Burch, 37 & 38 Great Marlborough Street W
Marlborough Head, Henry Finch, 19 Upper Street N
Marlborough Head, Walter Frederick Goodson, 5 Pelham Street, Spitalfields E
Marlborough Head, George Hamlin, 24 North Audley Street W
Marlborough Head, Robert Meadows, 36 Drury Lane WC
Marlborough Head, William Bennett Purnchard, 39 Huntley Street WC
Marlborough Inn, John George Trott, 3 Ramilies Street, Oxford Street W
Marlborough Tavern, William Gough Hallows, 51 Abbey Road NW
Marlborough Tavern, Frank Hollis Watts, 710 Holloway Road N
Marquess of Hastings, George Harris, 149 Ossulston Street, Somers Town NW
Marquess Tavern, Henry Walter Barker, Canonbury Street N
Marquis of Anglesea, Clifford Channon Bennett, 77 Devonshire Street, Lisson Grove NW
Marquis of Anglesea, William Mills, 39 Bow Street, Covent Garden WC
Marquis of Camden, James Howson, 83 Camden Street, Camden Town NW
Marquis of Clanricarde, Edwin Goodale, 36 Southwick Street, Hyde Park W
Marquis of Cornwallis, Alfred Faulkner, 337 Old Ford Road E
Marquis of Cornwallis, John Alfred Harvey, 28 Warren Street W
Marquis of Cornwallis, Mrs. Frances Benfield Manson, 31 Marchmont Street WC
Marquis of Cornwallis, Alfred John Selby, 304 Bethnal Green Road E
Marquis of Cornwallis, Mrs. Grace Snellgrove, 115 Curtain Road, Shoreditch EC
Marquis of Cornwallis, Frank Watts, 23 Collier Street, Pentonville N
Marquis of Granby, William Dower, 38 Percy Street W
Marquis of Granby, Henry Fitt, 51 & 52 Chandos Street WC
Marquis of Granby, Alfred Hall, 41 Romney Street SW
Marquis of Granby, Francis William Mount, 142 Shaftesbury Avenue WC
Marquis of Granby, Mrs. Maria Marian Snellgrove, 10 & 11 Drury Lane WC
Marquis of Granby, Ernest Tabernacle, 13 Brick Street, Park Lane W
Marquis of Granby, Frederick Venner, 322 New Cross Road SE
Marquis of Granby, George Womack, 33 Castle Street East W
Marquis of Lansdowne, Henry James Bartlett, 32 Harwar Street, Hackney Road E
Marquis of Lorne, John Bassett Adams, 49 St. Martin’s Lane WC
Marquis of Salisbury, Homer Brothers, 54 Ball’s Pond Road N
Marquis of Salisbury, Francis Mummery, Queensland Road N
Marquis of Salisbury, Arthur James Remnant, 64 Freeling Street N
Marquis of Wellesley, Arnold Arthur Minch, 60 Cromer Street, Gray’s Inn Road WC
Marquis of Wellington, John Baker, 10 Gedling Street, Dockhead SE
Marquis of Wellington, Louis Henshall, 14 Colwyn Street, Lambeth SE
Marquis of Westminster, Mrs. Elizabeth Larke, 50 Warwick Street, Pimlico SW
Marshal Keate Tavern, Robert John Court, Preston’s Road, Poplar E

