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The London 1899 Public House & Publican Directory - C.



Cadogan Arms, Richard Glasspool, 298 King’s Road, Chelsea SW
Caledonian Arms, John Francis Fitch, 419 Caledonian Road N
Caledonian Arms, Thomas Gillett, 62 Fairfield Road, Bow E
Calthorpe Arms, Henry Good, 252 Gray’s Inn Road WC
Cambrian Distillery, Charles Wyndham, 38 Charing Cross Road WC
Cambrian Stores, Charles John Coombs, 44 Glasshouse Street W & 50 Warwick Street Regent Street W
Cambridge, Paul Alexander Greenwood, 93 Charing Cross Road WC
Camden, Frederick Anderson, 18 Store Street WC
Camden Arms, William Wade Hoel, Randolph Street NW
Camden Head, Robert Colebrook, 100 High Street, Camden Town NW
Camden Head, Charles Dearing & Co., 2 Camden Street, Islington N
Camden Head, Edward Henry Elmy, 456 Bethnal Green Road NE
Camden Stores, Frederick William Rudrum, 78 Park Street NW
Camdens Head, John James Silvester sen., 52 Church Row, Limehouse E
Campden Arms, Charles Best, 33 Campden Street, Kensington W
Canadian, Henry Finch, 127 Oxford Street W
Canning’s Head, George Blinkins, 63 Sidney Street, Mile End E
Cannon Tavern, Louis Hepburn Cross, 89 Cannon Street EC
Canonbury Tavern, William Ferris, 35 St. Mary’s Road, Canonbury N
Canterbury Arms, (Canterbury & Paragon Ltd.) (George Adney Payne, managing director) 13 Lambeth Upper Marsh SE
Canterbury Arms, Harry Hearn, 21 Bomore Road, Notting Hill W
Canterbury Arms, Mrs. Emma Porter, 61 Royal Road, Walworth SE
Canterbury Tavern, Walter Cavey, Canterbury Road, Old Kent Road SE
Cape of Good Hope, Charles Edward Brown, 54 New King Street, Deptford SE
Cape of Good Hope, Richard Dawes, 43 Devonshire Mews East, Portland Place W
Cape of Good Hope, Herbert William Godwin, 78 Albany Street NW
Cape of Good Hope, William Munro, 787 Commercial Road East E
Captain Cook, Thomas Matthews, 45 Umberston Street, Commercial Road East E
Captain Man of War, Thomas John Caton, 324 Poplar High Street E
Cardinal Wolsey, Frederick John Hunter, 10 King Henry Street, Stoke Newington N
Carlisle Arms, Walter Taylor, 2 Bateman Street, Soho W
Carlisle Tavern, Edward Eldridge, 26 Mostyn Road, Bow E
Carlton Arms, Mrs. Elizabeth Sarah Davis, 238 Devonshire Street, Mile End E
Carlton Bridge Tavern, Herbert Johnson, Woodfield Road, Harrow Road W
Carlton Tavern, George Charles Butcher, Carlton Vale, Maida Vale W
Carlton Tavern, John Evans, 2 Carlton Road, Kentish Town NW
Carnarvon Castle, Roland Frank Fiford, 7 & 8 Chalk Farm Road NW
Carnarvon Castle, Garner Brothers, 310 Portobello Road W
Carpenters’ Arms, James H. Carthew, 20 Catherine Street, Pimlico SW
Carpenters’ Arms, Frank Reginald Gould, 18 Gray Street, Manchester Square W
Carpenters’ Arms, Leon Harris, 151 Cambridge Road E
Carpenters’ Arms, Miss M.E. Hicks, 70 Whitfield Street W
Carpenters’ Arms, Frank Keen, 121 Kingsland Road NE
Carpenters’ Arms, Joseph Macaulay, 46 Dante Road SE
Carpenters’ Arms, George Patrick, 21 Bridport Place, Hoxton N
Carpenters’ Arms, Rippin & Strange, 105 King’s Cross Road WC
