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London 1869 Public House & Publican Directory - B

This is a listing from the Public Houses section of the UK London Post Office Directory in 1869; it lists an alphabetical listing of these Public Houses in London, the Publicans and also has links to the relevant Public House page listing of the Licensees, Bar persons and Boarders and Lodgers etc. All information on these pages comes from London census, Post Office and Kelly Directory, plus any information and pictures supplied by You.

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Bacchus, Samuel Arno, 177 Hoxton street N
Bacchus & Tun, R Pierpoint, 2 St John Street Road EC
Bag of Nails, John Todd Swainston, 6 Buckingham palace road SW
Bagnigge Wells, George Davis Hall. 39 Kings cross road W C
Baker & Basket, G French, 94 Worship Street EC
Baker & Basket, Samuel S Smith, 8 Leman street E
Bakers Arms, William Thomas Walker, 15 Warner place, Hackney road N E
Bald Faced Stag, J L Minton, Worship Square EC
Balmoral Castle, Barnabas Raines, 1 Market Terrace, Caledonian road N
Balmoral Castle, Alfred Henry Bell, 1 Rutland Terrace,, Pimlico SW
Baltic Wine Shades, Daniel Dyer, Hercules Passage, Old Broad Street EC
Bancroft Arms, Thomas Bonar Stevenson, 410 Mile End Road E
Bank of England, Charles Cross, 29 South Wharf road, Paddington W
Bank of Friendship, Thomas Hemingway, Bancroft Place, Mile end road E
Baring Arms, Miss R Rivett, 55 Baring street N
Barking Dogs, William Taverner, 1 Tabernacle Walk E C
Barley Mow, Mrs H Ellis, 30 Blue Anchor Alley EC
Barley Mow, Richsrd W Hammond, 50 Long lane E C
Barley Mow, John Henry Hubert, 40 Duke street, Grosvenor square W
Barley Mow, Henry Johns, 12 Frog Lane, Islington N
Barley Mow, J Jones, 210 Upper Thames Street EC
Barley Mow, Joseph Law, 210 Upper Thames street EC
Barley Mow, William Js Penfold, 38 Cannon Street Road E
Barley Mow, Walter Qusarrell Roberts, 8 Dorset street, Portman Square W
Barley Mow, Mrs Ann Ryan, 104 Horseferry road SW
Barley Mow, James Tolman, 28 Mount Street W
Barley Mow, William Webber, 111 Drury Lane WC
Barley Mow, William Whale, 42 & 43 Paradise street, Rotherhithe SE
Barley Mow Tavern, Thomas Anthony Langdon, 135 Salisbury Court, Fleet Street E C
Barnsbury Castle, William Frankcomb, York Place, Barnsbury Park N
Basing House, Thomas William Guest, 27 Kingsland road N E
Bath House, George H Keeley, 96 Dean street, Soho W
Battersea Park Town Hotel, Thos Clements, Lower Wandsworth Road, Battersea SW
Battle of the Nile, T Parker, 57 Albion street, Rotherhithe SE
Baxendale Arms, Henry West, 43 Barnet Street, Hackney Road NE
Baxter Arms, Chas Walker, 30 Baxter road N
Bay Malton, Jas Frost, 158 Great Portland street W
Bay Tree, G Parker, Roman road, Old Ford E
Bazaar Tavern, Henry Steff, 10 King street, Portman square W
Bear & Ragged Staff, James Woodfine, 67 Upper Ground Street, Blackfriars Road SE
Bear & Rummer, John William Paul, 54 Wells Street W
Bear & Staff, William Jones, 11 Bear street WC
