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The London 1839 Public House & Publican Directory - as listed in LONDON 1839 Pigots Directory - G.

A listing of the Public Houses, Publicans and Public House address in 1839


Garrick Tavern, Conquest Benjamin Oliver, 25 Leman Street
Garricks Head, Birks Henry, 26 Bow Street
Gate House, Macey Thomas, 30 Frederick Place, Hampstead Road
General Eliott, Denbigh John, 17 Hospital Row, Chelsea
General Eliott, Hearside John, 1 Bedfordbury
General Graham, Folkard A, 11 Silver Street, Clerkenwell
General Wolfe, Nesling Timothy, 8 Little Grays Inn Lane
Geneva Arms, Redkison William, 3 Hayes Court, Soho
Gentleman & Porter, Bunn John, 33 Kimgsland Road
Gentleman & Porter, Capron James, 30 New Street Square
Gentleman & Porter, Matthews Samuel James, 16 Nicholl Square
George, Annett Lewis, 1 Gravel Lane, Boro
George, Bacon John, 6 Billingsgate Market
George, Baker William, 29 Brewer Street, Golden Square
George, Best William, 19 Queen Ann Street
George, Brook John Elias, 4 Market Street, Boro Road
George, Brown Sarah, 17 Carter Street, Spitalfields
George, Bunn Richard, 1 Goodmans Yard, Minories
George, Carter Christopher, 53 South Street, Grosvenor Square
George, Castleman George, 1 George Street, Great Surrey Street
George, Cater William, 47 Drury Lane
George, Crask Samuel, 12 Bankside, Borough
George, Dougal Richard Cates, Waterloo Road
George, Edwards Wm. 1 Portland Street, Wardour Street
George, Elder David, 104 Houndsditch
George, Elgee Edward, 4 St Georges Place, High Street, Camberwell
George, Elliott Thomas, 43 Thomas Street, Horselydown
George, Emmerson Johnm Blackwell
George, Finch My Ann, 13 Middle Row, Holborn
George, Gammon Charles, 8 Grafton Street, Soho
George, Gill Francis, 84 Fenchurch Street
George, Gower Stephen, 31 Great St Andrew Street
George, Jackson Elizabeth, 8 East Harding Street
George, Lancefield Christiana, 114 Great Portland Street
George, Layton William, 275 Whitechapel Road
George, Man Emily, 2 George Court, Strand
George, Mills George, 38 Church Street, Soho
George, Moorton Henry, 13 Brook Street, Holborn
George, Mouls Wm, High Street, Newington Butts
George, Phillips Hannah, 25 Old Bailey
George, Phillips Richard, Georges Row, Dockhead
George, Pigot Jacob, Stoney Street, Borough Market
George, Pollin John, Church Street, Kensington
George, Ritchie George, 113 Cock Hill, Ratcliff
George, Robinson Stephen Thos, 207 Shoreditch
George, Rotherham Henry, 23 Crown Street, Soho
George, Schmonsees John, 30 Pelham Street, Spitalfields
George, Shaw James Edward, 108 Old Street
George, Smith Thomas, 58 Monmouth Street
George, Stone Thomas, Strahan Terrace, Liverpool Road
George, Taylor Smith Jobson, 45 Castle Street, Leicester Square
George, Thompson Peter, 9 Great Queen Street, Lincolns Inn
George, Thurtle George, Morgans Lane, Tooley Street
George, Walbancke Chas, 24 St John Street, Clerkenwell
George, Walker John, New Road, St Georges East
George, Watkins Sarah, 1 St Mary Axe
George, Watt James, 22 Great Chapel Street, Oxford Street
George, Williams Robert Samuel,1 Georges Terrace, Commercial Road east