Carpenters’ Arms, Thomas William Scambler, 21 Oxford Mews, Cambridge Square W
Carpenters’ Arms, Charles Stanford, 12 Seymour Place W
Carpenters’ Arms, Thomas David Tyer, 51 Pritchard’s Road NE
Carpenters’ Arms, Charles Albert Weston, 32 Burton Street WC
Carved Red Lion, Charles Murton, 2 Essex Road N
Cassland, Henry Bishop, 295 Victoria Park Road NE
Castle, George Carter, 24 Carnaby Street W
Castle, Cambden & Hunt, 9 Finsbury Pavement EC
Castle, Hampton Collingham, 188 Camberwell Road SE
Castle, Mrs. Isabella Ferguson, 35 Shouldham Street, Bryanston Square W
Castle, Thomas Leigh, 41 Holland Street SE
Castle, John Rhys Meyrick, 81 Holloway Road N
Castle, Charles Morgan, 19 Quaker Street, Spitalfields E
Castle, Francis Newport, 147 Kentish Town Road NW
Castle, Percy Hales Prior, 100 Holland Park Avenue W
Castle, Alfred Damer Rayner, 34 & 35 Cowcross Street EC
Castle, George Riches, 37 City Road EC
Castle, Henry Rooke, 148 Kingsland High Street NE
Castle, Mrs. Elizabeth Salter, 26 Furnival Street, Holborn EC
Castle, Charles Shutler, 4 Portugal Street WC
Castle, James Tepper, 175 Tabard Street SE
Castle, Thomas Manning Trood, 205 Old Kent Road SE
Castle, John F. Wahlers, 44 Commercial Road East E
Castle Tavern, Frederick William Trew, 271 Regent Street W
Castle Tavern, Thomas Hoare, 40 Gresham Street EC & King Street, Cheapside EC
Cat, Alfred Probyn, 57 Whitecross Street, EC
Cat & Shoulder of Mutton, James Henry Reynolds, 76 Broadway, London Fields NE
Catherine Wheel, Francis Thomas Gearing, 501 St. Peter's Road, Mile End E
Catherine Wheel, William Moore, 32 Union Street, Borough SE
Catherine Wheel, Leonard Fawcett Summers, 1 Little St. James' Street SW
Catherine Wheel, Archibald Wakley, 23 Church Street, Kensington W
Cecil Tavern, William Henry Brougham, 24 & 25 Noel Street, Soho W
Cedars, John Baker, 60 North End Road W
Centurion, George Mills, 1 Deptford Broadway SE
Chalk Farm Tavern, Thomas Pullen, 89 Regent’s Park Road NW
Chamberlain’s Arms, James John Pluckrose jun., 12 Bastwick Street, Goswell Road EC
Champion, Philip Thomas Cook, 1 Wellington Terrace, Bayswater W
Champion, William Solomon Dibbs, 12 & 13 Wells Street W
Champion, Walter Alfred Goosey, 234 Goswell Road EC
Champion, Frederick Augustus White, 13 Weymouth Terrace, Hackney Road E
Chancery, Frederick Dunkin, 309 & 310 High Holborn WC
Chandos, John Johnston Calder, 28 St. Martin’s Lane WC & 36 & 37 Chandos Street, Charing Cross
Chapel House, Henry Thomas Woods, 62 Chapel Street, Pentonville N
Chapman Arms, Thomas Butler, 25 Lower Chapman Street E
Charing Cross Hotel Shades, 1 Villiers Street WC
Charterhouse Hotel, Joseph Lloyd, 54 Goswell Road EC
Chelsea Pensioner, Mrs. Georgiana Eliza Smith, 1 & 2 Queen’s Road, Chelsea SW
Chepstow Tavern, Mrs. Emily Allen, 39 Chepstow Place W
Chequers, Mrs. Mary Ann Elizabeth Neal, 16 Duke Street, St. James SW
Chequers, Richard Alfred Robinson, 25 Worship Street EC
Chequers & Greenland Fisher, Thomas Henry Price, 36 Wapping Wall E