Bear & Wheatsheaf, Frederick Richardson, 72 Lower Thames Street EC
Beaufort, William Wood, 39 Beaufort Street, Chelsea SW
Beaumont Arms, Joseph Tapsell, 18 White Horse lane, Mile End Road E
Beauvoir Arms, William Green, Stamford Road N
Beauvoir Arms, Samuel Shipp, Stamford Road N
Beckfords Head, John Giles, 122 Old Street EC
Beckfords Head, John Smith, 161 Kent Street, Borough SE
Bedford Arms, James Alexander Boyle, 13 South Street, Manchester Square W
Bedford Arms, William Brown, 9 Pont street SW
Bedford Arms, Joseph Coxen, 267 East street, Walworth SE
Bedford Arms, J Empson, 1 Bedford Street WC
Bedford Arms, William Thomas Moodey, 21 Charlotte Street, Bedford Square WC
Bedford Arms, Roger George Salter, 14 Bedford street, Commercial Road east E
Bedford Arms, Edward Weston, 1 Grove Street, Camden Town NW
Bedford Arms, John Williams, 1 Medina Place, Seven Sisters Road N
Bedford Head, William Harding Woods, 236 Tottenham Court Road W & 15 Bedford Street WC
Bedford Head Tavern, Mrs Jane Ward, 41 Maiden lane, Covent garden WC
Beehive, William J Bryan, Leadenhall market EC
Beehive, Hen Cole & Son, George Street, St Leonard Street E
Beehive, Mrs C J Coughtrey, 55 Brill Row NW
Beehive, Walter Edward Davis, 62 New Kent road SE
Beehive, Hen Griffin, 72 New Street, Deptford SE
Beehive, Jas Knowles, 7 Walmer Terrace, Notting Hill W
Beehive, George Lee, 126 Crawford street W
Beehive, David Masson, Coburg road S E
Beehive, Jno Pond, 17 Warner street, New Kent road SE
Beehive, Mrs E Pugh, 23 Carter street, Walworth SE
Beehive, Mrs Jessie Stuart, Burnard terrace, Eden grove, Holloway Road N
Belgrave, C J Edmonds, 141 Upper Ebury Street SW
Belgrave, Charles Victor Jones, 1 Rutland Terrace, Abbey road, St Johns Wood NW
Belinda Castle, William Yaxley, 107 Halton road N

Bell, Rd Isaac Beard, 2 Newton Street, Holborn WC
Bell, Mrs H Bremer, 106 Middlesex street, Aldgate E
Bell, G Brown, Red Lion Market EC
Bell, W Brown, 194 Jamaica Road, Bermondsey SE
Bell, Thomas Castle, 116 St. George street E
Bell, George Cox, 18 Cecil Court, St Martins Lane WC
Bell, Miss Mary Ann Davison, Kilburn W
Bell, James Firman, 11 Church Street, Lambeth SE
Bell, George Talbot Frazer, 11 Noble Street EC
Bell, John Nicholls Gibbs, 6 Addle Hill EC
Bell, W Glover, 29 Bush Lane, Cannon Street EC
Bell, Richard William Keys, 4 Borough Market SE
Bell, George F Moss, 21 Poppins Court EC
Bell, Alex Owen, 12 Basinghall street EC
Bell, Chas Paxon, Church Street, Rotherhithe SE
Bell, William Porter, 17 St John Street, Smithfield EC
Bell, John James Prouse, 21 Pall Mall SW
Bell, Frederick Richmond, 15 Friar Street SE
Bell, E Smith, 15 Dean Street, Commercial Road east E
Bell, George Smith, 5 Leicester Street, Leicester Square WC
Bell, George Swinyard, 61 Old Bailey EC
Bell, William Treadwell, 249 Pentonville Road N
Bell, William Walker, 8 Little Titchfield Street W
Bell, Mrs M S Watts, 20 Brick lane, Whitechapel E
Bell, Thomas Withers, 157 Wapping High Street E
Bell, Frederick Hen York, 27 Felton Street, Hoxton N
Bell Inn, Charles Baker, Newgate market EC