George, Wilson Mary Ann, Somerset Street, Aldgate
George & Bull, Plumb Edward, 67 Orchard Street, Westminster
George & Crown, Nicholas Thomas, Broad Street, Bloomsbury
George & Dragon, Ampleford Robert, 22 Greek Street, Soho
George & Dragon, Driver Thomas, 17 Paradise Row, Chelsea
George & Dragon, Edwards Robert, 37 Vine Street, Westminster
George & Dragon, Fowler Benjamin James, 13 Beech Street
George & Dragon, Francis George, Vauxhall Row, Kennington
George & Dragon, Fritchley Richard, 1 St John Street, West Smithfield
George & Dragon, Fritchley Richard, 1 Northampton Place
George & Dragon, Hart Thomas, 18 Princes Street, Soho
George & Dragon, Hersey James, 91 Long acre
George & Dragon, Jackson Margaret, 192 High Street, Shadwell
George & Dragon, Moore Wilkinson, 13 Buckingham Place, Fitzroy Square
George & Dragon, Pearson James, 121 Barret Street, Lambeth
George & Dragon, Stanner Richard, 1 Hackney Road
George & Dragon, Voller William, 18 New North Street, Theobalds Road
George & Dragon, West J, 104 Blackman Street, Borough
George & Guy, Martin Geo, 193 Brick Lane
George & Phoenix, Smith Edward, 25 Bermondsey Street
George & Thirteen Cantons, Miles George, 38 Church Street, Soho
George & Vulture, Back George, 39 Ratcliff Highway
George & Vulture, Punshon Catherine, 14 Wapping Wall
George & Vulture, Walles James, 36 Haberdashers Walk
George IV, Cardwell Robert, 27 Queens Row, Pimlico
George IV, Clarke Robert, King Street Terrace, Islington
George IV, Gill Jacob, St Albans Terrace, Vauxhall Bridge Road
George IV, Johnson James Lee, St Andrews Road, Borough
George IV, McGill Jas, 9 George Buildings, Old Street Road
George IV, Malchar John, Richard Street, Limehouse
George IV, Milnes Rt, 28 Edward Street, Cumberland Market
George IV, Morgan William, Bethnal Green Road
George IV, Pope Ephraim, 5 Leicester Street, Regent Street
George IV, Roberts John, 43 Rosemary Lane
George IV, Skinner Jno, Guildford Street east, Clerkenwell
George IV, Stennett William, 156 Goswell Road
George IV, Swallow Richard, Green Street, Globe Fields
George IV, Symes Robert, New Street, Cloth Fair
George IV, Tye Edward, Montpelier Terrace
George IV, Twilley Isaac, 1 Back Hill, Leather Lane
George IV, Upperton Samuel, 3 Duke Street, Lisson Grove
George IV, Walter Charles, 12 Portsmouth Road
George IV, Wardman Thomas, Brunswick Street, Hackney Road
George IV, Watkins A A, 1 Lower Copenhagen Street
George IV, White James 19 Broad Street, Bloomsbury
George IV, Wright William John, 6 Southwark Crescent
George Inn Tap, Smith William, Aldermanbury
Gibraltar, Stead William, 16 Prospect Place, St Georges Road
Glaziers Arms, Sinclair John, Water Lane, Blackfriars
Globe, Bailey John, Grosvenor Place, Borough Road
Globe, Beard John, 21 King Street, Clerkenwell
Globe, Cheesewright J, 54 London Street, Fitzroy Square
Globe, Cole Robert, Fish Street Hill
Globe, Crowhurst Geo, Millman Row, Chelsea
Globe, Draper Johnm 91 Hatton Garden
Globe, Elston Henry, 57 South Molton Street
Globe, Graham John, 43 North Audley Street
Globe, Harris Thomas, 22 York Place, Marylebone