Cherry Tree, Mrs. Alice Dalby, 111 Back Church Lane E
Cherry Tree, Edward Hards, 50 Cherry Garden Street SE
Cherry Tree, Harry M. Jackson, 321 Brunswick Road, Poplar E
Cherry Tree, Edwin Woollard, 94 Whitecross Street EC
Cheshire Cheese, John Phillips Hocking, 48 Crutchedfriars EC
Chester Arms, Thomas Robert Brown, 83 Albany Street NW
Chester Arms, Horace Green, 27 Chester Terrace, Eaton Square SW
Chichester, George Ashley, Lower Road SE
Childe Harold, Charles Trott, 20 Railway Street E
China Hall, John Holland Crump, 141 Lower Road SE
China Ship, Mrs. Emily Sly, 4 Little Hermitage Street, Wapping E
Chippenham Hotel, Frederick Seaward, Shirland Road W
Churchill Arms, Henry Blundell, 9 Peel Place, Silver Street W
Citizen, James Reginald March, 70 Houndsditch E
City Arms, William Binfield, 273 City Road EC
City Arms, John Elias Brook, 56 West Square SE
City Arms, Arthur James Davis, 134 Devon’s Road, Bromley E
City Arms, Duncan Jenkins, 198 High Street, Deptford SE
City Arms, Jones Brothers, 6 Blomfield Street EC
City Arms, Percy A. Millis, 31 Great Tower Street EC
City Arms, George Francis Parsons, 1 West Ferry Road E
City Boundary Tavern, John Jervis, 109 Aldersgate Street EC
City of Canton, Walter James Bush, 4 Upper North Street, Poplar E
City of Carlisle, Mrs. Ann Finnigan, 60 Royal Mint Street E
City of Gloucester, James Henry Millar, 1 St. Leonard’s Terrace, Chelsea SW
City of Hereford, Charles Gillard, 10 King’s Place, Portman Square W
City of Hereford, George Garibaldi Rich, 37 Cleveland Street W
City of London, Harry Weber Brown & Co., 11 Bishopsgate Street Within EC
City of London Tavern, Robert Stephen Couch, 338 City Road EC
City of London Tavern, George Cracknell, 107 York Road N
City of New York, Walter Porter, Hand Court, Holborn WC
City of Norwich, Mark Myers, 111 Wentworth Street, Spitalfields E
City of Quebec, George Henry Shepherd, 540 Oxford Street W
City of Salisbury, Isaac Dolden, Tooley Street SE
City of Salisbury, Thomas Edward Gill, 89 Rodney Road SE
City Scotch Stores, Charles William Fink, 27 Knightrider Street EC
City of York, Edward Gentry, 126 York Road N
Civet Cat, John Aickman Wells, 74 Kensington High Street W
Clachan, Robert Francis Elphinstone Morison, 16 Sherborne Lane EC; Mitre Court, Fleet Street EC & 18 King Street, Regent Street W
Clare Hall, Joseph Tibbits, 269 Oxford Street, Stepney E
Claremont Arms, Albert Frederick William Chinnery, 32 Upper Grange Road SE
Clarence, Thomas Collingwood, 88 Aldersgate Street EC
Clarence, Janes Brothers, 148 North End Road W
Clarence, Francis Henry Penney, 4 Dover Street W
Clarence, James Bazley Ponsford, 99 Kentish Town Road NW
Clarence, Henry Harley Stephens, 1 Gledhow Terrace, South Kensington SW
Clarence Tavern, James Hooper, 240 Seven Sisters Road N
Clarendon, Richard Coe, 52 Cambridge Street, Pimlico SW
Clarendon, Mrs. Sarah Ann Courtin, 92 Mildmay Park N
Clarendon, Philip Rose, 364 Oxford Street W
Clarendon Arms, William Dominick Westcott, 86 Balcorne Street, Hackney NE
Clarendon Hotel, George Joseph Coppendale, 85 Clarendon Road W