Bell Inn, Robert Ellis, 134 High Street, Shoreditch NE
Bell Tavern, T Elworthy jun, 3 Lower Thames Street EC
Bell Tavern, Robert John Fletcher, 2 & 3 Church Row, Houndsditch NE
Bell Tavern, Edward Sharratt, 43 Carter Lane EC
Bell & Crown, Edward William Haukers, 43 King Street, Camden Town NW
Bell & Horns, W Wilbourn, 2 Fulham road SW
Bell & Mackerel, Alfred Grininneau, 333 Mile End road E
Belmont Arms, William Hy Monk, York road, Kings Cross N
Belvidere Tavern, Thomas Goswell, 1 Penton Street N
Bengal Arms tavern, Mrs Catherine Robinson, 2,3 & 4 White Lion Court, Birchin Lane EC
Ben Jonson, William Aldous, 27 Great Bath street E C
Ben Jonson, Henry Alexr Goff, 3 Shoe Lane EC
Ben Jonson, Henry Muddle, 22 Goodmans yard, Minorles E
Ben Jonson, William Mullarky, Stepney Old Road E
Ben Jonson, I Quinton, 13 Jonsons Place, Harrow Road W
Ben Jonson, John Shrubsall, 2 Westmoreland buildings EC
Ben Jonsons Head, George Rd Webb, 95 Houndsditch NE
Benyon Arms, J C Weller, 155 De Beauvoir road N
Berkeley Arms, Mrs Catherine Fellows, 6 John street, Berkeley square W
Berkeley Castle, J Clout, 17 Rahere street EC
Berwick Arms, G Pallett, 69 Castle street east W
Bessborough Arms, Mrs Jane Granville, Bessborough place, Pimlico SW
Birch Tree, Joseph Kendall, Great James street, Hoxton N
Bird Cage, William Aitken, Barnet Street NE
Bird Cage, Henry Hobbs, 81 Wood Street EC
Bird in Hand, Thomas Cordell, London Road, Bromley E
Bird in Hand, George Pryer, 17 Long acre WC
Bird in Hand, Mrs N Skone, 2 Northampton Street EC
Bird in Hand, Sidney & George Smith, 11 Garden Row, London Road SE
Bird in Hand, Robert Turner, 396 Oxford street W
Bishop Blaize, Henry Farnham, 1 New inn yard, Shoreditch E
Black Boy, James Bye, 169 Mile end road E
Black Boy, Charles Chessell, 88 Lower East Smithfield E
Black Boy, Isaac Jackson, 162 Upper Whitecross Street EC
Black Boy, Frederick Johns, 124 Wapping High street E
Black Boy & Apple Tree, Kennard & Frost, 40 St Martins lane, Charing Cross WC
Black Bull, B W Adnett, 37 New Gravel lane E
Black Bull, Thomas Burgin, 358 Fulham road SW
Black Bull, John Clark, 122 Holborn Hill EC
Black Bull, John Coules, 122 Grays Inn Road WC
Black Bull, Cyrus & George Davis, Metropolitan Cattle Market (south west gate)
Black Bull, Charles Gurney, 17 Little Chapel Street, Westminster SW
Black Bull, George Hayward, 99 Haggerston road N E
Black Bull, Henry Jones, 6 Thomas Street, Spitalfields
Black Bull, T Mansell, 396 Rotherhithe Street SE
Black Bull, Samuel Mayo & Sons, 35 St John Street, Smithfield EC
Black Bull, Jas Pallett, 97 & 98 Upper Thames street E C
Black Bull, Hy & Geo Penn, Silchester road W
Black Bull, J Ranson, 95 Whitechapel road E
Black Bull, Thomas Smith, 137 Brook Street, Ratcliff E
Black Bull, E Wilce, 39 Dunnings Alley EC
Black Bull, Thomas Winterbotham, 46 Freeschool Street SE
Black Bull, William Withers, 206 Borough High Street SE
Black Bull, Thomas Wootton, 122 Grays Inn Road
Black Cap, G P James, 171 High street, Camden town NW
Black Dog, Hen Bennett, 34 Vauxhall walk S E
Black Dog, T Pond, 45 Church Street, Shoreditch NE