Globe, Haslett Henry, 58 New Compton Street
Globe, Hembrow William, Hill Street, Clerkenwell
Globe, Herbert John, Goldsmiths Row, Hackney Road
Globe, Howe Thos, Brunswick Street, Blackwall
Globe, Isherwood Jas, 53 Regent Street, Kennington
Globe, Jackson Thos, 38 Bow Street, Covent Garden
Globe, James Henry, 9 York Street, Borough
Globe, King Wm Scott, Rotherhithe Street
Globe, Lacy Richard, 60 Fore Street, City
Globe, Linsey William, Globe Street, Wapping
Globe, Modson William, Derby Street, Kings Cross
Globe, Newing John, 33 Crutched Friars
Globe, Norman Harriet, 88 Holborn Hill
Globe, Reeder Richard & Co, 65 Lisson Grove N
Globe, Simpson John, 25 Liquorpond Street
Globe, Stone Wm John, 24 Great Chart Street, Hoxton
Globe, Taylor Daniel, 26 Great Dover Street
Globe, White W D, 118 High Holborn
Globe and Pigeons, Mason George, 140 High Street, Shadwell
Gloucester Arms, Adams Matthew, Gloucester Place, Kentish Town
Gloucester Arms, Blakey John, Rochester Row, Westminster
Gloucester Arms, Faram Israel, 5 Upper Park Place, Regents Park
Gloucester Arms, Homer john, 27 Mason Street, Old Kent Road
Gloucester Tavern, Keep Luke Samuel, 187 Sloane Street
Goat, Bowker Samuel, 2 High Street, Kennington
Goat, Chamberlain Jos, Arabella Row, Pimlico
Goat, Holden Benjamin, 103 Golden Lane
Goat, Hutchinson Geo, 25 Chenies Street, Bedford Square
Goat, Newell John, 3 Stafford Street, Old Bond Street
Goat, Pay William, Abdy Street, Horselydown
Goat, Taylor George, Tash Street
Goat & Compasses, Normington John, 8 Upper Fitzroy Street
Goat & Star, Howard Daniel, 6 Swallow Street

Golden Anchor, Ashton Wm, 50 Gravel Lane
Golden Anchor, Bassett Stephen, 139 Golden Lane
Golden Anchor, Bellantine James, 182 High Street, Wapping
Golden Anchor, Edgerley Henry, 105 Leadenhall Street
Golden Anchor, Goodland Charles, 130 St John Street, Clerkenwell
Golden Anchor, Jepps Jane, 8 Park Street, Borough
Golden Anchor, Mumford M, 17 Coppice Row
Golden Anchor, Rebbeck William, 30 Great Saffron Hill
Golden Ball, Delcourt C, 41 King Street, Snowhill
Golden Cross Tap, Clewett Felix, 3 Duncannon Street
Golden Cross, Kerford Thoms, 4 Cross Lane, Long acre
Golden Eagle, Blay Edward Henry, 234 High Street, Shadwell
Golden Eagle, Soutball Benjamin, Wentworth Place, Mile End Road
Golden Fleece, Denton John, 25 Northampton Street, Clerkenwell
Golden Fleece, Moon John, 70 Tothill Street, Westminster
Golden Fleece, Morgan Richard, 6 Scotts Place, Islington
Golden Fleece, Smith James, 4 Bermondsey Wall
Golden Hart, Coles Charles, 7 Phoenix Street, Spitalfields
Golden Hind, Waldie William, 16 Little Morrfields
Golden Horse, Nunney Fred, Aldersgate Street
Golden Horse, Smith N, 26 Theobalds Road
Golden Key, Row Thos, 20 Bell Street, Edgware
Golden Last, Stow Wm, Counter Street, Borough
Golden Lion, Austin Sarah, Kent Street, Borough
Golden Lion, Ball Wm, Goodmans Yard, Goodmans Fields
Golden Lion, Bothwell James, 42 Gravel Lane
Golden Lion, Brodrick Michael, 25 King Street, St James
Golden Lion, Bruin Thomas, 112 St John Street
Golden Lion, Harris John, 35 Stoney Street, Borough Market