Clay Hall, Alfred George, 497 Old Ford Road, Bow E
Clayton Arms, George Edward Clark, 27 Kennington Oval SE
Cleopatra Hotel, John Charles Lethbridge Hawkins, 15 & 16 Beaufort Buildings, Strand WC
Clerkenwell Tavern, Frederick Ernest Osborne, 106 Farringdon Road EC
Cleveland Arms, Francis Joseph Skiff, 28 Chilworth Street, Westbourne Terrace W
Clifton Arms, John Henderson Clark, 152 Fulham Road SW
Clifton Hotel, Richard Bradshaw, 96 Clifton Hill NW
Cliftonville Tavern, William John Huxley & Co., Ilderton Road, South Bermondsey SE
Clock House, Charles Pay, 40 Leather Lane EC
Clock House, George Thomas Wood, 13 & 14 Houghton Street WC
Clock House, Arthur Thomas Yardley, 1 Brompton Road SW
Clothworkers Arms, Samuel Prior, 52 Arlington Street, New North Road N
Cloudesley Arms, William Thorpe, Cloudesley Place N
Clown, Wallace Gardiner Lewis, 136 St. John Street Road EC
Clyde, George Wyatt, 187 Commercial Road East E
Coach & Horses, Alfred Abrahams, 42 Wellington Street WC
Coach & Horses, Charles Ayton, 1 & 2 Chester Mews, Grosvenor Place SW
Coach & Horses, Henry Beard, 21 North Street, Westminster SW
Coach & Horses, James Thomas Beer, 2 Old Compton Street, Soho W
Coach & Horses, William James Bell, 69 St. Matthias Road, Stoke Newington N
Coach & Horses, Walter Binckes, 71 St. John Street Road EC
Coach & Horses, William Walsingham Bowyer, James Street, Kensington W
Coach & Horses, Henry Brown, 259 Bow Road E
Coach & Horses, William Henry Burden, 71 Bartholomew Close EC
Coach & Horses, Edwin John Burt, 21 Fann Street EC
Coach & Horses, Frank Arthur Butler, 153 Aldersgate Street EC
Coach & Horses, William Cavers, 8 Broad Street, Lambeth SE
Coach & Horses, Charles Robert Cutter, 29 Greek Street W
Coach & Horses, Frank Day, 323 & 324 Strand WC
Coach & Horses, William Bignell Elliott, 5 Hill Street, Berkeley Square W
Coach & Horses, George William Flood, 56a Minories E
Coach & Horses, James William Fowler, 29 Ray Street, Clerkenwell EC
Coach & Horses, Robert Paul Greenwood, 276 Edgware Road W
Coach & Horses, Henry Guest, 95 Lower Sloane Street SW
Coach & Horses, George Frederick Hacker, 3 Mitchell Street, St. Luke’s EC
Coach & Horses, Miles Hall, 108 High Street, Notting Hill W
Coach & Horses, Mrs. Harriett Harvey, 49 St. Johns Square EC
Coach & Horses, Alfred Harrison, 83 Long Lane SE
Coach & Horses, John Charles Hodgkins, 21 Beak Street, Regent Street W
Coach & Horses, George Kendall, 58 York Street, Westminster SW
Coach & Horses, Mrs. Jane Ellen Kent, 1 Great Marlborough Street W
Coach & Horses, Harry Augustus Lloyd, 16 Conduit Street W
Coach & Horses, Massar & Chapman, 4 Portsmouth Place, Lincoln’s Inn Fields WC
Coach & Horses, Edmund Walter Mawby, 120 Holborn EC
Coach & Horses, Arthur Moore, 348 Clapham Road SW
Coach & Horses, Edward Henry Page & Son, 199 Shadwell High Street E
Coach & Horses, Mrs. Thomas Pain, 5 Bruton Street W
Coach & Horses, William Henry Rollings, 214 Holloway Road N
Coach & Horses, Mrs. Rosina Simpson, 66 Chiswell Street EC