Black Dog, Michael Walker, 83 Shoe lane E C
Black Eagle, John Newman, 63 Brick lane, Spitalfields E

Black Horse, Thomas Blyth, 11 Queen Street, Seven Dials WC
Black Horse, William Brown, Cain Place, Kentish Town NW
Black Horse, George Reuben Cheek, Victualling Office Square, Tower Hil E
Black Horse, Mrs M Crabb, 47 Barbican EC
Black Horse, C Crisp, 4 Well Street, Wellcose Square E
Black Horse, J Dyble, Thames Street, Rotherhithe SE
Black Horse, T S Edwards, 19 Tottenham Court Road W
Black Horse, Samuel Garner, 109 High Street, Marylebone W
Black Horse, Thomas Hinton, 62 York Street, Westminster SW
Black Horse, Hen Kendall, 114 Aldersgate Street EC
Black Horse, Mrs Mary Lancefield, 6 Rathbone Place, Oxford Street W
Black Horse, James Landon, 72 & 74 Poplar High Street E
Black Horse, Jas Morgan, 10 Bedfordbury WC
Black Horse, F S Poole, 174 Kent Road SE
Black Horse, William Rippin, 400 Oxford Street W
Black Horse, Peter Seabourne, 20 Leman Street E
Black Horse, D Short, 168 Mile End Road E
Black Horse, William Spinks, 5 Fieldgate Street E
Black Horse, R C Stapley, 133 Evelyn Street SE
Black Horse, J Surridge, 32 Coventry Street W
Black Horse, Owen Swift, 30 Oxendon Street SW
Black Horse, William Thomson, 46 Haymarket SW
Black Horse, Edward Wakeling, 5 Tichborne Street W
Black Horse, Thomas George Watkinson, 215 Kingsland Road NE
Black Horse, Geo Wells, 48 Ropemakers Fields E
Black Horse & Crown, Mrs sarah Tomkinon, 235 Borough High Street SE
Black Jack, William Smith, 11 Portsmouth Street, Lincolns Inn Fields WC
Black Lion, Joseph Aaron, 99 Middlesex Street NE
Black Lion, Thomas Alden, 6 Bishopsgate within EC
Black Lion, A J Beagle, 35 Church Street, Chelsea SW
Black Lion, Alfred Constance, Kilburn NW
Black Lion, Henry Edward Edwards, 7 Thorney Street, Bloomsbury WC
Black Lion, Edward M Marks, 22 Bayswater terrace W
Black Lion, Benj Prior, 11 Whitefriars Street EC
Black Lion, G A Tilney, 31 New Montague Street NE
Black Prince, Sl Chittenden, 64 Chandos Street WC
Black Prince, James William Hammond, 151 Princes road, Lambeth S E
Black Prince, William Parker, 29 Walworth road SE
Black Raven, P Jupp, 136 Bishopsgate street without E C
Black Swan, Thomas Hastings, 54 Bermondsey Street SE
Black Swan, J Kipling, 1 High Street, Bow E
Black Swan, John Lavell, 6 Carter lane E C
Black Swan, Robert Smith, 7 Ryders Court WC
Black Swan, Michael Ullmer jun, 26 Browns Lane, spitalfields E
Blackamoors Head, James Clark, 4 Dorset Place, Pall Mall east WC
Blackmoors Head, Mrs Caroline Freeman, 5 Cartwright Street, Royal Mint Street E
Blacksmiths Arms, S J Watson, 129 Rotherhithe street SE
Blacksmiths Arms, G Wyatt, 16 Back Church Lane E
Blackstock Park hotel, Alfred Paxman, Seven Sisters road al
Blade Bone, George Carter, 83 Church Street, Shoreditch NE
Blakeneys Head, A Cluley, 35 Bartholomew Close EC
Blakeneys Head, J F Gibbs, 143 Poplar High street E
Blakeneys Head, B J Hickman, 56 Cable street E
Blandford Arms, Edgar Davy, 68 Boston Place NW
Blantyre Arms, William Wyver, Blantyre street SWSW