Golden Lion, Horance Hy, Leman Street, Goodmans Fields
Golden Lion, Lacey Robert Thomas, Cannon Street Road
Golden Lion, Negus William, 35 Fore Street, City
Golden Lion, Parsons Wm, Britannia Street, Kings Cross
Golden Lion, Peacock John, 42 Wardour Street, Soho
Golden Lion, Shelbourn Edward, 4 Warwick Place, Holborn
Golden Lion, Wilson Thomas, 92 West Smithfield
Golden Shears, Schofield John, 84 Wood Street, Cheapside
Goldsmiths Arms, Forsith Geo Robert, Goldsmiths Road
Goldsmiths Arms, Hodges Geo, 23 Gutter Lane, City
Goldsmiths Arms, Howarth Edw, 1 Albion Buildings, Bartholomew Close
Goldsmiths Arms, Moore James, 1 Southwark Bridge Road
Goldsmiths Arms, Pocock Johnm 42 Bedfordbury
Good Man, Armstrong J, 75 Norton Street, Marylebone
Good Samaritan, Cragg William, Great Turner Street, Commercial Road east
Goose and Gridiron, Reeve John, 3 London House Yard, St Pauls Churchyard
Gordons Arms, Lane Thos, 262 High Holborn
Gowers Arms, McPherson Donald, 1 Store Street

Grafton Arms, Rout Thos, 21 Grafton Street, Fitzroy Square
Granby Arms, Carter Charlotte, 4 Granby Street, Hampstead Road
Grand Junction Arms, Rennison John, Praed Street
Grand Surrey Canal, Coulton Wm, Peckham Lane
Grange, Horner Edward, 31 Carey Street
Grapes, Allinson Luke, 23 South Molton Street
Grapes, Andrew Thos, 29 Tower Street, Seven Dials
Grapes, Arnold Thomas, 41 Bread Street
Grapes, Bambridge Fras Maria, 60 Bunhill Row
Grapes, Bennett Jas, 110 Mount Street, Grosvenor Square
Grapes, Box George, 16 Newcastle Court, Strand
Grapes, Brett Henry, 109 Drury Lane
Grapes, Briggs John Edmd, 206 Upper Thames Street
Grapes, Butterfield John, 16 Farringdon Street
Grapes, Case John, 84 Friar Street, Blackfriars Road
Grapes, Challis John, 20 Jewin Street
Grapes, Chamer R T, 38 Redlion Street, Holborn
Grapes, Clay George, 110 Fore Street
Grapes, Clayden Henry, 40 Houndsditch
Grapes, Cook George, 14 White Street, Borough
Grapes, Croott Benjamin, 7 Fore Street, City
Grapes, Dickinson Geo, Brompton Grove, Brompton
Grapes, Dodd James, 31 Great Suffolk Street, Borough
Grapes, Drew Vincent, 62 Blackman Street, Borough
Grapes, Edmonds Fras, St Thomas Street, Borough
Grapes, Ely Chas Joseph, 70 Milton Street, Fore Street
Grapes, Evans Wm, 1 Union Street, New Bond Street
Grapes, Gambart Ann, 24 Marshall Street, Golden Square
Grapes, Gee William, 129 High Holborn
Grapes, Gurney Thomas, 45 Strand
Grapes, Heath John, Sun Court, Curzon Street
Grapes, Henbest Henry, Bow Street, Covent Garden
Grapes, Hepple John, 14 Lime Street, City
Grapes, Hicks John, 32 Bow Lane
Grapes, Hill John, 51 Gainsford Street, Borough
Grapes, Holt Benj, 15 Crispin Street, Spitalfields
Grapes, Horner Samuel N, 177 High Street, Borough
Grapes, James John, 12 Gerrard Street, Soho
Grapes, Jones Thomas, 1 Great earl Street, Seven Dials
Grapes, Joynt Evan Dunham, 26 Great Marlboro Street
Grapes, Larratt Hanry, 45 Portpool Street
Grapes, Lawrence Wm, 21 James Street, Covent Garden
Grapes, Leith James, 35 Fore Street, Limehouse
Grapes, Mason Richard, 18 Counter Street, Borough
Grapes, Moffatt John, 17 Duke Street, Lincolns Inn
Grapes, Newby George, 86 Fore Street, City
