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East London Beer Guide & Pub directory in 1983 - E2 Bethnal Green

A listing of historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in London.

1983 Beer index

The 1983 edition of the East London Beer Guide - East London & City CAMRA.

E2 Bethnal Green
E2 Acorn: 149 Queensbridge Road . Trumans.
E2 ANGEL & CROWN: 170 Roman Road. Bass Charrington.
E2 APPROACH TAVERN: 47 Approach Road. Free House.
E2 Beachcomber: 234 Cambridge Heath Road . Watneys.
E2 Beehive: 230 Roman Road . Watneys.
E2 BIRDCAGE: 80 Columbia Road . Trumans.
E2 BISHOP BONNER: 21 Bonner Street. Allied Breweries. The only surviving building in demolished street.
E2 Black Horse: 67 Roman Road . Trumans.
E2 Blade Bone: 185 Bethnal Green Road . Bass Charrington.
E2 Bohola House: 423 Bethnal Green Road . Free House.
E2 BRITANNIA: 209 Globe Road . Watneys.
E2 Britannia: 12 Chilton Street . Trumans.
E2 British Lion: 193 Hackney Road . Whitbread.
E2 Browns: 1 Hackney Road . Watneys.
E2 Buskers Free House: 2 Pollard Row. Free House.
E2 Camdens Head: 456 Bethnal Green Road . Bass Charrington.
E2 Camel: 277 Globe Road . Allied Breweries.
E2 Carpenters Arms: 73 Cheshire Street. Trumans. closed.
E2 CITY OF PARIS: 178 Old Ford Road. Trumans. Modern two bar pub which replaced a magnificent Victorian predecessor on this site,
E2 CONQUEROR: 2 / 4 Austin Street. Free House. CHARRINGTON IPA,
E2 Crown: 144 Whiston Road . Watneys.
E2 Crown: 34 Redchurch Street . Free House.
E2 Dolphin: 85 Redchurch Street . Trumans.
E2 Dover Castle: 118 Old Bethnal Green Road . Trumans.
E2 Duke of Cambridge: 25 Felix Street. Belhaven.
E2 Duke of Cambridge: 101 Queensbridge Road . Bass Charrington.
E2 Duke of Sussex: 94 Goldsmith's Row. Shepherd Neame. A former Wests Brewery House, look out for the name on the exterior facade. Locals refer to the pub's location as being on ' Piggy Island ', as the site used to be a farm.
E2 Duke of Wellington: 52 Cyprus Street. Watneys.
E2 Duke of York: 64 Ellsworth Street. Trumans.
E2 DUNDEE ARMS : 339 Cambridge Heath Road. Allied Breweries.
E2 Durham Arms : 408 Hackney Road. Trumans.
E2 Earl Grey: 272 Bethnal Green Road . Watneys.
E2 FLORISTS ARMS: 255 Globe Road . Watneys.
E2 Flying Scud: 137 Hackney Road . Trumans.
E2 Fountain: 123 Sceptre Road . Watneys.
E2 George & Dragon: 2 Hackney Road. Watneys.
E2 Globe: 109 Columbia Road . Watneys.
E2 Green Gate: 230 Bethnal Green Road . Allied Breweries.
E2 Green Man: 287 Cambridge Heath Road . Trumans.
E2 Greyhound: 32 Old Ford Road . Courage.
E2 GT's: 42 Whiston Road . Watneys. No real ale!
E2 Hackney Cab: 324 Hackney Road . Allied Breweries.
E2 Halfway House: 388 Hackney Road. Allied Breweries.
E2 Hare: 505 Cambridge Heath Road . Trumans.
E2 Hop Picker: 481 Hackney Road . Free House.
E2 Joiners Arms: 116 / 118 Hackney Road. Watneys.
E2 King & Queen: 89 Cheshire Street. Trumans.
E2 Kings Arms: 67 Old Bethnal Green Road . Watneys.
E2 Kings Arms: 11 Buckfast Street . Courage.
E2 Kings Head: 257 Kingsland Road . Allied Breweries.
E2 KNIGHTS: 111 Gosset Street . Free House. YOUNGS SPECIAL.
E2 Lord Hood: 89 Dunbridge Street . Trumans.
E2 MANCHESTER ARMS : 155 Hackney Road. Free House.
E2 MARKSMAN: 254 Hackney Road . Free House.
E2 Marquis of Cornwallis: 304 Bethnal Green Road. Trumans.
E2 Marquis of Lansdowne: 32 Cremer Street. Free House.
E2 Nelsons Head: 32 Horatio Street . Gibbs Mew.
E2 Norfolk Arms : 460 Hackney Road. Free House.
E2 Old Basing House: 25 Kingsland Road. Courage.
E2 Old Friends: 129 Roman Road . Watneys.
E2 Old George: 397 Bethnal Green Road . Trumans.
E2 Old King Johns Head: 90 Whiston Road. Bass Charrington.
E2 Panther: 15 Turin Street . Whitbreads.
E2 Perseverance: 112 Pritchards Road . Watneys.
E2 Perseverance: 125 Gosset Street . Watneys.
E2 Prince of Wales: 76 Bishops Way. Bass Charrington.
E2 Prince of Wales: 59 Barnet Grove. Free House.
E2 Prince of Wales: 1 Teale Street. Watneys.
E2 Queen Victoria: 72 Barnet Grove. Watneys.
E2 Railway Tavern: 131 Globe Road. Bass Charrington.
E2 Red Deer: 393 Cambridge Heath Road . Watneys.
E2 Royal Alfred: 267 Kingsland Road . Watneys.
E2 RJ's: 163 Gossett Street . Free House.
E2 Royal Cricketers: 211 Old Ford Road. Whitbreads.
E2 Royal Oak: 73 Columbia Road. Trumans.
E2 Royal Standard: 165 Kingsland Road. Young & Co.
E2 SOLLYS: 31 Coate Street . Gibbs Mew.
E2 Shakespeare: 460 Bethnal Green Road . Trumans.
E2 Ship: 473 Bethnal Green Road . Watneys.
E2 SHIP & BLUE BALL: 13 Boundary Street. Watneys.
E2 SPORTING LIFE: 36 Wilmot Street. Free House. Large one bar pub, formerly known as 'The Lamb', with variety of jockey paraphernalia. Opposite Bethnal Green BR Station.
E2 Spread Eagle: 3 Kingsland Road . Watneys.
E2 Sun: 441 Bethnal Green Road . Whitbreads.
E2 Temple Street Tap: 428 Hackney Road. Bass Charrington. In mid 1983 was closed for refurbishment, To be renamed 'Septembers'.
E2 Three Loggerheads: 57 Virginia Road. Watneys.
E2 Tipples: 502 Bethnal Green Road . Watneys.
E2 Van Tromp: 121 Bethnal Green Road . Bass Charrington. For sale as a free house in 1983
E2 Victoria: 4 Ravenscroft Street . Watneys.
E2 Victory: 27 Vyner Street . Allied Breweries.
E2 Victory: 281 Kingsland Road. For sale free of tie in 1982-3
E2 Warners: 68 Warner Place . Watneys. Used to be 'Old Horns'
E2 Weavers Arms: 100 Roman Road . Allied Breweries.
E2 Well & Bucket: 143 Bethnal Green Road. Trumans.
E2 Weymouth Arms : 80 Weymouth Terrace. Watneys.
E2 White Hart: 359 Bethnal Green Road . Trumans.
E2 WHITE HORSE: 236 Cambridge Heath Road . Whitbreads.
E2 Woolpack: 89 Sceptre Road . Watneys.
E2 Ye Olde Axe: 69 Hackney Road . Free House.