Coach & Horses, Tom Spenceley, 380 Mile End Road E
Coach & Horses, Benjamin William Wren, 11 Avery Row, Grosvenor Street W
Coachmakers Arms, Mrs. Fanny Hitter Bygrave, 6 Belgrave Mews East, Chapel Street SW
Coachmakers Arms, William Edward Layborn, 88 Marylebone Lane W
Coachmakers Arms, Robert Edwin Pilgrim, 33 Bryanston Street W
Coalmeters Arms, Robert Newstead, 62 Heath Street, Stepney E
Cobden Arms, George Molyneux, 62 St Katharines Road, Notting Hill W
Coborn Arms, Alexander John Stokes, 8 Coborn Road, Bow E
Coburg Arms, James George Messer, 19 Webber Street SE
Cock, Edward John Arpthrop, 20 Love Lane, Eastcheap EC
Cock, Edwin Bear, 12 Stanhope Street NW
Cock, William Bennett, 1 Market Street, Jermyn Street SW
Cock, James Boulter, 45 Whitechapel High Street & 9 Commercial Road East E
Cock, Henry Lee, 3 & 5 Broad Street, Ratcliff E
Cock, Joseph Pragnell, 596 Holloway Road N
Cock, James Sands, 58 Old Street EC
Cock, Bertram William Taylor, 62 Chalton Street NW
Cock Tavern, Thomas Andrews, 259 Upper Street N
Cock Tavern, Frederick William Cates, 340 Kennington Road SE
Cock Tavern, William George Dickinson, 125 High Road, Kilburn NW
Cock Tavern, William Bignell Elliott, 27 Great Portland Street W
Cock Tavern, Thomas Girling, 315 Mare Street, Hackney NE
Cock Tavern, Miss Ellen Kate Tripp, 134 Shaftesbury Avenue W
Cock Tavern, Thomas George Walker, 234 & 235 Central Markets EC
Cock & Bottle, Mrs. Annie Edith Browne, 94 & 96 Cannon Street EC
Cock & Bottle, Alfred Gates, 13 China Walk SE
Cock & Castle, George Johnson, 58 Mansford Street, Hackney Road NE
Cock & Hoop, John Edward Bateman, 158 Hanbury Street E
Cock & Lion, Mrs. Bessie Bidgood, 62 Wigmore Street W
Cock & Lion, David Grubb Kidd, Lower East Smithfield E
Cock & Magpie, William Watson, 72 Wilson Street, Finsbury EC
Cock & Neptune, George Christian Ditzel, 211 St. George Street E
Cock & Woolpack, Robert Callingham, 6 Finch Lane EC
Codrington, Mrs. Jane Gate, 17 Kensington Park Road W
Coffee Pot, Thomas Keeble, Warwick Lane EC
Colet Arms, Mrs. Jane Frances Craighead, 94 White Horse Street, Stepney E
Colleen Bawn, Henry Fitt, 196 Southwark Park Road SE
College Arms, Frederick Austin, 2 Crownsdale Road NW
College Arms, George Lakeman, 99 Old Bethnal Green Road E
Collingwood, Tom Powell, 93 Hall Place, Paddington W
Colosseum, William White, 198 Great Portland Street W
Colville Hotel, George Francis Skinner, 186 Portobello Road W
Colville Tavern, James Crimmen, 72 King’s Road, Chelsea SW
Commercial Dock Tavern, Thomas Joseph Kent, 101 Plough Road, Rotherhithe SE
Commercial Tavern, Walter Davies, 119 King’s Road SW
Commercial Tavern, William Blumsom, 142 Commercial Street E
Commercial Tavern, John Groh, 1 Pennyfields, Poplar E
Comus, Harry Taylor, 102 Bemerton Street N
Conant Arms, Morton William Miller, 41 Stainsby Road E
Connaught Arms, Ranger & Devereux, 262 High Holborn WC
Connoisseur, Thomas Jefferies, 3 & 4 Philip Lane EC
Conquering Hero, James Lyons & Co., 73 Upper Grange Road SE
Constitution, James Henry Hughes, 123 Drury Lane WC