Blenheim, W Biddington, 7 Bond Street, Chelsea SW
Blenheim Tavern, Starr & Elphick, Bridge Road, St Johns Wood NW
Blind Beggar, T Harwood, 173 Whitechapel road E
Block Tavern, E F Chown, 133 Shepherdess walk N
Blue Anchor, M Bellingham, 9 Clare Street WC
Blue Anchor, George Church, 67 Whitechapel road E
Blue Anchor, T Cranfield, 225 Mile End Road E
Blue Anchor, Judah Green, 1 Middlesex street E
Blue Anchor, Rd Green, 35 Chancery lane WC
Blue Anchor, E Harris, 1 Dock Street, Upper East Smithfield E
Blue Anchor, W Peart, 80 Cable Street, Wellclose Square E
Blue Anchor, Jas Porcas, 139 White Horse Street E
Blue Anchor, John Skinner Reed, 92 York Street, Westminster SW
Blue Anchor, D Reynolds, 61 Russell Street, Bermondsey SE
Blue Anchor, John Sherren, 102 Brook Street, Ratcliff E
Blue Anchor, John H Tyler, Blue Anchor Road SE
Blue Anchor, John White, 3 Coleman Street EC
Blue Anchor & Eight Bells, Mrs Ann Saunders, 103 Bermondsey Street SE
Blue Boars Head, Samuel Bennett, 114 Long Acre WC
Blue Boars Head, William George King, 34 King Street, Westminster SW
Blue Coat Boy, Thomas J Burtwell, 42 Lant Street SE
Blue Coat Boy, Thomas Cole, 32 Dorset street, Spitalfields E
Blue Coat Boy, J J Crellin, 5 Norton Folgate NE
Blue Coat Boy, Joseph Roseblade, 415 City road EC
Blue Eyed Maid, Robert Scott, 126 Borough High street S E
Blue Last, Samuel Coombs, 84 Curtain Road EC
Blue Last, Charles Entwistle, 7 Little Bell Alley, Moorgate Street EC
Blue Last, Thomas Rock, 47 Compton Street EC
Blue Last, Jas Whitaker, 55 Dorset Street, Fleet Street EC
Blue Last, G Wiltshire, 1 Broadway, Ludgate hill E C
Blue Lion, Jas Alderson, 133 Grays Inn road WC
Blue Peter, J Gallavin, 61 Royal Mint Street E
Blue Post, Israel Woolf, 54 Charlotte street W
Blue Posts, Chas R Balls, West India Dock road E
Blue Posts, J Bannell, 14 Rupert street, Haymarket W
Blue Posts, John Brown, 23 Grosvenor Mews W
Blue Posts, Thomas Brown, 32 Old Bond Street W
Blue Posts, N Burton, 89 Cowcross Street, Smithfields EC
Blue Posts, C E Goddard, 6 Tottenham Court Road W
Blue Posts, John McNeill, 6 Bennett Street SW
Blue Posts, Joseph Shepherd, 2 Great Portland Street W
Blue Posts, Chas Stewart, 18 King Street, Golden Square W
Blue Posts, Rotherham Swallow, 22 Berwick Street W
Blue Posts Hotel, Edwin Alfred Barns, 59 Haymarket SW
Blue Pump, Robert Webb, 33 Great Guildford Street SE
Boars Head, William Warrington, 157 Cannon street E C
Bolton Abbey, A Masterson, 48 Lonsdale road W
Bombay Grab, L Harris, 49 Bow High Street E
Boot, Henry Speedy,116 Cromer street W C
Boot, William Rd Williams, 47a Wells street, Oxford street W
Borough Tavern, Francis Aysom, 43 Wellington Street SE & Railway Approach, London Bridge SE
Boston Arms, James Hewitt, Junction road N
Boston Arms, Jas Henry Hodgson, 20 Boston street, Dorset square NW
Boundary Tavern, George Beale, 1 Kings Place, Commercial road east E
Bow Bells, Mrs Elizabeth Mourgue, opposite railway Station, Bow Road E
Box Tree, Alfred Polly, 5 Gravel lane, Houndsditch E
Brazen Head, Chas W Neale, 1 Upper Lisson street NW