Grapes, Osborn Thomas, 52 Haymarket
Grapes, Penny Charles, 3 Old Street Road
Grapes, Pfeiffer Andrew, 21 Old Compton Street
Grapes, Puzey Eleanor, 25 Newgate Street
Grapes, Reeder Francis, 55 St Mary Axe
Grapes, Richardson Haigh, 28 London Road
Grapes, Robertson John Webster, 69 Ratcliffe Highway
Grapes, Sawyer Joseph, 13 Church Row, Aldgate
Grapes, Sawyer Wm, 19 Little Windmill Street
Grapes, Smith Edward, 24 Primrose Hill
Grapes, Smith John, 27 Silver Street, Regent Street
Grapes, Steers David, 5 Upper St Martins Lane
Grapes, Tisdale John, 4 Albemarle Street, Clerkenwell
Grapes, Tyler William, 14 Dowgate Hill
Grapes, Underwood Jams, 357 Rotherhithe Street
Grapes, Vickress Thos & Son, 45 Aldersgate Street
Grapes, Wall Joseph, 79 Fore Street, City
Grapes, Warner Rebecca, 4 Rose Street, Covent Garden
Grapes, Weller David, 92 Old Street, St Lukes
Grapes, Williams Samuel, 60 Castle Street east, Oxford Street
Grapes, Wilt John Anderson, 125 Leadenhall street
Grapes, Young Charles, 63 West Smithfield
Grapes and Can, Lea John, 142 Goswell Street

Grasshopper, Hunter Andrew, Charles Street, Mile End New Town
Grave Maurice, Clark Ann, 128 Whitechapel Road
Grave Maurice, Higgins Jno, Bow Lane, East India Dock Road
Great Mogul, Cook Henry, 176 Drury Lane
Green Dragon, Baker Wm, 2 Botolph Alley
Green Dragon, Banfield Charles, 40 Maddox Street
Green Dragon, Beswick Thos, Spring Gardens Place, Stepney
Green Dragon, Byrne james, 66 Bermondsey Street
Green Dragon, Crouch Wm Foster, 102 Fore Street, City
Green Dragon, Fellowes Thomas, 56 & 57 Fleet Street
Green Dragon, Findley Edward, 38 King Street, Golden Square
Green Dragon, Gauge Fras Matt, Belvedere Road, Lambeth
Green Dragon Tap, Godfrey John, 68 Bishopsgate within
Green Dragon, Harris Jno, 3 Bulls Head Passage, City
Green Dragon, Jones Wm, 47 Halfmoon Street, Bishopsgate Street
Green Dragon, Pattendon Josep, 198 High Street, Poplar
Green Dragon, Price James, 3 Villiers Street, Strand
Green Dragon, Skidmore James, 10 St Andrews Hill
Green Dragon, Sowerby Jno, 188 Bishopsgate Street without
Green Dragon, Speed Rowland, 21 Paradise Row, Chelsea
Green Gate, Carter Wm, 101 Bethnal Green Road
Green Gate, Hurdiman Wm, Clarence Place, Hackney Road
Greenland Fishery, Gregg George, 30 Redmans Row, Mile End
Greenland Fishery, Wright John, 6 Wapping Wall
Green Lattice, Clark Thos Jos, 5 Billingsgate Market
Green Man, Barrett Wm, 37 Featherstone Street
Green Man, Bedford samuel, 45 Bedford Street, Strand
Green Man, Brown John, Surrey Place, Old Kent Road
Green Man, Daves & Sewers, 19 New Street, Covent Garden
Green Man, Frost Wm, 39 Newcastle Street, Whitechapel
Green Man, Gorton James, 45 Bedford Street, Covent Garden
Green Man, Green Robert, Jane Street, Commercial Road
Green Man, Green William, 7 Green Street, North Audley Street
Green Man, Harding Timothy, 1 Beaufort Street, Chelsea
Green Man, Hewett Thomas, Green Street, Bear Lane
Green Man, Layton Henry, 128 High Street, Hoxton
Green Man, Lowe Richard, 134 Edgware Road
Green Man, Malcolm John, 57 Berwick street
Green Man, Medcalfe Stephen, Cambridge Road