Masons Arms, Mrs. Jane Blumson, 7 Watney Street E
Masons Arms, Western Collyer, 38 Maddox Street W
Masons Arms, Henry Everson, 18 Titchborne Street, Edgware Road W
Masons Arms, Samuel David Isaacs, Upper Berkeley Street W
Masons Arms, Mrs. Emma Mould, 17 Lambeth Road SE
Masons Arms, George Henry Shepherd, 109 East Street, Walworth SE
Masons Arms, Robert Stuart Walker, 31 Union Road, Newington Causeway SE
Mason’s Hall Tavern, Wood & Romain, Mason’s Avenue, Basinghall Street EC
Maze Hotel, William Thomas Timby, 6 Chichester Place, Harrow Road W
Mechanics’ Arms, George Alfred Carpenter, 126 High Street, Deptford SE
Mechanics Larder, Henry Groom, 213 Gray’s Inn Road WC
Medina Tavern, Edward Snow, 172 Seven Sisters Road N
Mercers Arms, Robert Critchell Blow, 116 Jubilee Street E
Mercers Arms, Thomas Gurney, 34 Belgrave Street, Commercial Road East E
Mercers Arms, Mrs. Hannah Tilbury, 17 Mercer Street, Long Acre WC
Merlins Cave, Executors of George Gwynne, 131 Rosoman Street EC
Merry Carpenters, Charles Ewins, 132 Old Street EC
Merry Cricketers, John Thomas Smith, 276 Lower Road SE
Merry Monarch, Alexander Edward Grimwade, 79 Herbert Street, New North Road N
Metropolitan, Edward Charles Mears, 60 Southwark Street SE
Metropolitan, Percy & William Wheeler, Tavistock Crescent W
Metropolitan Tavern, William Henry Hunt, 95 Farringdon Road EC
Middlesex Arms, Henry Walter Secar, 34 Clerkenwell Green EC
Middlesex Tavern, William Fielding, 79 Westbourne Road N
Middleton Arms, Mrs. Mary Ann Lockhart, 123 Queen’s Road, Dalston NE
Middleton Arms, James Page, 14 Mansfield Street, Kingsland NE
Middleton Arms, John Edwin Pepper, 38 Norton Folgate NE
Mildmay Tavern, James Kirk, 130 Ball’s Park Road N
Milford Haven, Charles Wakely, 214 Caledonian Road N
Millwall Dock Hotel, Hjalmar Paridon Wetterlund, 133 West Ferry Road E
Milton Arms, Elias Rawling, 28 Wright’s Road, Bow E
Mitford Castle, Arthur Pollard, 129 Cadogan Terrace, Hackney NE
Mitre, Alfred West Battey, 25 Church Street, Lisson Grove NW
Mitre, Walter Herbert Cook, 68 St. Martin’s Lane WC
Mitre, Ecclestone & Evento, 13 Edgware Road W
Mitre, George Alexander Gill, 5 White Horse Lane E
Mitre, George Shouler Gregory, 24 Tooley Street SE
Mitre, Edwin Frederick Gwynne, 38 Fish Street Hill EC
Mitre, James Thomas Holmwood, 24 Craven Terrace, Bayswater W
Mitre, Henry George Huggins, 130 Upper Street, Islington N
Mitre, Henry Hughes jun., 40 Holland Park Avenue W
Mitre, Benjamin, Passant, 39 Kingsgate Street WC
Mitre, John Shields, 10 Somers Mews, Southwick Street W
Mitre, Mrs. Fanny Ann Sly, 62 Golborne Road W
Mitre Hotel, Richard Buckler, 125 Chancery Lane WC
Mitre Hotel, Miss Katherine Alice Combe, 45 Lambeth Palace Road SE
Mitre Tavern, John Allen, 153 Carlton Road NW
Mitre Tavern, Henry Francis Dyer, 117 Broadwall, Blackfriars SE
Mitre Tavern, Thomas Morris, 71 Downham Road N
Mitre Tavern, Walter James Morris, Mitre Court, Hatton Garden EC

Mogul, James L. Graydon, 167 Drury Lane WC
Monarch, Thomas Davage Ashplant, 88 Hornsey Road N
Monarch, John Bennett Coleman, Silchester Terrace, Silchester Road W
Monarch, Edwin Charles Evans, 49 Chalk Farm Road NW
Moneyers’ Arms, Samuel Haynes, 106 Provost Street N
Monmouth Arms, Joseph Roberts, 30 Haberdasher Street, Hoxton N
Monster, Miss Amelia Caroline Back, 1 St. George’s Row, Pimlico SW
Montague Arms, John George Ware, 1 Montague Mews, Montague Street WC
Montague Arms, John Charles Truman, 40 Benwell Road, Holloway N
Montpelier, George Edwards, 18 Montpelier Street SE
Montpelier, Frederick Marjoram, 38 Montpelier Row, Brompton SW
Montrose, Edward George Cormack, 30 St. James’ Road N
Monument, Ellis Marsden, 135 Union Street SE
Monument Tavern, James Kirk, King William Street EC
Mooney’s Dublin House, J.G. Mooney & Co. Ltd., 3 & 4 Duke Street SE
Moonrakers, Edward Owen Adams, 94 Great Suffolk Street, Borough SE
Moore Arms, Edward Henry Wroughton, 61 & 63 Cadogan Street, Chelsea SW
Moorgate, George Elliott, 15 Finsbury Pavement EC
Moors Arms, Samuel George Beale, 78 Bow Common Lane E
Moreton Arms, John Earles, 65 Kentish Town Road NW
Morgan Arms, Edward Potter, 43 Morgan Street, Bow E
Morland’s Hotel & Tavern, Harry Augustus Sedger, 22 & 23 Dean Street, Soho W
Mornington Arms, Henry Jewell, 2 Mornington Street NW
Morpeth Arms, William Carpenter Hall, 58 Grosvenor Road SW
Morpeth Castle, Harry Joseph Ivory, 69 Cadogan Terrace, Hackney NE
Mortimer Arms, James Rossiter Anning, 174 Tottenham Court Road W
Mortimer Arms, Mrs. Susannah Ashbourne, 22 Mortimer Road N
Moscow Arms, Charles James Langdale, 61 & 62 Moscow Road W
Mother Red Cap, Thomas Bugler, 665 Holloway Road N
Mother Red Cap, Edward Lloyd Summers, 174 High Street, Camden Town NW
Mother Shipton, Percy Lloyd, 1 Malden Road NW
Mulberry Tree, John Douglas, 133 Stepney Green E
Mulberry Tree, Mrs. Harriett Fowler, 161 St. Leonard Street E
Mulberry Tree, Bernard Schilp, 1 Mulberry Street, Commercial Road East E
Mulberry Tree, James Henry Wright, 563 Holloway Road N
Murray Arms, Mrs. Mary Louisa Morgan, 25 St. Paul’s Road NW
Museum Tavern, Mrs. Charlotte Wheeldon, 49 Great Russell Street WC
Myddelton Arms, John Ferguson, 52 Canonbury Road, Islington N

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