Constitution, William Henry Snook, 63 Long Lane, Bermondsey SE
Constitution, Mrs. Annie Walker, 11A Great James Street NW
Constitution Tavern, Arthur Dovey, 42 Churton Street SW
Constitutional, William Anderson, 42 King’s Road, Camden Town NW
Coopers Arms, Sydney Andrews, 24 Tower Street, Westminster Bridge Road SE
Coopers Arms, George Block, 87 Flood Street, Chelsea SW
Coopers Arms, William Thomas Dwight, 16 Sun Street, Finsbury EC
Coopers Arms, John Male Fiddes, 19 Tanner Street, Bermondsey SE
Coopers Arms, Abraham Lewis Garrett, 98 Golden Lane EC
Coopers Arms, Samuel James Muncy, 32 Huntingdon Street, Hoxton N
Coopers Arms, Joseph Salter, 52 Union Street, Borough SE
Coopers Arms, Henry Albert James Williams, 13 Silver Street EC & 1A Monkwell Street EC
Coopers Arms Tavern, Henry Nelson & Co., 19 Budge Row EC
Copenhagen, Jonathan Batsford, 183 Salmon Lane E
Copenhagen House, Charles Frederick Williams, 374 York Road N
Corner Pin, Albert Edward Burrows, 40 Strutton Ground SW
Cornish Arms, Robert Crane, 14 & 16 Carlisle Street, Edgware Road NW
Cornwall Arms, Charles Alexander Simpson, 76 Cornwall Road SE
Coronet, Mrs. Harriet Lindley, 9 & 10 Soho Street, Soho Square W
Cottage of Content, Harry Walter Coplestone, 123 Rodney Road, Walworth SE
Cotton Arms, Fred Elliston, 92 St. Paul’s Road, Limehouse E
County Terrace, Frederick James Harris, 93 New Kent Road SE
Court Tavern, Robert Henry Norman Thorne, 42 Renfrew Road, Lower Kennington Lane SE
Courtfield Hotel, Dickie & Larby, 181 Earls Court Road SW
Cow & Calf Tavern, Thomas John Sewell, 27 & 29 Eastcheap EC
Cranbourn, Henry Bishop, 1 Upper St. Martin’s Lane WC
Cranley Arms, Bloxham & Stokes, 52 Fulham Road SW
Craven Arms, George Leonard, 38 Marshall Street W
Craven Arms, Charles Henry Waller, Craven Passage, Strand WC
Craven Head, William Miles, 99 Drury Lane WC
Cremorne Arms, John Gardiner Banfield, 1 Lots Road, Chelsea SW
Cricketers, Charles Herbert Jones, 148 Newington Butts SE
Cricketers, Ernest Pearce, 30 Wellington Street, Camden Town NW
Crimea Tavern, Richard Jones, 36 Inkerman Road NW
Criterion, Richard L. Melhuish, 116 St. John Street EC
Crooked Billet, William Brown, 93 Hoxton Street N
Crooked Billet, Erbach Brothers, 43 King David Lane E
Crooked Billet, Mrs. Eliza Emily Hill, 1 Tower Hill E & 1 King Street E
Crooked Billet, William Caryl Ponsford, 6 Portsmouth Street WC
Crooked Billet, Martin Tracey Richardson, 10 Crooked Lane EC
Crooked Billet, Matthew Tarlton, 32 St George Street E
Crosby Head, Mrs. Sarah Ann Winters, 1 Pitfield Street N

Cross Keys, Mrs. Elizabeth Codd, 2 Lawrence Street, Chelsea SW
Cross Keys, Harvey James Greenfield, 31 Endell Street WC
Cross Keys, Alfred John Hardaway, 80 Theobald’s Road WC
Cross Keys, Oliver Newman, 1 Blackfriars Road SE
Cross Keys, John Vian, 16 St. John Street EC
Crown, Charles Allen, 22 Broad Street, Golden Square W
Crown, George Andrews, 137 Lambeth Road SE
Crown, Frederick William Arnould, 34 Church Street, Bethnal Green E
Crown, George Henry Bailey, 112 Spa Road SE