Brazen Serpent, James Bishop, 49 Richardson Street, Long Lane, Bermondsey SE
Brecknock Arms, Carter & Messer, 227 Camden road NW
Brewers Arms, E Birch, 29 Millbank Street SW
Brewers Arms, James Wiseman Crisp, 26 Aldenham Terrace, Old St Pancras Road NW
Brewers Arms, E Druller, Morgans Lane, Borough SE
Brewers Hall, William James Lewis, 59 Charrington street, Somers town NW
Bricklayers Arms, T Bedford, 118 Park Street, Grosvenor Square W
Bricklayers Arms, Thomas Joseph Boalch, Bedford Street, Andover Road N
Bricklayers Arms, H Burrows, 40 Strutton Ground SW
Bricklayers Arms, Daniel Callaghan, 20 Gloucester Street, Commercial Road east E
Bricklayers Arms, William Camden, 31 Gresse Street, Tottenham Court Road W
Bricklayers Arms, Edward Cotter, 63 Charlotte Street, Old Street Road EC
Bricklayers Arms, D Cotton, 21 Margaret Street, Commercial Road east E
Bricklayers Arms, Joseph Richard Dussee, 7 Edward Street, Soho W
Bricklayers Arms, Richard Fancourt, 33 North Street, Manchester Square W
Bricklayers Arms, Robert Foulger, 6 New Quebec Street, Portman Square W
Bricklayers Arms, John Gadd, 77 Adam Street, Rotherhithe SE
Bricklayers Arms, Mrs A George, 26 Cable Street E
Bricklayers Arms, Robert Gilbert, 32 Charles Street, Hackney Road NE
Bricklayers Arms, William Godier, 3 East Street, Kennington Road SE
Bricklayers Arms, Alfred Graveley, 29 Eagle Street,
Bricklayers Arms, Henry Johnson, 4 Elizabeth Street, Eaton Square, Pimlico SW
Bricklayers Arms, Thomas Lynn, 3 John Street, Davies Street W
Bricklayers Arms, William Payne, 34 King Street, Regent Street W
Bricklayers Arms, J Penn, 46 South Molton Street W
Bricklayers Arms, Sambrook Brothers, 39 Old Kent Road SE
Bricklayers Arms, Harry Sawkings, 15 Upper Fenton Street W
Bricklayers Arms, William Strohn, 201 Upper Whitecross Street EC
Bricklayers Arms, James Swinyard. 40 Parkers Row, Dockhead SE
Bricklayers Arms, Joseph Wass, 128 New North Road, Hoxton N
Bricklayers Arms, Mrs Louisa Wilson, Union Street, East India Dock Road E
Bricklayers Arms, Andrew Wootton, 11 Chapel Court, Borough High Street SE
Bridge House, R Batchelder, Wharf road, City road N
Bridge House, William Edwards, 30 Borough road SE
Bridge House, Henry Nicholson, 13 Westbourne terrace road W
Bridge House, J Strawson, 23 Whitmore road. Hoxton N
Bridge House Tavern, William Schooling & Sons, 213 Upper Kennington lane, Vauxhall SE
Bridport Arms, Edwin Lamb, 84 Harrison street WC
Bridport Arms, G Townsend, 67 Bridport place N
Britannia, George Absell, 1 St Anns Place, Limehouse E
Britannia, Benj Beach, Bow Common Lane E
Britannia, John Berryman, 24 Britannia Street, Grays Inn Road WC
Britannia, William Bridge, Camera Street, Chelsea SW
Britannia, William Hy Brown, 123a Clarendon Road W
Britannia, Mrs L Eldridge, Blackwall Stairs E
Britannia, J Endicott, 28 Nelson Street SE
Britannia, John H Gabb, 157 Southwark Bridge Road SE
Britannia, John David Gibb, 232 Cable Street E
Britannia, William Goosey, 187 High Street & 65 Park Street, Camden Town NW