Green Man, Morris George, 34 Mansell Street, Minories
Green Man, Rogers Wm, 1 Little George Street, Westminster
Green Man, Shadrake Thos, High Street, Poplar
Green Man, Todd Christopher, 39 Union Street, Great Titchfield Street
Green Man, Travers William, Coldharbour Lane
Green Man, Watson John, Bermondsey Wall
Green Man, Wheatley John Benjamin, 9 Bucklersbury
Green Man and Bell, Partridge James, 1 Darkhouse Lane, Bishopsgate
Green Man and French Horn, Appleyard William, 54 St Martins Lane
Green Man and French Horn, Jewell Stephen, 96 Dean Street, Soho
Green Man & Still, Johnson Wm, 18 Cowcross Street
Green Man & Still, Patterson Robert, 122 Oxford Street
Green Man & Still, Riley James, Coppice Row
Green Man & Still, Wood Wiliam Barney, 173 Upper Whitecross Street
Green Parrot, Leighton Sarah, Green Arbour Yard, Old Bailey

Greenwich Pensioners, Holliday William, Mary Place, Poplar
Gregorian Arms, Short Jas, St James Place
Grey Coat Boy, Young Jas, 38 Great Peter Street
Grey Eagle, George Wm, Quaker Street, Spitalfields
Greyhound, Davis Wm, High Street, Peckham
Greyhound, Evans Evan, 6 Brick Street, Park Lane
Greyhound, Heslam Ellen, 30 Milton Street, Fore Street
Greyhound, Hurren Benjamin, Kensington Square
Greyhound, Keen John, 7 Canning Place, Old Street
Greyhound, Marshall Edw, 7 New Compton Street, Soho
Greyhound, Peirse William James, 8 Upper Grange Road
Greyhound, Read Geo, 9 Henrietta Street, Bryanstone Square
Greyhound, Sams John, 28 Brook Street, Holborn
Greyhound, Searle M A (assignees of), 13 West Smithfield
Griffin, Baylis Thomas, 5 Liquorpond Street
Griffin, Jones John, 14 Threadneedle Street
Griffin, Powell Thomas, 6 Church Street, Borough
Griffin, Price Ann, 9 Leonard Street, Shoreditch
Griffin, Robinson Hy, 28 Halfmoon Street, Piccadilly
Griffin, Todman Henry, 30 Villiers Street, Strand
Grosvenor Arms, Davis Richard, Kensington Place, Millbank
Grosvenor Arms, Holland John, Grosvenor Street, Commercial Road
Grosvenor Arms, Langan Mary, 26 George Street, Oxford Street
Grosvenor Arms, Owen Owen, 2 Lower Grosvenor Street
Grosvenor Arms, Sadler Wm, Lower Belgrave Street, Pimlico
Grotto, Eckstein Jane, 4 Southampton Buildings, Holborn
Guildford Arms, Hart Thos, 83 Guildford Street
Guildhall tap, Bell James, Guildhall Yard
Guinea, Lyne James, North Bruton Street
Gun, Bryer William, 103 High Street, Wapping
Gun, Chamberlain John, 117 Shoreditch
Gun, Glass James, 355 High Street, Wapping
Gun, Plummer Jos, Coldharbour, Blackwall
Gun, Ratcliffe Jas, 30 Union Street East, Bishopsgate
Gun, Sherratt Thos, 55 St John street, Clerkenwell
Gun and Star, Mendoza Isaac, 50 Middlesex Street, Aldgate
Gun and Tent, Moyce Jane, 9 Fort Street, Spitalfields
Gun Tavern, Wall David, Stafford Row, Pimlico
Guy Earl of Warwick, Finch Hy, Grays Inn Lane
Guy Earl of Warwick, Knight Thomas, 37 Warwick Lane, City
Guy Earl of Warwick, Mortimer William, 21 Belton Street, Long acre
Guy Earl of Warwick, Neal Thomas, 42 St John Street, Clerkenwell
Guy Earl of Warwick, Rogers John, 4 Upper Ground Street





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