Crown, Henry James Kingston Balls, 418 Mare Street, Hackney NE
Crown, Alfred William Brooks, 64 Cleveland Street, Fitzroy Square W
Crown, David Brown, 33 Thanet Street WC
Crown, Charles Henry Burgess, 14 Brewer Street, Golden Square W
Crown, Joseph Busby, 9 Orchard Place, Blackwall E
Crown, Edward James Chapman, 78 Tufton Street, Westminster SW
Crown, John Cliffin, 30 Currie Street, Nine Elms SW
Crown, Henry George Coard, 27 New Cut, Lambeth SE
Crown, Edward Arthur Cook, 248 North End Road SW
Crown, George Cox, 667 Commercial Road East E
Crown, George Bathe Cundell, 128 Pentonville Road N
Crown, George Henry Curtis, 95 Tabard Street, Borough SE
Crown, Hugh McClelland Douglas, 31 Lant Street, Borough SE
Crown, Mrs. Annie Elliot, 57 Princes Road, Notting Hill W
Crown, William Alfred Evans, 22 West Smithfield EC
Crown, Finch & Co., 46 Stanhope Street WC
Crown, Michael Finigan, 14 Rupert Street, Goodman’s Fields E
Crown, Ambrose Thomas Gates, 95 Rhodeswell Road E
Crown, Edwin Henry Gilbert, 80 Kensington High Street W
Crown, William Grapes, 193 Whitecross Street EC
Crown, Frederick Thomas Gray, Grey Eagle Street, Spitalfields E
Crown, George Groom, 87 Henry Street, Portland Town NW
Crown, Edward William Harris, 30 George Street, Blackfriars Road SE
Crown, Francis William Hutchison, 19 Mayfield Road, Dalston NE
Crown, Mrs. Julia King, 116 Cloudesley Road N
Crown, Henry Mark Kingston, 44 Clerkenwell Green EC
Crown, George Latimer, 60 Winchester Street N
Crown, Miss Maud Marshall, 440 Southwark Park Road SW
Crown, Worledge Mayes, 2 Kirby Street, Hatton Garden EC
Crown, William Miller, 108 Blackfriars Road SE
Crown, Patrick Mulherin, 213 Borough High Street SE
Crown, Richard James Norden, Vine Street, York Road, Lambeth SE
Crown, Frederick Henry Parker, 158 Prince of Wales Road NW
Crown, Charles Thomas Payne, 40 Beak Street, Regent Street W
Crown, Henry Penfold, 1 Great St. Andrew Street W
Crown, Mrs. Ann Porteous, 1 Crown Court, 71 Fleet Street EC
Crown, Henry Reed, 172 Cable Street E
Crown, Frank Rowe, 60 Shadwell High Street E
Crown, Henry Smith, 43 Ormond Yard, Queen Square WC
Crown, Frank Snooks, 179 Pancras Road NW
Crown, Mrs. Emma A. Spearman, 74 Mile End Road E
Crown, Frank Arthur Street, 54 Curtain Road EC
Crown, Joseph Leonard Taylor, 20 Heddon Street, Regent Street W
Crown, Henry Trask, 198 Edgware Road W
Crown, Michael Ullmer, 55 New Oxford Street WC & 243 Shaftesbury Avenue WC
Crown, Pelegrino Verioni, 11 Back Hill EC
Crown, Henry Edwin Wesson, 1 Leigh Street, Red Lion Square WC

Crown Distillery, Joseph Pailes, 23 Vere Street, Clare Market WC
Crown Hotel, Horace Adolphus Buttgenbach, 43 Charing Cross Road WC
Crown Hotel, William Pritchard Leech, 14 Stanhope Terrace, Bayswater Road W
Crown Hotel, Tom White, 223 Grove Road, Mile End Road E
Crown Tavern, Mrs. Alice Blake, 12A Old Cavendish Street W
Crown Tavern, Francis Hunt, 35 Albert Embankment SE
Crown & Anchor, William Abrey, 188 Albany Street NW
Crown & Anchor, Philip Aris Berrisford, 99 Finsbury Pavement EC