Britannia, Frederick Harrison, 3 Piazzas & 33 James Street, Covent Garden WC
Britannia, Charles Hearn, 138 Tooley Street SE
Britannia, Thomas Keen, 157 City Road EC
Britannia, E Keymer, 212 Kingsland Road NE
Britannia, W Lawson, 8 Portland Street, Soho W
Britannia, John Lonsdale, 14 Frederick Street, Westminster SW
Britannia, E Meekins, Grove Street, Lower Road, Deptford SE
Britannia, Matthew Newman, 29a Brown Street, Bryanston Square W
Britannia, George Page, 36 Fish Street Hill EC
Britannia, Mrs Mary Rider, 49 Marine Street SE
Britannia, William Hall Robotham, Victoria terrace, Victoria Road, St Johns Wood NW
Britannia, James Sanders, Latymer Road W
Britannia, John Smith, 1 Britannia Row, Essex Road, Islington N
Britannia Tavern, William Robert Cranford, 115 & 117 Hoxton Street N
Britannia Tavern, James Hughes Evans, 13 Britannia Place, Bishopsgate

British Carman. George Frederick White, 1 Fleet Street Hill, Bethnal Green E (the closest I can find is the Queens Head, this is maybe the uun-named beer retailer at 5 Fleet street in 1873.)
British Lion, G W Collison, 155 Central street E C
British Lion, Charles Entwistle, 6 Cavendish street, New North road N
British Oak, George Ansell, 137 Westbourne park road W
British Oak, John Thomas Folbigg, 9 Baltic Street, Golden Lane EC
British Oak, John Whybrow, 28 Oxford Street E
British Prince, Mrs J E Green, 49 Bromley street E
British Queen, Joseph Cooper, 1 Sussex Street WC
British Queen, W Knight, 47 Halton road, Islington N
British Stores, George Fowler, 7 New street, Portland town NW
Broad Arrow, Henry Main, 88 Milton Street, Finsbury EC
Bromley Arms, Mrs Jane Ann Marshall, 84 Cleveland street. Fitzroy square W
Bromley Arms, J Merchant, Fairfield road, Bow E
Brondesbury Arms, T W Prall, Kilburn lane W
Brookfield Arms, Charles Clarke, 20 Brookfield Terrace, York Road N
Brown Bear, J Cole, 32 Devonshire street, Queen Square WC
Brown Bear, C Elgie, 30 Albert Terrace, Knightsbridge SW
Brown Bear, Mrs H George, 154 Deptford High street, S E
Brown Bear, Mrs S King, 46 Bridge Street, Southwark SE
Brown Bear, James Stephen Merrett, 71 & 73 Worship Street EC
Brown Bear, George Newbon, 43 Upper East Smithfield E
Brown Bear, Miss Emily Rosanna Plunkett, 191 Upper Thames Street EC
Brown Bear, C Sheppard, 33 Millbank Street SW
Brown Bear, William Spong, 65 Broad Street, Bloomsbury WC
Brown Bear, N Sturcke, 77 Leman Street W
Brown Bear, Frederick Waited, 2 Grafton Street, Soho WC
Brownlow Arms, John Miell, 13 Brownlow Street, Drury lane WC
Brunswick Arms, Henry Edward Harrington, Brunswick Road, Upper Holloway N
Brunswick Arms, H A Hasselbrock, 3 Hooper Square E
Brunswick Arms, George Mitchell, 67 Brunswick Street, Blackfriars Road SE
Brunswick Tavern, J Dickson, 148 Old Kent road S E
Bucks Head, William Barrow, 202 High street, Camden town NW
Bucks Head, Mrs Jane Yardlev, 24 Chilton street, Bethnal Green E
Buffalo, John Slaney, 87 Long Alley EC & 1 Bretts buildings, Long Alley EC
Buffalos Head, Mrs A Laflin, 84 Marylebone road NW
Builders Arms, Benjamin Burkin, 16 Russell Street, Chelsea SW
Builders Arms, J Chase, 254 Pentonville road N
Builders Arms, J Copson, 8 Compton street WC
Builders Arms, Henry Thomas Curline, Stebondale street, Cubitt town E
Builders Arms, Henry Faker, 1 Charles Street, Kensington Square W
Builders Arms, T P Langdon, 162 Grundy street E
Builders Arms, J Moss, 140 St. Pauls road, Islington N
Builders Arms, John & Thomas Ridgway, Dame Street, Islington N
Builders Arms, John Wood, 5 Moreton Street SW
Bull, William Hiscock, Milford Lane, Strand WC
Bull, J North, 18 Devonshire Street, Bishopsgate NE
Bull, William Palmer, 2 Old Kent Road SE
Bull, L Cottrell, 25 Aldgate High Street E
Bull, Wm Sanger, 9 High Street, Kingsland NE
Bull & Anchor, I Hunt, 92 High Holborn WC
Bull & Bell, Frederick Divers, 19 Ropemakers Street EC
Bull & Butcher, Alfred Henry Weaver, Old King Street, Deptford High Street SE
Bull & Gate, Thomas Watts, 389 Kentish Town road
Bull & Half Moon, Charles William Staton, 267 Rotherhithe Street SE
Bull in the Pound, David Binks, 92 Broadwall, Blackfriars SE
Bull & Last, Frederick Dudley, Grove Terrace, Kentish Town road NW
Bull & Mouth, Mrs S Mason, 31 Hart Street, Bloomsbury WC
Bull & Pump, W Winton, 72 Shoreditch High Street NE
Bull & Ram, Mrs Sarah Gurney, 79 Old Street EC
Bulls Head, Thomas Badkin, 25 Preston Street, Mile End New Town NE
Bulls Head, H Bevans, 94 Wood Street, Cheapside EC
Bulls Head, John T Benson, 3 Bread Street EC
Bulls Head, H H Billinghurst, 80 Leadenhall Street
Bulls Head, Mrs C Camplin, 6 Jewin Crescent EC
Bulls Head, George Cook, 8 Crown Street, Soho WC
Bulls Head, Joseph Deller, 8 Broad Street, Lambeth SE
Bulls Head, Thomas Fitzgerald, 2 Newmarket Street E
Bulls Head, Mrs S Harding, 20 Lower Windmill Street W
Bulls Head, J Harriott, 101 Tottenham Court Road W
Bulls Head, W Johnston, 28 St Martins Lane WC
Bulls Head, William Jones, 75 Lever Street, St Lukes EC
Bulls Head, L Otten, 148 Whitechapel High Street E
Bulls Head, A Place, 1 Hyde Street, Bloomsbury WC
Bulls Head, T Potton, 40 Vere Street, Clare Market WC
Bulls Head, W J Randall. 16 Aylesbury Street EC
Bulls Head, Joseph Rodman, 44 carnaby Street W
Bulls Head, Thomas Selby, 29 Cross Street, Hatton Garden EC
Bulls Head, Mrs M Smith, 71 York Street, Westminster SW
Bulls Head, Horace George Taylor, Harrisons Wharf, St Katharines E
Bulls Head, W Wortham, 1 Shadwell High Street E
Bunch of Grapes, William E Connolly, 207 Brompton Road SW
Bunch of Grapes, L Heap, 13 Dowgate Hill EC
Bunch of Grapes, James Hutchins, 1 Union Street, New Bond Street W
Bunch of Grapes, J T Kinipple, 36 Fore Street, Limehouse E
Burlington, Ts Fickling, 26 Brighton Road, Bayswater W
Burlington Arms, Mrs Hannah M Turner, 21 Old Burlington Street W
Butchers Arms, James Puller, 4 South Street, Spitalfields
Butchers Arms, E T Davis, Market area, entrance to Metropolitan cattle market, York Road N
Butlers Arms, Mrs Sarah Culff, Butlers Street, Green Street, Bethnal Green NE
Butlers Head, Thomas Cook, 11 Telegraph Street EC

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