Crown & Anchor, Alfred Brown Catford, 116 New Kent Road SE
Crown & Anchor, Samuel John Coulson, 24 Neal Street, Long Acre WC
Crown & Anchor, Hirman Valentine Eldridge, 113 Buxton Street, Mile End New Town E
Crown & Anchor, Charles Friedlander, 71 Cheshire Street, Bethnal Green E
Crown & Anchor, Edmund Gilding, 137 Drummond Street NW
Crown & Anchor, Henry Hogan, 44 & 46 Brook Street, Ratcliff E
Crown & Anchor, William Ingram, 67 Paul Street, Finsbury EC
Crown & Anchor, Charles Knight, 43 New Cross Road SE
Crown & Anchor, Benjamin Pearce Lucas, 77 & 79 Jamaica Road SE
Crown & Anchor, Charles Padley, 28 Farringdon Street EC
Crown & Anchor, Walter Reynolds, 10 King’s Head Court, Shoe Lane EC
Crown & Anchor, George Rogers, 49 Nelson Street, Commercial Road East E
Crown & Anchor, Mrs. Mary Ann Thew, 25 Temple Street, Hackney Road E
Crown & Anvil, Alfred Courtman, 8 Swan Street, Minories E
Crown & Apple Tree, Robert Robinson, 37 Berwick Street W
Crown & Castle, Alfred William Bacon, 564 Kingsland Road NE
Crown & Cushion, Mrs. Annie Elizabeth Crouch, 51 Parker Street, Drury Lane WC
Crown & Cushion, Mrs. Elizabeth Loader, 23 Lion Street, Poplar E
Crown & Cushion, Henry Roberts, 38 Page’s Walk, Bermondsey SE
Crown & Dolphin, William Lable, 10 Stepney High Street E
Crown & Dolphin, George Leeder, 56 Cannon Street Road E
Crown & Grapes, Frederick Lloyd, 7 Little Newport Street WC
Crown & Grapes, William Thomas Tree, 1 & 3 Westminster Bridge Road SE
Crown & Leek, Mrs. Harriet Coals, Deal Street, Mile End New Town E
Crown & Sceptre, James Benton, 25 Chapter Street, Westminster SW
Crown & Sceptre, Abraham Clements, 57 Shad Thames SE
Crown & Sceptre, Gibbs Farley, 25 Woolmore Street, Poplar E
Crown & Sceptre, Frank Heywood & Co., 86 Great Titchfield Street W & 26 & 27 Foley Street W
Crown & Sceptre, Ebenezer S. Meredith, 22 Old Change EC
Crown & Sceptre, Max Myers, 132 Brompton Road SW
Crown & Sceptre, Edward Nock, 35 Ware Street, Kingsland Road N
Crown & Sceptre, Mrs. Mary Ann Parker, 34 Holland Road, Kensington W
Crown & Sceptre, Frederick George Smith, 47 Edward Street, Hampstead Road NW
Crown & Sceptre, Mrs. Emma Sorrell, 30 Britannia Street, City Road N
Crown & Seven Stars, William Vinall, 47 Royal Mint Street E
Crown & Shears, Julius Blum, 83 & 84 Minories E
Crown & Shuttle, Harry Nicholls Morgan, 226 Shoreditch High Street E
Crown & Sugar Loaf, Henry Richard Vear, 14 Garlick Hill EC
Crown & Thistle, Alfred Rayner, 42 & 43 Haymarket SW
Crown & Two Chairmen, Charles Edward Heinlee, 32 Dean Street, Soho W
Crown & Woolpack, Horace John Moore, 162 St. John Street Road EC
Crystal Tavern, Mrs. Mary Ann Burke, 32 Rotherhithe New Road SE
Cubitt Arms, George Arthur Saunders, 262 Manchester Road E
Cumberland Arms, William Farmborough, 29 North End Road W
Cumberland Stores, Robert Leishman Todd, 15 Beak Street W
Cutlers’ Arms, Aaron Isaacs, 3 & 4 Cutler Street E
Czar’s Head, John Joseph Burnett, 48 Great Tower Street EC

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